Love, Cookie Is Changing The Cookie Game


I scream, you scream, we all scream for…cookies???  Yes, you read that right…cookies!  I have had a 31 year long love affair with cookies and have no intention of ever giving them up.  The folks over at Love, Cookie are my kind of people…they make their cookies in small batches with some of the best ingredients.

Love Cookies2.jpg

You can see that there’s a wide variety of flavors so no matter what cookie you crave, Love, Cookie has you covered.  They make some of the tastiest, dreamiest, most scrumpdiddlyumptious cookies you will ever taste.  See that? They’re so delicious I had to MAKE A NEW WORD to describe them.

Love Cookies3.jpg

The Dark Chocolate Mint were among my top favorite of all of the flavors.  I’m a sucker for the chocolate/mint combination and these cookies were the perfect balance of both.

Love Cookies4

The Espresso Chocolate Chip cookies are FABULOUS!  My kids didn’t seem to like them much but that’s okay…more for me!

Love Cookies5.jpg

Almond Toffee Crunch…all I can say is Oh. My. Goodness!  They seem to have a salty sweet thing going on and it’s a pretty great pairing.

Love Cookies6.jpg

The Midnight Almond were the only flavor I didn’t really like, but they were my husband’s favorite and he was happy to have the ‘all clear’ to eat the whole package and not have to share.  I am a total almond lover, but these seemed to have a little much almond extract for me.

Love Cookies7.jpg

The Chocolate Chip cookies went quickly with three children, they ate them all before I could taste any.  The only thing I can conclude from that is that the cookies must have been darn good!

Love Cookies8.jpg

The Lemon Cooler cookies remind me very much of something my aunt used to bake around the holidays.  Don’t tell her…but Love, Cookie may have even done a better job…SHHH!

Love Cookies9.jpg

The Dark Chocolate Orange cookies took me back to my childhood.  Every Christmas I would get one of those chocolate oranges that are wedges of orange flavored chocolate.  These cookies taste just like those, without the melty mess.

Love Cookies10.jpg

Last but not least, these sweet little succulent Butter Pecan Praline cookies.  Sadly, I was greedy.  I took this package and hid it in my closet because my bottomless pit children and husband would devour them.  These were my number one favorite cookie, and when you try them for yourself I’m sure you’ll see why.

For a cookie lover like me, these would make the absolute perfect gift.  Say I love you with Love, Cookie.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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