BSensible Fitted Sheet Review


The technology put into the BSensible Kids Fitted Sheet is impressive to say the least.  Cosmetic grade ZNO has been incorporated into the fibers, and remains even after multiple washes.  The mineral zinc helps regenerate and protect skin, reduces odors, and is also antibacterial.  The BSensible fitted sheet also provides a dust mite barrier so you can rest assured that your child is having the best sleep of their life, literally.


BSensible offers a great solution to a parent like me who has been on the hunt for effective waterproof protection.  My middle child is high functioning autistic and has sensory processing disorder, and even at 10 years old, we still battle bedwetting every day.  I have tried a few different waterproof options before, and all of them miserably failed so I was really eager to try out the BSensible Kids Fitted Sheet.


A big issue with most waterproof options right off the bat is the noise that comes along with wetness protection.  When it’s quiet at night it proved to be a big problem for both of my sons, whom share a room.  I am so pleased with the technology BSensible has put together…there is no noise at all!  The sleeping surface of the sheet is is smooth and soft, offering a comfortable night’s sleep.  The sheet is also a thermoregulatory fabric, so it doesn’t overheat your child as they sleep.


The inner laminate surface does an amazing job at protecting the mattress from accidents.  Usually every day I would have to pull out my spot machine and quickly clean the bed before odor set in.  My son feels much more confident in himself being able to sleep well and not have to worry about what mom will have to do the next day.  Although he can’t help the nighttime accidents, I know he feels bad when he sees the time it takes me to clean his bed.  I’m very happy that such a simple product could help my son, and myself, enjoy life on a whole new level.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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