Stephany’s Sweet Life Back To School Guide 2017



Welcome to my Back To School Guide for 2017!!  Here you will find all of the latest and greatest products that I have found for Back To School including backpacks and binders, clothes and shoes, lunchbox essentials and so much more!  I will add items as I find them, so be sure to check back often!





Carry and manage all your textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies with a Five Star Expandable Backpack. It has multiple expanding sections that open like luggage to give you extra storage space up to 7″. Plus, you can pull items out easily while it is hanging up.

(Read the Five Star Review Here)


The Five Star Hybrid NoteBinder LASTS ALL YEAR. GUARANTEED! Acts like a notebook. Works like a binder. Patented TechLock® ring won’t break or misalign.  Rings open easily to add and remove paper and dividers, like a binder.  Durable plastic covers fold over and to lie flat, like a notebook.  Binder + Notebook + Filler paper all in one!

Available: 1″, 1.5″, 1″ with Customizable Cover

(Read the Five Star Review Here)



If you’re looking for a more durable binder, the Five Star High Capacity Zipper Binder is the perfect solution!  This binder features an expandable pocket for quick and easy textbook and supply storage, 2″ rings, an exterior 5-pocket expanding file for quick and easy organization, internal expanding pocket for even more storage, mesh zipper pocket securely stores supplies, outside pockets for quick access to small items, and a strap that makes carrying easy.  This is going to help keep my high schooler organized…finally!

This year, binder organization has gotten a little bit easier.  The Five Star Book Mark Dividers are made of material that allows students to write, erase and reuse on the divider itself, keeping track of to-do lists or homework assignments has never been easier.  The Peel N Stick Write On Tabs are another great way to stay organized.  Use these tabs along the top to divide multiple subjects!  The design maximizes writing space while the adhesive backing makes it easy to apply just about anywhere.

(Read the Five Star Review Here)


HOW CUTE is this Animal Jam Panda Power Backpack?  Elementary school girls everywhere will be asking for this backpack for back to school and I think it’s pretty easy to see why.  Not only is it stinkin’ adorable, but it’s functional, lightweight, and perfect for everyday school use.

(Read the Animal Jam Review Here)


School Supplies.jpg



With the incredibly vast selection of products that Crayola offers, you can give your child everything they need to express their creativity, no matter what their age group.  From the classics to the fun new Silly Scents, there’s no way to go wrong with Crayola.

(Read the Crayola Review Here)



Back To School shopping has never been so easy!  Office Depot has everything you need all under one roof so you can get in, get out, and still save money!  Tons of great items for students of all ages with super fun ways to express their personalities.

(Read the Office Depot Review Here)



BIC has a variety of pens and pencils that are perfect for children, teens and everyone in between that needs to jot down notes or enjoys a good doodle.  From the super fun Gel-Ocity pens to Velocity pencils, and even the new 4-Color with 3 inks and a pencil…there’s tons of ways to send your kiddo back to school right.

(Read the BIC Review Here)


Whether I’m shopping for printer paper for home, or paper that we’ll donate to the school, quality matters!  Get the best products at the best prices from Georgia Pacific.  Finding the right paper just got easier.

(Find Your Georgia Pacific Paper Match Here)


The Stationery Studio has everything you’ll need to personalize your student’s Back To School gear.  Notepads, sticky cubes, stampers, and so much more to choose from!  You’ll be able to find fun, trendy, and stylish items for anyone your’re shopping for.

(Read The Stationery Studio Review Here)


This Back To School season, check out the pencil sharpener that all the teachers are talking about.  Quiet operation, ease of use, and a perfect point every time.  Classroom Friendly Supplies has a large selection of colors so you can find the one that’s just right for you!

(Read the Classroom Friendly Supplies Review Here)


Keep an eye out for the new EXPO Markers Ink Indicator markers during your Back To School shopping this season.  You’ll always know how much ink you have so you’ll never be caught unprepared again!

(Check out the EXPO Ink Indicators Here)





No matter what you’re little one’s fashion style, you can find everything you need for all of your littles under one roof.  Thanks to KMart, Back To School clothes shopping has never been so easy or affordable!

(Read the KMart Review Here)




When it comes to shoe shopping, it can be hard to find something for the whole family in one convenient spot.  Saucony has a great selection for everyone this back to school season, from littles to bigs.  From my kindergartener, to my middle schooler, and even my high schooler…everyone was able to score great looking shoes all in one awesome place.

(Read the Saucony Review Here)



Schoola is the best way to buy discounted new and used clothing.  Each purchase goes to helping schools, so while you shop for school, you can help schools…how great is that?  Hundreds of new arrivals mean you can get the best looks at the best prices!

(Read the Schoola Review Here)


Shoes are one of the most needed items for Back To School, and some of the hardest things to shop for.  No matter what your picky kiddo’s style is, Lugz has tons of great styles and color options to truly fit each unique personality perfectly.  Get Back To School this year in style with Lugz.

(Read the Lugz Review Here)





Fit & Fresh has some of the best options for sending your kiddos lunch to school with them.  From the insulated lunch bags to Bento Box Lunch Sets, you’ll love knowing your child’s lunch is safe, secure, and best of all, delicious!

(Read the Fit & Fresh Review Here)


Staying hydrated for little ones is a MUST!  EcoVessel not only has the best water bottles around, they have tons of styles available so everyone from the smallest kindergardener to the pickiest highschooler will have exactly what they’re looking for.

(Read the EcoVessel Review Here)


Whether having cereal, goldfish-style crackers, pretzels or other goodies, SnackPals provides that easy on-the-go food transport to school, daycare, camping, the park, mall, beach, vacation spot or visiting with friends and family.  Snacks stay safe and sounds inside these cute little SnackPals.

(Read the SnackPals Review Here)



Pure Growth Organic has tons of snacks your kids will love…and you’ll feel great about giving them your little ones!  Whether you’re looking for sweet treats, fruity snacks, or even just a deliciously savory treat…Pure Growth Organic has you (and your little ones) covered this Back To School Season.

(Read the Pure Growth Organic Review Here)


Nothing is better than a homemade treat to start the day or put in your little one’s lunch box.  Stevia In The Raw is making Back To School baking even better!  Try the Stevia In The Raw Bakers Bag and never run out of your favorite zero calorie sweetener again!

(Read the Stevia In The Raw Review Here)



ZonePerfect Kidz nutrition bars are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and protein your child needs to fuel an active lifestyle.   Zone Perfect Kidz bars are a welcome addition to any packed lunch and they come in three delicious, kid-approved flavors: Chocolate Cupcake, Yellow Cupcake and Sugar Cookie.

(Read the Zone Perfect Kidz Review Here)



When you’re shopping for healthy snacks this back to school season, keep an eye out for SunRype products in the produce section!  Quality comes first in all SunRype products, so you can rest assured your kids have nothing but the best.

(Read the SunRype Review Here)


GoGo squeeZ is another great lunchbox snack that your kids will absolutely love!  Healthy snacking on the go has never been so easy, and your kids will love the convenient packaging.  My middle schooler is served lunch at 10 am (why is beyond me) so he loves keeping a pouch of GoGo squeeZ in his backpack and eating it on the go between classes.

(Read the GoGo squeeZ Review Here)


Hi-Chew is the sensationally chewy, fruity candy is gluten free, nut free, and made with real fruit juices and purees, perfect for allergy-conscious schools and students.  Now available in HICHEW Bites, which encases all the chewy, fruity goodness of HICHEW in a crisp, candy shell, kids can snack on-the-go without the mess!  The resealable pouch is especially convenient for kids on the run from class to recess.
Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butters are the best way to send your child to school with their favorite meal without risking other children being exposed to allergens.  You get to sneak a healthy meal in, and your children think they’re just eating one of their favorites 🙂 .  With new and exciting fruit spreads in fun flavors never seen before in the jelly aisle like Cherry Vanilla Pop, Blue Razz Berry, Caramel Apple and Watermelon Slice as well as time-honored favorites Grape-licious, Strawberry Patch and Red Razz Berry.  The best part?  Each jar of Sneaky Chef Fruit Spread contains three hidden veggies – carrot, beet and sweet potato.

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