Stephany’s Holiday Gift Guide 2015

HGGIt’s that time of year again!  My Holiday Gift Guide is beginning to take shape!  Keep in mind this Gift Guide is all inclusive, and ALWAYS being added to throughout the season so if you don’t find the type of gift you’re looking for, be sure to check back often.  Good things are coming this year 🙂



Give the gift of beautiful skin with Dove gift sets.  They have everything you need to achieve flawless, radiant skin.  Available at so you can give an amazing gift without even having to leave your home.

(Read the Dove Review Here)


Trade in boring stocking stuffers for Tradewinds Tea!  A variety of flavors, sweetened and unsweetened…there’s sure to be a tea for eveyone!

(Read the Tradewinds Tea Review Here)


Renu 28 is one of the best gifts to give this holiday season.  It improves nearly every aspect of your skin to help you feel as beautiful as you are.  Gain confidence and amazing skin with Renu 28!

(Read the Renu 28 Review Here)


Purell makes it easy to fight germs wherever you are with a variety of products packaged in a variety of ways.  Whether you’re at home, the office, or on the go, you can rest assured that Purell has your back.  What better gift to give than the gift of cleanliness?

(Read the Purell Review Here)


Who doesn’t love cookies…right?  This year there’s not better gift to give than the gift of deliciousness with Love, Cookie.

(Read The Love, Cookie Review Here)

Minions Box Art

Go back to the beginning with the Minions.  Before the days of Despicable Me, these little yellow Minions already had their own story to tell.  Make sure you give the children in your life the gift of happiness and joy with the new Minions movie.

(Read the Minions Review Here)


Unilever’s new line of Dry Sprays makes the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on the list.  Make sure you check out all the scents available at a retailer near you.

(Read the Dry Spray Review Here)  


Say yes to indulgence, (FINALLY!), with YummySnack Bars from YummyHealth.  All the great taste of name brand candy with so many added benefits of reduced sugar, reduced calories, increased fiber and protein…what more could you ask for?

(Read the YummySnack Bars Review Here)



The Shark Blast & Scrub 2-in-1 should be a gift every single person receives this holiday season.  Whether you think you need one or not, believe me, YOU DO!  You will not believe all the hidden dirt lurking in your home.  Your house isn’t clean until it’s ‘Shark‘ clean.

(Read the Shark Blast & Scrub 2-in-1 Review Here)


Give the gift of The Best Toaster Oven EVER with Hammacher Schlemmer.  Bake, broil, roast, reheat…you name it, this toaster oven can do it.  It gained the title of ‘the best’ for a reason, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

(Read The Best Toaster Oven Review Here)


There’s nothing better than a hot, fresh, cup of inspired coffee.  Give the gift that will keep on giving all year long with the Ninja Coffee Bar.  Why give a gift card to a boring coffeehouse when you can give someone the gift of the best coffeehouse in town!

(Read the Ninja Coffee Bar Review Here)


The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Compact System is sure to knock the socks off of anyone who receives the Nutri Ninja this year.  Make drinks, soups, meals, doughs, whatever your heart desires.  What better way to say I love you?

(Read the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Compact System Review Here)


Boost Mobile is undoubtedly one of the best wireless service providers.  Plans start as low as $30, and they offer a plan and phone for everyone!  Gift the gift of communication this year with Boost!

(Read the Boost Mobile review here)


AcuRite offers a wide variety of options for your clock/alarm clock needs. With the Intelli-Time Projection Clock time featuring time projection, weather information, and a phone charger all in one, you’ll never need another alarm clock again.  This one has all the fancy bells and whistles you could ever hope for.

(Read the Intelli-Time Review Here)


The Abco Tech Ocean Light Speaker is the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season.  Great for adults to help set the mood, or great for children to help them relax and fall asleep sooner.

(Read the Abco Tech Ocean Light Review Here)


The 32GB MP3/MP4 player from G.G.Martinsen is the perfect gift for virtually anyone on your list this year.  Simple enough for a kid to use, durable enough for an adult.  With a wide variety of colors there’s bound to be the perfect device for everyone!

(Read the G.G.Martinsen Review Here)


Flexion has a variety of electronic products, but by far the best are their bluetooth capable earbuds.  Listen to quality sound anywhere you are.

(Read my Flexion Review Here)

NutriBullet 900 no hand

Give the gift of happiness and health this year with the NutriBullet PRO 900.  With 900 crushing watts of power, you can crush and pulverize your way through just about anything.

(Read the NutriBullet Review Here)



Forget everything you thought you knew about Guitar Hero!  Guitar Hero Live has taken the game to a whole new level!  Amazing graphics, better controller, newer music…what more could you ask for?

(Read the Guitar Hero Live Review Here)


Skylanders SuperChargers is the latest and greatest installment of the Skylanders games.  Kaos is back at it again, and a special team of SuperChargers has been assembled to save Skylands from imminent doom.

(Read the Skylanders SuperChargers Review Here)


Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is a fun new game from Activision that’s great for the whole family.  Explore Snoopy’s imagination as you play the most elaborate game of hide-and-seek ever.  Find the gang and win the game!

(Read the Snoopy’s Grand Adventure Review Here)



There is nothing on the face of this Earth that compares to a delicious cup of coffee.  Two Rivers makes a Flavored Sampler Pack that is simply to die for!  Change up what you drink cup by cup and enjoy your coffee your way.

(Read the Two Rivers Review Here)


If you know someone that suffers from headaches, there is no better gift than the Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System.  Quick, effective, natural headache relief that will help you get back to your normal life faster.

(Read the Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System Review Here)

AS-OPUS Environment

Give the gift that will keep giving every day with the Opus shower head from Aroma Sense.  Better showers, better skin, better hair…what more could you ask for?

(Read the Aroma Sense Review Here)


Make your holiday a special one with CK Mondavi wine.  CK Mondavi is a family owned company for over 70 years.  From the Mondavi family to yours, enjoy a very happy holiday with the ones you love and hold dear.

(Read the CK Mondavi Wines Review Here)


Decoplate is the perfect gift for any occasion!  Choose a pre-made design or customize your own for a truly special gift.

(Read the Decoplate Review Here)


Lugz should be on the top of everyone’s gift list this season!  There’s something for the whole family from junior to grandma!  Quality, stylish, and affordable…what could be better?

(Read My Review For Tallulah Lugz Here)


Mighty Mug is the perfect gift no matter what your favorite beverage is.  Smartgrip Technology ensures that your mug stays right where you want it…on the desk, not on the floor.

(Read the Mighty Mug Review Here)


Blue Apron is a gift that’s perfect for anyone who loves food (and hey, who doesn’t?).  Everything you need to make incredible meals all in one box!  Get 2 free meals by clicking here, and clicking the orange “redeem offer” button

(Read the Blue Apron Review Here)


If you know a hot sauce lover and they don’t have Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce, their collection is simply incomplete!  Spice up their life with the gift of flavor this year.

(Read the Zombie Cajun Review Here)



Angelica Adjustable Bangle Bracelets available at Billy The Tree are one of the best gifts you can give this season.  With every purchase, a donation is made to Generation Rescue, so these bracelets are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

(Read the Angelica Adjustable Bangle Bracelets Review Here)


Give the gift of fashion and beauty with customized, beautiful jewelry from FashionABLE.  The new CustomizABLE jewelry line has something for everyone with the ability to put your own unique spin on it.

(Read the CustomizABLE Review Here)


Treat the lucky lady in your life to quality skincare with Votre Vu.  Luxury that’s affordable and sensible.

(Read the Votre Vu Review Here)


Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips would make any woman happy to find them in her stocking.  All the beauty of a time consuming manicure without the time spent!  Apply, and you’re ready to go.

(Read the Salon Effects review here.)


Jackpot Candles not only smell amazing, but what woman wouldn’t love the surprise of beautiful jewelry inside?  With a wide variety of scents and jewelry options, you can be sure to find something for even the most picky of women.

(Read my Jackpot Candles review here.) 


C4 belts are not only functional, they’re stylish too!  Mix and match different belts and buckles to fit anyone’s style.

(Read the review here)


Amazingly Beautiful skincare is a great way to pamper that special someone this holiday season.

(Read the Amazingly Beautiful Review Here)



Under every tree and in every stocking, there should be a least one Hoot’s Naturals Beard Balm.  If your man has facial hair, he needs Hoot’s.  My husband’s face-man has never looked or felt better!

(Read the Hoot’s Naturals Beard Balm Review Here)


Make your man smell amazing with Ecko cologne

(Review coming soon)


That’s right, C4 belts are also for men!  Buy him a unique gift to show off his style flare.

(Read the review here)


The Man is a men’s line that will make your man’s skin ubelievably soft and silky.  Why not pamper him like he deserves?

(Read The Man Review Here)



Our Generation dolls are one of the best things to help a little girl feel confident in herself while bonding with her new friend.

(Read the review here.)


Cloud Pets are the perfect gift to give your children the gift of family connections.  Whether a parent is travelling, or your child would like to stay connected to family members who live far, Cloud Pets make it feel like their family is right there with them.  They can send messages back, and let their loved ones know just how much they love and appreciate them.

(Read the Cloud Pets Review Here)

Spin Master Logo.jpg

Spin Master has something for every kid no matter how they enjoy to play.  Toddlers to older kids, boys and girls, you’re bound to find something your child will love from the Spin Master brand.

(Read the Spin Master Review Here)


Cool Mist Humidifiers has made it easy to give the gift of functionality paired with great design.  The Disney Frozen Cool Mist Humidifiers are adorable!  And of course, for those that aren’t Frozen fans, there are also Star Wars models available.

(Read the Cool Mist Humidifier Review Here)


Your kids will have tons of fun decorating their own pajamas again and again with Draw Jammies.  Anything they can imagine, they can create and wear!  Simply draw, wash, draw again!

(Read the Draw Jammies Review Here)


The Crayola Crayon Carver is the perfect gift for any little artist.  They can color in style with personalized crayons and be the talk amongst all of their friends.  Be prepared to buy more crayons because even 1000 crayons aren’t enough for kids who love creating customized things.

(Read the Crayola Crayon Carver Review Here)


Give the gift of literacy, only better…PERSONALIZED!!  A wide variety of books for kids of all ages so there is something for every little one.  Whether you’re looking for character books or books for occasions, Put Me In The Story has got you covered.

(Read the Put Me In The Story Review Here)


Make your child’s holiday a little brighter with a huggable, snuggable elf from Elf Workshoppe.  A variety of elves and accessories to choose from to customize your elf experience.

(Read the Elf Workshoppe Review Here)


I’m willing to bet that your little one is a fan of Caillou…right?  There are tons of Caillou toys available to help your little one play and imagine.  Make sure there’s a Caillou toy under your tree this year!

(Read the Caillou Toys Review Here)


Little Tikes new Cook ‘n Store Kitchen is a great gift for any toddler!  Creativity and imagination flow while having fun making meals and building life skills.

(Read the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen Review Here)


Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Doll is at the top of the list for most little girls this holiday season.  It’s a great interactive toy that allows your child to stay active while having fun and learning new super silly dance moves.

(Read the Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Doll Review Here)


Lalaloopsy Jewelry Maker is another gift that’s at the top of almost every little girls gift list this year.  Handmade jewelry that is sew cute!!  Express yourself in Lalaloopsy style.

(Read the Lalaloopsy Jewelry Maker Review Here)


Magformers are a great way to encourage imaginative play.  Endless possibilities means your child’s imagination can soar to all new heights.

(Read the Magformers Review Here)

smartmat 300

Plasmart offers a line of Smart Mats that are great for children of all ages.  Supports imaginative play, is durable, and super easy to clean…what else could you ask for?

(Read the Smart Mat Review Here)


Buzz Bee Toys has a fantastic assortment of toys that will keep your kids active and using their imagination.  No matter how your child likes to play, Buzz Bee Toys makes a toy for them.

(Read the Buzz Bee Toys Review Here)


Bright Time Buddies are an adorable buddy for any kid!  Soft enough to cuddle but durable enough to play with.  My daughter will be thrilled when she sees her Shimmer the Unicorn 🙂

(Read the Bright Time Buddies Review Here)

Shower Wow

Shower Wow is the perfect way to get kids to shower without the fuss!  My son’s are 12 and 10, and are your typical smelly boy.  If I didn’t force them to shower daily, they wouldn’t (gross!).  Shower Wow to the rescue!

(Read the Shower Wow Review Here)


Every kid needs a great tent to help spark their imagination and create endless play.  HABA makes the best quality kids tents around.  The Farm Play Tent is just one of the amazing products available this holiday season from HABA.

(Read the Farm Play Tent Review Here)


Sands Alive! Glow is sure to be a huge hit this year!  Fun for kids of all ages, and helps encourage imaginative play.

(Read the Sands Alive! Glow Review Here)


BSensible makes amazing kids products.  The BSensible Kids Fitted Sheet will help your little one get the best sleep ever, while protecting them, their mattress, and improving their skin all at once.

(Read the BSensible Review Here)


My cat Delilah is glowing with excitement about the Strider Bike this holiday season!  Truly the most genius idea ever!  Teach kids to balance so the transition to a standard bike is flawless.

(Read the Strider Bike review here)


Lalaloopsy makes the most ADORABLE baking oven that any little girl will squeal for.  Fill her with joy this Holiday season and watch her inner baker come to life.

(Read my review here.)


Kids Zip Sheets are a great gift for kids of any age!  After getting a set for my 4 year old, my 10 and 12 year old sons are asking for their own Kids Zip Sheets as well.  They double as a gift for yourself because you’ll save time and effort making beds every day.

(Read the Kids Zip Sheets review here)


Brainwavz Audio makes AMAZING children’s headphones.  KidWavz headphones have the amazing volume limitation when in bluetooth mode and are super simple to use while offering complete comfort.  Every kid needs KidWavz!

(Read the KidWavz Review Here)


Draw 4 is a fun way to spend time with your kids, or sit back and watch the sibling bonding unfold.  Make sure you have Draw 4 Dig For Dinos under your tree this year!

(Read the Draw 4 Dig For Dinos Review Here)


Ring it is another brilliant game from the makers of Draw 4.  Change the actions and play an endless amount of ways.  There’s never going to be a dull rainy day in your house again as long as you have Ring It!

(Read the Ring It Review Here)




If you haven’t heard of the RoloRat from FroliCat…I assure you it’s only one of the best cat toys ever.  Bring out the inner kitten in even the oldest cat and watch them play for hours.  It rolls in preset patterns, has blinking red eyes, and makes squeaking noises to keep your cat interested as they chase it all over the house.

(Read the RoloRat Review Here)


One Fur All Pets makes candles that every pet parent NEEDS to own.  Amazing scents that help eliminate pet odors and incredible burn time.

(Read the One Fur All Review Here)


Pioneer Pet is one of the best places to shop this holiday season for your furbabies.  Everything from Pioneer Pet is designed with your pet’s quality of life in mind.

(Read The Pioneer Pet Food & Water Station Review Here)


Spoil your furbaby this Holiday season with a microsuede pet bed from Blueberry Pet.  Completely washable and re-stuffable.

(Read the review here.)

***Remember, I will be adding to the Gift Guide all Holiday season long so be sure to check back soon for the latest and greatest!***

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