Give Your Child The Gift Of Family Connections With Cloud Pets


I have seen Cloud Pets advertised for a while now, and every time the ad comes on not only do I get the song stuck in my head, I’m also bombarded with, “Mom, can we get that?  Mom, can I have one?  Please?”.  Recently my husband has been travelling a lot for work, and our daughter misses him incredibly when he’s gone.  When I got the opportunity to review a Cloud Pet with my little one we were both dancing with joy.  CloudPetUnicorn.jpg

If by some chance you live under a rock and haven’t seen Cloud Pets yet, the idea is pretty simple.  Send a message via the Cloud Pets app, and your child’s Cloud Pets plush receives and plays the message.  You can then send one back to your loved ones, with the simple push of a button.  It’s a great way for kids to keep in touch with parents who are travelling, or relatives who live far away and can’t visit often.



The Cloud Pet is surprisingly simple to set up.  Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll quickly be able to pair your device with your child’s Cloud Pet and you’re ready to send messages!


My daughter, like any other little girl, LOVES unicorns!  I kept it a surprise which one she was getting until it actually got here because I wanted to see her adorable face light up.  The top picture in the collage captures the surprise pretty well I think.  I told her to sit with her eyes closed and when she opened them her unicorn had appeared!  She pushed the button and heard daddy’s special message, and well, you can see how happy she was in the bottom 2 pictures.  I love that something so pretty and soft can help my little girl feel like Daddy is still close, even when he’s far away.


There will be a parental dashboard, as well as a dashboard for your child where they have the ability to re-listen to messages, play fun games, and even read stories!

I’m pretty sure I see 2 more Cloud Pets joining the family soon for my sons so they can stay connected with family as well.  These amazing stuffed animals are so wonderful, and I really regret that we waited so long to try it.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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