Treat Your Skin To The Best With Votre Vu


If you’re always on the hunt for great skincare at a reasonable price, Votre Vu makes a wide variety of luxurious products that will be sure to impress you and keep you coming back for more.  From eyes, to skin, to face, to fragrance…Votre Vu has you covered.


I think my favorite item of the 4 I received to try was the Tarte D’Amande souffle body lotion.  The Almond Pie scent is light and delicious.  What surprised me the most was  the incredibly rich moisture.  The Tarte D’Amande is extremely effective at replenishing moisture without feeling oily, greasy, or heavy.


I must say, the Bebe Duette Luxe Lips & Hands is to die for!  The hand cream smells deliciously fruity and has saved my hands during this cold snap we recently had.  Because I’m a mother of 3 (4 if you count my husband the overgrown man-child) I am always cleaning up something, somewhere in the house.  Between scrubbing bathrooms, doing dishes, and cleaning my hands get so dry that they crack open and bleed.  Cold weather always seems to make it worse but since using the Luxe Lips & Hands, my hands have never felt smoother or more hydrated.  The lip balm in the Luxe Lips & Hands has held up to the Votre Vu name and absolutely rocks.  I love the duo combination!  I can keep 2 things I need in my purse in one little convenient package.


It should be no surprise by now, the Luxee Yeux Eye Beauty Balm is just as amazing and effective as the other Votre Vu items.  The skin around my eyes has always been an issue for me.  Loss of sleep that comes along with motherhood has taken a toll, and my eyes were in desperate need of help.  The Luxee Yeux Eye Beauty Balm has helped restore my skin to a more youthful appearance, and has even helped reduce the puffiness of the skin.  I love how quickly you being to see results, so you know it’s working.


Last but certainly not least, the Vo-On Rouge Sheer Moisture Color Accent for Lips and Face.  I have naturally rosy cheeks, and have never needed or entertained the idea of blush because I just don’t need it.  I have been using the Vo-On Rouge for a nice kick of lip color, topped with a little lip balm to add a little bit of a glossy look.  I love how it doesn’t cake up on my lips and look horrible as the day goes on.  Your lips will stay looking as great as the minute you put it on.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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