Stephany’s Valentine’s Gift Guide 2016

Valentine's Gift Guide.jpg

It’s that time of year where love is in the air.  I’m compiling a list of some of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day 2016!  If you don’t see anything you like, be sure to check back soon as I will be adding to it often!




Why give a boring box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day when you can give something far more delicious?  Eli’s Cheesecake has tons of great items that make better than ever gifts…however, I’m quite partial to the Mini Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake Hearts.

(Read the Eli’s Cheesecake Review Here)


Charge your phone on the go in style with the PowerPlant from NOMAD.  Carved from a solid block of American Walnut for a stunning look, with the utmost functionality.

(Read the NOMAD PowerPlant Review Here)


I’m sure you all remember me raving about Hammacher Schlemmer on my Holiday Gift Guide.  They just keep amazing me with their products!  The VHS/DVD Converter is great for anyone like me who has a stash of old VHS tapes they’d like to watch but can’t find an archaic VHS player.  You can play the tapes on this machine as well as convert them over to DVD to watch anywhere.

(Review the VHS to DVD Converter Review Here)


Who doesn’t love Lugz, right???  Spoil your man with a pair of stylish new boots like the Empire Hi WR boots in charcoal.  There are tons of styles to choose from so you can be sure your stud will love the footwear he’s in.

(Read the Lugz Empire Boots Review Here)


There’s nothing women love more than jewelry and candles…except…maybe a CANDLE WITH JEWELRY IN IT!!!  Jackpot Candles makes the perfect candle for Valentine’s Day … the Candy Hearts candle.  Your choice of ring, earrings, or necklace means your lady will LOVE the jewelry she gets.

(Read the Jackpot Candles Review Here)

u467.jpgVoice Art Gallery is a gift truly unlike any other.  Turn a clip of your voice into a wonderful piece of art for a gift that truly touches the heart.

(Read the Voice Art Gallery Review Here)


599 Fashion has just about anything your little heart could desire.  The best part is???  Everything is $5.99 and under.  Direct from retailers straight to your door at incredible savings.

(Review Coming Soon)


Thermal-AID has great alternatives to over-the-counter medications.  The Large Sectional Pack has relieved so many aches and pains and just keeps impressing me with what it can handle.  It can be used for cool or warm therapy, but warm is my favorite!

(Read the Thermal-AID Large Sectional Pack Review Here)





Love Finds You In Charm is said to be the most romantic movie of the year.  This movie will be available on DVD January 12th so there is plenty of time to pick up this romantic movie for your honey-bun.

(Read the ‘Love Finds You In Charm’ Review Here)

Pink Beauty Bar.jpg

Everyone can appreciate soft, moisturized skin…that’s why the Dove Pink Beauty Bar is a no-brainer!  A light and gentle scent with Dove‘s signature moisture replenishing goodness.  Available at most anywhere you already shop means an easy to shop for gift that will please even the pickiest person.

(Read the Dove Pink Beauty Bar Review Here)




Some of the best gifts are ones that get a child’s imagination and body moving.  LEGO has the perfect new set that your little one will love for Valentine’s Day.  Introducing the Valentine’s Cupid Dog!  He’s adorable, and fun!

(Read the Valentie’s Cupid Dog Review Here)


The Hearts Memory Game from HABA is a great gift for any ‘little’ for Valentine’s Day.  A perfectly themed gift that helps build cognitive skills…there’s nothing better 🙂 .

(Read the HABA Hearts Memory Game Review Here)


Another great HABA product is the Rubina Doll.  She’s 12 inches tall, comes with a 5 inch “baby” doll, as well as a carrier to wear baby around just like mommy.

(Read the HABA Rubina Doll Review Here)


The MagformersInspire ‘ collection has a set that every little would be pleased to have.  Endless building possibilities means hours of imaginative play.

(Read the Magformers Review Here)

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