Stephany’s Back To School Guide 2016


Welcome to my Back To School Guide 2016!!  Here you will find all of the latest and greatest products that I have found for Back To School.  I will add items often as I find them, so be sure to check back often!




Back To School is a time when many of us parents are considering our kids’ first phones.  Sprint has made it easy with their Kid’s First Phone website to guide us parents through the decision making process.

(Read more about Kid’s First Phone here)




Carry and manage all your textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies with a Five Star Expandable Backpack. It has multiple expanding sections that open like luggage to give you extra storage space up to 7″. Plus, you can pull items out easily while it is hanging up.

(Read the Mead Five Star Review Here)


The Five Star Hybrid NoteBinder LASTS ALL YEAR. GUARANTEED! Acts like a notebook. Works like a binder. Patented TechLock® ring won’t break or misalign.  Rings open easily to add and remove paper and dividers, like a binder.  Durable plastic covers fold over and to lie flat, like a notebook.  Binder + Notebook + Filler paper all in one!

Available: 1″, 1.5″, 1″ with Customizable Cover

(Read The Mead Five Star Review Here)


Shoes are one of the most needed items for Back To School, and some of the hardest things to shop for.  Get Back To School this year in style with Lugz.


Build A Kit has everything your child will need this Back To School season.  Build your own kit, or buy a pre-built kit by grade level.  Receive exactly what your child needs, nothing more, nothing less.

(Read The Build A Kit Review Here)


If you have a toddler who is eager to start learning, the Learning Box Preschool is a great way to fulfill those educational wants and needs.  Supplies for anywhere from 1-24 children means you can use at home, or in your preschool for your students.  This is a must-have for parents of preschoolers this Back To School season.

(Read More About The Learning Box Preschool Here)


This Back To School season, enhance your child’s learning experience with DK Publishing.  DK offers everything from fun to educational, and you’ll be sure to find at least a few that are perfect for your little reader, no matter their age.

(Read The DK Publishing Review Here)


Encourage an early love of reading with Hot Dots.  Created by Educational Insights especially for children to help them grow, learn, and thrive.  There are kits available for just about any age group so you can help your child get the most of out the school year.

(Read the Hot Dots Review Here)


This Back To School season all of us parents want to help our children succeed and do their best.  Kumon Publishing offers Workbooks for children ages pre-k to 8th grade so you can help supplement your child’s education and help them thrive.

(Read The Kumon Workbook Review Here)


Peaceable Kingdom has lots of great match-up and puzzle games that are perfect for younger children this back-to-school season.  We loved adding these in to our at home preschool curriculum!  Tons of fun ways to help with number recognition, shape recognition, and color recognition.

(Read the Peaceable Kingdom Review Here)


The Stationery Studio has everything you’ll need to personalize your student’s Back To School gear.  Notepads, sticky cubes, stampers, and so much more to choose from!  You’ll be able to find fun, trendy, and stylish items for anyone your’re shopping for.

(Read the Stationery Studio Review Here)


Faber-Castell has some of the greatest art and writing supplies that you can find this Back To School season.  The LOOM Pen is fabulous, but there are so many other great items!  Check out their selection online here.

(Read the Faber-Castell LOOM Pen Review Here)


Make learning fun with these adorable wall decals!  Whether you’re looking for the alphabet, numbers, or animals,  you can find these fun educational decals on Amazon.

(Read the Tree Penguin Wall Decal Review Here)


From scissors to erasers and so much more, Westcott brand has lots of great items that will come in handy for any student this school year.

(Read the Westcott Brand Review Here)


Encouraging a healthy lifestyle this back-to-school season is more important than ever!  Keeping kids off the couch and electronic devices is a huge goal for me, and Yoga Berries is doing a great job helping me achieve that!  Cute, fun activewear that kids will enjoy.

(Read the Yoga Berries Review Here)

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of busy back to school schedules…we forget the most important things that we don’t see…NEW UNDERWEAR!  Fruit Of The Loom has got your whole family covered from toddler to adult in one convenient shopping trip.

(Read the Fruit Of The Loom Review Here)

Keep your children healthy this Back To School season with Li’l Critters Gummy Vites.  Li’l Critters offers great taste with complete protection.  Keep your kids happy and healthy so they can enjoy every day and get the most out of their education.

(Read The Li’l Critters Gummy Vites Review Here)


Sometimes parents need a little Back To School help as well.  Natrol is here to help  get parents back into the swing of school schedules and after school activities.  Transition back into the school routine with the Natrol Melatonin.

(Read the Natrol Melatonin Review Here)



Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butters are the best way to send your child to school with their favorite meal without risking other children being exposed to allergens.  You get to sneak a healthy meal in, and your children think they’re just eating one of their favorites 🙂 .

(Read the Sneaky Chef Review Here)


Spiced & Infused Popcorn is a great snack for kids to take in their lunchbox.  Spiced & Infused offers all natural, healthy, and unique-flavored snacks by using the benefits of real spices that give a “punch” of flavor.  They believe in health and simplicity so their products are minimally processed.

(Read the Spiced & Infused Review Here)


BANANA WAVE® bananamilk is a yummy nondairy beverage derived from an ancient African recipe which is made up of five superfoods including bananas, grains and seeds.  Help fuel your child’s day with BANANA WAVE.

(Read the Banana Wave Review Here)

Weekend Fun With Classmates.jpg


We all know that Back To School time means reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.  Sleepovers and friends go hand in hand, and the Sleepover Diary is the perfect Back To School item for kids that like to stay connected with friends.  Available in hardcover and spiral bound editions.

(Read the Sleepover Diary Here)

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