Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017


Before you know it, Mother’s Day will be upon us!  I am just getting started with the Mother’s Day Gift Guide but I will be adding to it all season long.  Make sure you check back often for all of the latest and greatest gift ideas for every woman on your list.



Whether mom is in to cosmetics, skincare, hair care, you name it…Sephora has got you covered.  Thousands of great gifts that mom will love!

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Every cosmetics loving lady knows all about Hard Candy.  Hard Candy offers quality cosmetics at incredibly affordable prices that look stunning.

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Face In A Case is something every mom on the go absolutely needs.  You can carry your makeup with you with the added bonus of a clutch…too cute!

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Sally Hansen is the ultimate nail care expert.  Whether you’re looking for quick dry polish, all in one polish, gel polish, or even UV light-free polish, Sally Hansen has tons of shades every woman will fall in love with.

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The Spice Lab has tons of great gifts that every mom will adore.  The Spice Lab’s Bath Soaks are absolutely to die for!  Spoil mom with a little relaxation this Mother’s Day and give her some of this amazing bath soak.

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What mom doesn’t love candles, right?  Root Candles has some of the best smelling candles around with a wide variety of scent selection so you can find the one that’s just perfect for the special lady in your life.

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Every mom longs for a great set of kitchen knives that won’t dull with use.  Ginsu Chikara knives are the perfect addition to any kitchen, no matter how novice or expert the chef.

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Kitchen gadgets are a must, and the gadgets available from Kuhn Rikon are amazing!  Tons of items so you can find exactly what your mom wants or needs.

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Corso’s Cookies makes it easy to give mom a boquet that she’ll really love…a boquet of cookies!  These beautifully decorated cookies offer a delicious, melt in your mouth experience mom will thank you for again and again.

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Giusto Sapore has a delightful indulgence that your mom will be sure to love.  These different flavor Torrone treats will please every sweet treat lover, no matter what their guilty pleasure is.

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Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mom Will Love


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I know all of us are on the hunt for the perfect gift for the special ladies in our lives.  I have a few fun gift ideas that any mom, no matter how young or old, will absolutely love.


If you’ve followed my blog for a little while I’m sure you’ll recognize The Spice Lab.  I fell in love with their products a few years ago and I’m so happy to see their product selection expand all the time.  Whether you’re looking for different varieties of salt, spices, rubs, tea, sauces…you name it, The Spice Lab has it.  A must-have for this Mother’s Day has got to be The Spice Lab’s Bath Soak.  Each bath soak is 100% pure natural sea salt, so you don’t have to worry about hidden ingredients that may trigger skin reactions.  The Spice Lab uses only the best salt it can find, and you can tell the difference as soon as you use The Spice Lab’s various products.


There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day with a nice, hot cup of tea.  The Spice Lab’s Infused Black Teas are the perfect way to unwind and enjoy premium tea with amazing flavor.  The Cherry Blossom tea has a deep cherry flavor that tends to be sweet and aromatic.  Just a little sugar or honey goes a long way to pair with the great flavor of this tea.  The Orange Vanilla has orange peel and vanilla bits to make a flavor combo that is completely out of this world.


What mom doesn’t like sweet treats?  Giusto Sapore has a delightful indulgence that your mom will be sure to love.  These different flavor Torrone treats will please every sweet treat lover, no matter what their guilty pleasure is.  The different flavors of nougat combined with the dried fruits and various nuts offer a treat that you can’t live without.

Make sure you check out all that the The Spice Lab and Giusto Sapore have to offer to find just the right gift for the special woman in your life this Mother’s Day.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Satisfy Your Sweetheart’s Beauty-Sweet-Tooth With Sephora


This Valentine’s Day, satisfy your sweetheart’s beauty-sweet-tooth with gifts from Sephora.  No matter how that special someone likes to pamper themselves, Sephora has gifts that will blow her away.


I received a variety of products from Sephora to help get me ready for a special Valentine’s Day and I had a blast testing out all of them!  If you’re looking for great gifts, check out these Sephora items that your sweetheart will fall head over heels for:

For the face:


This Sephora PRO Dimensional Highlighting Palette was probably the item I’ve had the most fun playing around with.  This highlighting palette will amplify your natural radiance and create a custom glow depending on what look you’re trying to achieve.  The formula is highly blendable and allows for a little product to go a long way while lasting longer than other highlighting palettes.  I tried this palette out in cool shades, but it’s also available in warm shades as well.


The Beauty Amplifier line of Sephora products are pure genius!  The Beauty Amplifier Set And Refresh Spray is a multitasking blend of long-lasting, makeup-setting polymers and feel-good ingredients like lemon balm and peppermint extract…oh my!  Prime your makeup and perk up your skin in one simple step.  The fine mist is perfect because it won’t leave large droplets on your skin distorting the look of your makeup.  Beauty Amplifier Lip Primer is an item that I don’t know how I lived without.  This primer is much like a lip balm and contains nourishing sunflower seed oil for the utmost comfort, while hyaluronic filling spheres and vitamin E moisturize and smooth your lips before you apply color.  Matte lipstick has never been so easy to pull off!


The Cleansing & Exfoliating Cream was fabulous in Coconut Water!  I loved the velvety texture and how pleasant the scent was.  It was light and fresh while leaving my skin soothed and hydrated.  The Charcoal Cleansing & Exfoliating Cream is perfect for cleansing and detoxifying pores.  I noticed a reduction in blackheads and my pores appeared to be smaller in visibility…what woman doesn’t want that?


The Charcoal Micellar Cleansing Water is another great way to help purify your skin.  Pull out all the impurities and see that beautiful, natural skin underneath glow with purity.  The Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Milk is oh-so-soothing to use!  I have uneven skintone and the Coconut Water Micellar Cleansing Milk seemed to help even my complexion.  I love the fresh feeling I have after using it too!  Both of these micellar cleansers are rinse free so you can just apply and move on with your day.

For makeup application:


Every woman needs a good beauty sponge and this Perfect & Restore Sponge And Solid Brush Cleaner Set is absolutely heaven sent.  This cute little sponge delivers precise application for concealing, contouring, and highlighting.  You can wash it, reuse it, and flawlessly blend all cream and liquid formulas over and over again.  Target hard to reach areas and blur makeup mistakes for an airbrushed looking finish.  The Solid Brush And Sponge Cleaner is infused with Argan oil to lift away dirt and bacteria with the added bonus of removing stubborn residue and leaving a lingering Moroccan scent.  I love this duo!


An antibacterial brush set?  Yes, please!  The Sephora Mini Deluxe Charcoal Antibacterial Brush Set is just the cutest little brush set ever!  Each brush fiber is infused with charcoal, which is known for its hygienic properties…perfect for even the most sensitive skin.  This set contains:

  • Concealer brush
  • Angled blush brush
  • Precision sweep brush
  • Shadow brush
  • Angled shadow brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Carry case

For eyes:


Isn’t this Show Curl XL Lash Curler just the most beautiful thing ever?  I’m a sucker for anything pink and this is the most beautiful shade of pink, ever!  This ultimate eyelash curler features a curved head and flat shape for the most dramatic look, along with a straight angle to position it close to the eye shape.  The solid grip helps you get just the right tension to deliver fast looks with no creasing, tugging, or pulling whatsoever.


This Lashcraft Length + Volume Mascara truly lives up to it’s name.  This mascara will lengthen, define, and volumize your lashes with it’s unique paddle brush.  The shape of the brush and flexible bristles will lift your lashes from the root up for smooth length and maximum definition.  The formula is infused with nylon for a sleek look that will stay clump free and look great all day long.

For lips:


What a tasty little treat this lip balm and lip scrub are!  The Tangerine Lip Balm nourishes and tones your lips which I am absolutely loving this winter.  My lips are usually dry no matter what I do, but this lip balm has really helped!  The Honey Lip Scrub is great for exfoliating away those dry lips when they do happen.  Smooth your lips for the most kissable set of lips you’ve ever had.


Sephora’s Sweet Balm is really a sweet treat indeed.  This moisturizing lip balm goes on sheer, adding just a subtle kiss of color that you can apply anywhere, no mirror required!  The container clicks closed for easy, mess-free travel and is super convenient to carry just about anywhere.


There’s no better way to outline those beautiful lips than with the Rouge Gel Lip Liner.  This first-to-market creamy gel lip liner is softer than traditional lip liners you’ll find.  The gel-cream finish makes for an enhanced, smooth look with dullness.  Pair this lipliner with Cream Lip Stain and you’ve got a winning combination.  This bestselling color provides high-coverage while gliding on smooth.  This stain is infused with avocado oil for a long-lasting look that feels comfortable, is never sticky, and best of all, won’t dry out your lips!

Make sure you check out all that Sephora has to offer so you can find the gifts that are just perfect for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Pommello Sweats…Athletic Apparel Designed to Maximize Your Sweat to Improve Your Health

Pommello Logo.jpeg

Pommello Sweats are the world’s first athletic apparel designed to maximize your sweat to improve your health.  The secret to Pommello sweats is in their patent pending fabric.  The Pommello fabric is designed with a 100% closed cell structure which has an extremely high rate of heat retention towards the body.  The way Pommello Sweats are designed, they help support your detoxification while getting your sweat on.  You’ll be able to detox while enjoying the benefits of the additional retained body heat: decrease body fatigue and improve muscle performance and mobility.


These crazy comfy Pommello Sweats assist with:

  • A greater volume of blood flow to your heart and muscles which increases your athletic endurance;
  • More efficient distribution of oxygen to your muscles;
  • Faster and increased muscle mass growth;
  • Reduction in muscle atrophy; and
  • Combats aging by increasing your human growth hormone levels.


I was interested in how the Pommello Sleeveless Sport Top was going to fit…I’m a little large chested and sometimes clothes that fit my body, don’t fit my chest.  The fit was great and the support was incredible!  I have been able to put a little more effort into my workout and I love how stretchy the material is.


The Pommello Sweats Capris are also SUPER comfy!  They give support in just the right areas allowing me to maximize my workout, and in the places I need it most!  My workouts have never been this comfortable, or this effective, and I’m totally in love with Pommello Sweat!

For more information, make sure you check out the Pommello Sweats Indiegogo campaign.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Beauty Gifts Every Woman Will Love #HolidayGiftGuide #Review #VendomeBeaute #CygalleHealingSpa



Vendôme Beauté France is making waves in the cosmetic world.  The products offered are so much more than just costmetics!  Vendôme comes from numerous generations devoted to beauty and botanicals.  Each product  helps share the treasure of beauty that’s been perfected for the best experience you could hope for.  Now, with Vendôme’s Rosewater Infused Eyeshadow you can create a stunning look all your own.

Each and every shade is just as captivating as the last.  These Rosewater Infused Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and finely milled to give an all around luxurious look , feel, and application experience.  With other brands of eyeshadow I really have to swirl the brush around to pick up a lot of color.  With Vendôme all I had to do was lightly tap the brush onto the eyeshadow and the color was AMAZING!  Mix and match any of the 33 shades the create unique gifts for each individual Vendôme girl.  I tried INCREDIBLY hard to capture the beauty of these eyeshadows but it was virtually impossible!  Each color really sparkles and is absolutely gorgeous!


After a long day, there’s no better feeling than cleaning the day’s dirt and grime away and just getting back to fresh, clean skin.  The Cygalle Healing Spa has an amazing True Holistic Tropical Enzyme Peel that will totally rock your socks off.  This enzyme peel offers gentle exfoliation while effectively hydrating even the driest of skin.  With this one convenient product you can dissolve dead skin cells, remove toxins, reduce inflammation and soften skin.  Your skin will look fresher and brighter than ever!  No matter how sensitive your skin, Cygalle Healing Spa will revive your skin so you’ll always feel at your best.

Cygalle Healing Spa’s True Holistic line is food for your skin, literally.  Made with only the purest ingredients, the True Holistic line is committed to wholeness and purity while offering a healthy and sustainable approach to skincare.  Now you can really feel good about what you’re ‘feeding’ your skin.

Surprise that special woman on your holiday shopping list with the help of Vendôme and Cygalle Healing Spa.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Save Time And Money With Dollar Shave Club #Review


In today’s on-the-go world, who wants to be troubled by the little things in life?  Dollar Shave Club has made it easy to not only save time, but save money in the process.  The Dollar Shave Club experience is laid out to be as easy and hassle free for you as it possibly could be.  Your first month with DSC will be just $1.  That’s it, the first month for just $1 INCLUDING a free handle!  After your first month, choose the number of blades you want to use (2, 4, or 6 blades) to custom fit your shaving experience for you.


My husband and I were both really eager to test out the Presidential (6 blade) razor.  The Presidential razor features 6 stainless steel blades, plus a special trimmer edge built in for the professional.  My husband wasn’t willing to try the blade first in fear he’d knick himself, so I went first (what a gentlemen huh?).  I absolutely fell in love with this razor after my first use.  I got a closer shave than ever before and although odd, you can actually HEAR the razor working.  As I was shaving the best way to describe the sound was like velcro being undone, but it’s wasn’t painful and I was left with softer, smoother legs than ever before.  My husband tried out a Presidential blade later that evening and had a similar experience as me and he loved it!


Did you know that Dollar Shave Club is SO much more than just razors?  They have options available for you to shave, clean, style, protect, freshen, and even travel!  I received a variety of shave and clean items to try out as well and of course, they were fabulous!!


Dr. Carver’s by Dollar Shave Club is a wide variety of premium products for a delightful shave from start to finish.  From pre-shave scrub to post-shave cream and even miracle repair serum, this collection has it all.  These products are great for more than just your face!  If your a shaved head kinda guy, these product would also work fabulously!  My teenage son wanted his head shaved, not just buzzed but completely bald…razor bald.  After finally convincing me, my son was regretting his decision.  His never-shaved scalp was quite sensitive and was hurting him a bit when we were done.  I rubbed some of the post-shave cream on his head and he could instantly feel the calming effect provided by the cream.


Wanderer by Dollar Shave Club is a whole line of products to help get you squeaky clean.  These vitamin-rich, sulfate-free cleansers hydrate without stripping natural moisture for a transportive cleansing experience from mind to toe.  Although all of the Wanderer products have been fabulous, the calming body bar has been my absolute favorite item.  Around this time of year I suffer horribly with dry skin, and nothing seems to help.  The calming bar has helped me moisturize my sensitive skin and stop literally ripping it open from scratching so hard.

If you’re looking for a great gift to give this holiday season, remember that you can also gift the club too!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Week 46 on Nutrisystem…Maintaining Is A Whole New Beast! #NSNation #Ad


What an incredible journey this has been so far!  Week 46 on Nutrisystem is here and I’m so ready to tackle this new week!  As I enter the maintenance phase, it’s a whole new beast trying to figure out exactly what works for me.  Each person and their metabolism are different and will need different things to maintain, just the same as losing weight.  I have been adding in additional portions which worked for the first week, but I was surprised to step on the scale and see that this past week I’ve lost a pound.  I had a particularly busier week than usual so I’m realizing that I need to fluctuate what I eat based on my activity, which can be a little tricky but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.


I’m still eating the Nutrisystem foods as I learn to maintain…it will help me get through the holiday season before I totally go on my own to maintain.  I’m SUPER glad I made this decision, especially today.  On rough days I always find myself wanting candy, particularly bite-size candy bars that are easy to pop in and eat.  I found a great trick that helps me get through these cravings while still staying completely on plan.  I like to cut the lunch bars into small chunks so they are just the same size as those little bite-size candies.  Because the lunch bars taste just like a candy bar anyway, it’s a perfect compromise to satisfy my cravings without destroying all of my hard work.  As I (unfortunately) mark the 5 year anniversary of a friends murder today, I found myself having those same old cravings.  I went to my go-to trick to help quiet the candy cravings and I realized I’d never shared this trick with you all!  If you’re struggling to get over the sugar cravings on rough days I really recommend this trick!  You’ll eat the bar much slower, feel fuller, and feel like you’re indulging without straying off plan one bit.

I can’t wait to see how Nutrisystem helps me through the holidays, stay tuned for weekly check-ins!

Be sure to follow Nutrisystem on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for lots of great tips and tricks that are useful for everyone, whether you’re currently on Nutrisystem or not.


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