Blueberry Pet Microsuede Pet Bed Review


For my readers that have been with me for a while, Blueberry Pet might be a familiar name.  In the past I reviewed a collar with them and really fell in love with the company.  Recently I got the opportunity to review their Microsuede Pet Bed and couldn’t pass down spoiling my Angel.


My furbaby Angel didn’t have a “bed” before, but had a comforter that she slept on and was her favorite spot.  The Blueberry Pet bed fits well where I had her blanket, and looks a whole lot better too!  As most furparents know, it can be a little tough getting pets to accept new items sometimes.  I honestly didn’t know how Angel would respond, but hoped for the best becuase it looked so comfy and soft.

BlueberryPetBed3 BlueberryPetBed1

I couldn’t get the bed out of the box and on the floor without Angel immediately wanting to inspect it.  As soon as the bed hit the floor she jumped in, cuddled up, and looked at me as if to say “thanks mom!”.  She somehow knew this was special just for her and it has been her favorite place to be.  Angel usually sleeps on my bed, but she now has other plans.  She was making a bunch of commotion when we laid down and I found her dragging her bed into my room!  Silly goober 🙂 .  Now at night I just move her bed into my room to save her the trouble of trying to do it herself.

BlueberryPetBed5 BlueberryPetBed4

Delilah is my cat, and also Angel’s best friend.  I bottle raised Delilah’s litter of 6 when all of them were abandoned.  Delilah weighed 3 ounces and was nearly dead from malnourishment.  Angel helped me with the litter of kitties by checking butts and making sure they stayed warm.  I couldn’t part with Delilah, Angel and myself grew extremely attached to her, and they have remained best friends since.  They are two peas in a pod and will only nap together.  Delilah was hesitant at first to use the bed…she took about 7 hours inspecting it before the lure of her bestie was too much to resist.  They both love the Blueberry Pet bed VERY much!

BlueberryPetBed6 BlueberryPetBed7

One of the best features on the microsuede bed are the zippers.  They are extremely well hidden, so your pet won’t even know they’re there.  You can unzip them and remove the stuffing so that you can wash the bed when it gets dirty.  If it ever goes flat, you can also re-stuff it with just about anything…old clothes, towels, sweaters, just make sure there aren’t any buttons or snaps that will make your furbaby uncomfortable.  Myself, personally, would prefer to buy extra bags of fluff but to each their own!

I’m so happy that the Blueberry Pet microsuede bed was such a big hit with my furbabies…Angel may even find another one for her under the Christmas tree so we don’t have to move her bed every night 🙂 .

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply their product free to me in exchange for my honest opinion***

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