Back To School Art Supplies Your Kids Will Love From Crayola


Back To School shopping got you frustrated, yet again?  Let Crayola make school supply shopping a little easier this year with their wide variety of products.  There are so many options available from Crayola, no matter what grade your kiddo is in, you’re bound to find a few products that your child just can’t live without.


I live in a VERY rural area, with not a whole lot of access to anything besides a few small stores that are all a minimum 25 mile drive away.  During my trip into town yesterday I saw a whole display of Crayola goodies and I was SO thrilled to see all of the different products.  I received a very generous box of supplies from Crayola and my kids couldn’t decide who was going to get which items.  Mom and our tiny town to the rescue!  I was able to find all of the items my kids fell in love with in our package from my friends at Crayola so there’s no fighting, and tons of fun to go all around this school year…and if I could find them in my tiny town, I’m sure you’ll be able to find them where you live too!


Silly Scents are some of the newest products from Crayola and these were the items that my kids (and probably myself) were most excited about in our package.  These outrageously fun Silly Scents combine many of the same bright, colorful art products you’ve come to expect from Crayola but with a whiff of something extra.  Silly Scents markers, crayons and colored pencils contain fun-smelling colors that offer a multi-sensory scent-sation!  Kids will sniff and sketch the day away on creative projects that smell as good as they look!  Let these sweet smells inspire your little ones this school year and see just how creative they can be.  Silly Scent selections currently available are:

  • Silly Scents Washable Markers
  • Silly Scent Markers (in various pack sizes)
  • Silly Scents Twistable Crayons (in various pack sizes)
  • Silly Scents Colored Pencils


Of course, Crayola still has all of those traditional supplies we’ve all come to know and love over the years.  In fact, Crayola was always my favorite brand of coloring supplies when I was a kid and is still my favorite to purchase for my own children.  One thing that I love about Crayola is the wide variety of products they offer in the same high-pigment colors we all look for.  I have one child in high school, one child in middle school, and one child in kindergarten, so the wide variety of items is especially nice when picking out items for their individual needs.  Whether you’re looking for colored pencils, crayons, or markers, the selection Crayola offers is unbeatable.

Let Crayola guide the way this year and alleviate a little bit of that Back To School stress all of us parents deal with.  Crayola has a Shop By Grade feature which makes it super easy to see exactly what items are perfect for your little one so you can shop for all of your children, no matter their age, all in one convenient spot.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Modern Fun For Modern Kids from Kid Made Modern


Sometimes inspiration and creativity is hard to come by for kids.  They want to express themselves and just don’t quite know how.  Thanks to the folks over at Kid Made Modern, you can inspire your kids to find and enjoy creativity everywhere they go!  No matter how your little one likes to express themselves, Kid Made Modern has great ways to help kids be self-expressive and resourceful.  With hundreds of products on the market you can help your little ones connect to their own inventiveness.


The Studio In A Box was a HUGE hit with my kiddos, no surprise there!  They love to color, paint, draw, and just plain express themselves.  The Studio In A Box comes with everything your little ones will need to stay busy for hours.  This awesome kit includes 16 colored pencils, 3 drawing pencils, 10 washable markers, 10 acrylic paints, 12 watercolor paints, 3 crayon disks, 1 wooden pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 small round brush, 1 medium round brush, 1 large round brush, 1 flat brush, 1 fan brush, 4 canvas boards, 1 watercolor paper pad, and 1 mixed paper pad, all in one convenient carrying case with a handle.  Now your littles can sketch, paint, and draw to their hearts content with this well-stocked set.


How cool is it that your kids can design their own notebooks?!  The Woven Notebook Kit has everything you need to create a notebook that’s truly all your own.  Custom weave patterns on the front of a sturdy notebook using the 132 pieces of solid, glitter and foil strips of paper!  My daughter chose all glitter, of course!  The 70 sheet notebook has rainbow printed lines making writing and note taking a colorful treat!  A sticker-backed piece of felt is included to secure your design so it will last and last.


Last but not least we were also able to try out the Confetti Crayons and I have to say, these things are SO COOL!  Now your kids can have double the fun with this set of 12 double-pointed crayons!  Colors blend and mingle with six tonal color palettes in each Confetti Crayon, and each crayon is sharpened on both ends for maximum coloring potential.  Turn a regular playdate into a party with this colorful set!

No matter what you and your kiddos try out from Kid Made Modern, you really can’t go wrong!  Tons of fun with tons of options for endless creation and fun.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


Cute Customized Jewelry And Nail Art With Cutie Stix



If you have a little girl that loves jewelry, nails, or just plain being creative…you’ve got to get Cutie Stix!  Cutie Stix is the most amazing thing that I had never heard of, but my daughter is so SO glad we found them.



The Cut & Create Station comes with everything your little one will need to get creating.  With the Cut & Create station,  your daughter will be able to customize her own jewelry, nail art, and fun figures as freely as they want.  It’s as simple as pick the design, cut it with the safe-for-little-hands cutter, and core out the center however you choose!  You and your child can make fashionable bracelets and necklaces with endless possibilities!

Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station Box Contents:

  • 1 Storage Station: upper & base levels
  • 1 Cutting Unit
  • 1 Stix Wand
  • 2 Cutting Frames
  • 1 Sheet of Adhesive Dots
  • 8 Jewelry Clasps
  • 24 Connectors
  • 1 Coring Unit
  • 1 Coring Wand
  • 2 Coring Containers
  • 1 Threader
  • 2 Threaded Spools
  • 24 STIX, 3 Sizes: 4 Mighties, 14 Cuties, 6 Teenies


Trust me on this one…you WILL need Cutie Stix Refill Packs!  It’s not that there’s a lack of product to create with in the Cut & Create Station, it’s how much your daughter is going to want to create with it.  At right around $6 per pack, you really can’t help but pick up one (or more) of each.  Each refill pack comes with an assortment of mightie, cutie, and teenie sized stix to refill your favorite set and continue the play!

Cutie Stix Refill Stix Package Contents:

  • 11 Unique Stix: 3 Teenies, 6 Cuties, and 2 Mighties
  • 4 Sets of Jewelry Clasps
  • 1 Threaded Spool
  • 12 Connectors
  • 1 Small Sheet of Adhesive Dots


The only thing I was concerned about was the safety of my daughter cutting the stix alone.  As you can see, the cutter is well enclosed and there’s really no way for little fingers to get injured, just good clean fun!


I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun my daughter has been having with her Cutie Stix Studio!  She has been creating up a storm and having a blast while doing it.  Back to school is just a couple short days away for my kids, and my daughter can’t wait to show up on her first day of kindergarten with her very own customized, self-created jewelry.

Whether you’re kiddos are still on summer break and bored out of their minds or headed back to school early,  you can’t go wrong with Cutie Stix.  It’s a great way to kill boredom and allow self expression while having fun…what could be better?


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Stay Sharp This Back To School Season With Classroom Friendly Supplies



As I’m sure you all know, I spent some time homeschooling my kids and even doing an at-home preschool curriculum with my daughter.  One thing that was noticeably frustrating throughout our school experience was not only finding a well-working pencil sharpener, but one that was easy to use for my son who’s a lefty.  when I came across the pencil sharpener that Classroom Friendly Supplies makes I knew I just had to try it out.


I had high hopes when I got in my new pencil sharpener and I was eager to see if it would live up to expectation.  Man was I completely surprised!  The noise is almost non-existent when sharpening a pencil which is perfect whether you’re using it at home or in the classroom.  My kids get distracted by the smallest little noises so Back To School this year will be a great time to put this pencil sharpener into full use.  With less noise to distract the kiddos, I have a feeling homework time will be more productive and less frustrating (for me) than previous years.  The point on the pencils are perfect every time and the mount makes it easy to put in a position that’s perfect each time whether you’re left handed or right handed.

Here’s how it works:


The way that the pencil sharpener holds the pencil and guides it along during sharpening is one of the most genius things I think I’ve ever seen.  Where were these when I was a kid?!  I would’ve loved having these in my classroom as a kid, and I have to say I’m pretty excited about having one in my home as an adult!  The ease of use makes it perfect for all of my children, even my little one who’s just going into kindergarten.  She has fallen in love with how easy it is to sharpen pencils and has recently been using a lot of colored pencils to draw, and I have a hunch it’s just so she can sharpen them again, haha!

Whether you’re shopping for Back To School supplies for home or the classroom, you can’t go wrong with the Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

DIY Your Easter With Sharpie


I’m sure we all know what Sharpie markers are, and we probably all have a stash of them in various colors and pen styles.  Since the introduction of the Sharpie marker in 1964, it has grown to so much more than just a simple office supply.


Thanks to my friends over at Sharpie, I received a couple packages to try out and have fun making my spring more colorful.  With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to DIY my family’s Easter celebration with the help of these fun colored Sharpies.


How cute is this ‘Happy Easter’ banner?!  The best thing is, it didn’t cost a dime to make and it will look so festive hanging up for our Easter dinner.  I used the Fine Point Sharpie Markers that I received plus a few simple things I had laying around the house.  I cut white paper to the size I needed, added my letters and colored them in, glued them to cardboard pieces cut to the same size as the paper, and added some hot glue and ribbon along the back to bring the whole thing together.


I think I am absolutely in love with the Easter dishes I created.  I headed to my local dollar store to find white dishes at a reasonable cost and luckily I was able to find enough to make custom dishes for my whole dinner table.  Once you are done decorating your dishes, there are two ways that you can make sure they’re ready for use at the table.  If you have oven-safe dishes, you can bake them at 250 degrees for 2 hours.  If your dishes are not oven-safe, you can coat them in a food safe shellac that you can find at most hardware stores (or online if you can’t find it locally).


The metallic Sharpies are perfect for writing on already dyed Easter eggs.  My kids and I tried out making shaving cream eggs as we’ll be making them large scale in about a week, and they wanted their names written on the one’s they dyed.  The metallic Sharpie really pops on the colorful backgrounds of the eggs!


No Easter dinner setup is complete without place cards, and you guessed it, Sharpie can help you there too.  I found some super cute printable designs and the fine point Sharpies were perfect for getting into the small spaces!

What will Sharpie inspire you to create this Easter?


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Create Displayable 3D Works Of Art With IncrediBuilds #Review


IncrediBuilds are a fun way to express yourself while having fun.  The IncrediBuilds collection features do-it-yourself, customizable, freestanding models that are sure to delight fans of all ages.  Each model is made of Earth-friendly, FSC-certified wood so you can feel good about the product you’ve purchased.  Each include step-by-step directions and coloring and crafting ideas.  No glue or tools necessary so little hands can easily put them together with no mess to clean afterwards.  Informative and interactive, both kids and adults can use these projects to explore their creativity and create unique, displayable art.


There are lots of different licensed products available but Star Wars was absolutely the number one pick for my sons and my husband.


The Millennium Falcon is easily the most recognizable ship from the Star Wars movies and it’s no surprise my husband was as eager as a child to get his hands on this set.  The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Deluxe Book And Model Set is perfect for any Star Wars fan.  You can build and color your own 3D Millennium Falcon and learn all about the classic Star Wars spacecraft in this deluxe book set.  The model is easy to assemble, snapping together to make a dynamic, displayable 3D version of this fan favorite.



Another easily recognizable ship from the Star Wars episodes is the X-Wing.  With this X-Wing Deluxe Book And Model Set you can learn all there is to know about these versatile ships.  Learn everything from basic flight and weapons capabilities through to notable pilots, famous battles, and amazing behind-the-scenes secrets.  This one was also a snap to put together and my sons had a great time helping my husband assemble them.

These full color deluxe book and model sets make the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan on your holiday shopping list.  If that special someone you’re shopping for isn’t a huge Star Wars fan, you can check out all of the IncrediBuilds sets here.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Solve Little Problems With Big Style #Fodeez #Review


Fodeez is a great way to solve little problems with big style.  With their Reusable Adhesive frames and Colorable 4×6 frames you can really get your own personal style across.  These dry erase friendly frames mean the possibilities for expressing yourself are endless.


The Reusable Adhesive Frames came into existence about a decade back.  In 2006 the Fodeez creator upgraded her refrigerator and found that the prime place to display her kids’ photos and artwork, as well as the area she used to keep track of their busy schedules was gone.  Magnets wouldn’t stick, tape would damage the surface, and she found herself on a quest.  That’s how Fodeez Frames came to be and have been a hit ever since.  Simply place the reusable frame on a smooth surface and you can use it again and again, hundreds of times!  The clear frame in the middle ensures that even the most precious of photos or documents will stay safe while the frame stays completely useful.


I don’t know why, but my daughter loves this picture of me when I’m 5, catching my first (and last) fish in a canal in my Aunt Honey’s backyard in South Carolina.  She was so excited that she could color around this picture and customize the frame.  These Colorable 4×6 Frames will make the perfect gift for a kid!  I think my daughter has more fun drawing silly things on mommy’s face, but she also enjoys coloring the frame and wiping it away and making it completely new and different each time.

These Fodeez frames are absolutely genius and I can’t believe I had no idea about them until now.  They’re so useful I’m finding myself wondering how I live without them for so long.  If you’ve got someone particularly difficult to shop for this holiday season (like a tween or teen) I can’t think of any better gift than Fodeez Colorable Frames.  For the sensible adult, the classic frames will be a big hit too!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***