HABA Farm Play Tent Review


My toddler has an active imagination, and trying to build tents has been an every day thing for quite some time now.  When I saw the adorable play tents from HABA, I knew my daughter had to have one.


I received the Farm Play Tent from HABA to review with my daughter, and I’m SO happy she loves it as much as I thought she would.

HabaTent2 HabaTent3

After a few short minutes, the Farm Play Tent was set up and ready to spark my little one’s imagination.

HabaTent4 HabaTent6

I couldn’t keep my ecstatic daughter out of there!  As soon as I said it was ready, she ran in and didn’t leave for a while.

One area where I’m really surprised is the quality of the tent.  The quality of the play tent far surpasses anything I would’ve anticipated for a child’s play tent.  In my experience they’re usually quite flimsy…in fact, I’ve been through 2 other tents from different brands.  The Farm Play Tent is made with child use in mind, and will last even with the toughest of kids.

HabaTent7 HabaTent8

The size of the tent is also pleasantly surprising.  My middle child plays with my youngest a lot and there was plenty of room for both of them to play in there together.  Actually, last night myself, my daughter, our dog, and one of our cats were in there and weren’t uncomfortable but the tent was finally full.  A nice added touch to the tent is the window.  Even though the inside of the tent was full, my son also sat outside the window and the kids were pretending that it was a restaurant window.  I love how in the short amount of time I’ve had the tent it has encouraged the kids to use their imagination and play together.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Strider Bike Review


Being a parent with a large age gap between my oldest and youngest (8 years difference), there are bound to be items I wish I would’ve had with my older kids that weren’t around when they were young.  The Strider Bike is the most perfect example of an item that would’ve saved myself, and my children, tons of time, pain, and frustration.


I received the Strider Sport for my 4 year old and I was eager to see how she’d handle it.  The first thing you’ll notice is that the Strider Bike has no pedals, and yes, that’s intentional.  The idea (and proven testing) behind the Strider Bike is to help kids learn to balance on two wheels, and build the confidence in themselves so the transition to a standard bike is flawless.

Strider2 Strider1

Right out of the box, my daughter was VERY eager to try the bike out.  She stayed close to the front porch and didn’t want to venture out very far.  At first she wasn’t wanting to sit down and was just walking along with the bike but that quickly changed.  Within a few hours, she was sitting down comfortably, going fast enough to gain momentum, and pick up her feet and coast along.  You’re kidding me right??  Just a few hours and she’s BALANCING on two wheels and coasting with no feet??  I would’ve never guessed it was the pedals making bike riding so complicated for young kids.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I wish I had the Strider Bike with my middle child.  His first day riding without training wheels he broke his right arm and was in a cast for almost 2 months.  It was a horrible experience for him and took a long time to get him to get back on the bike again.Strider3 Strider4


Within just a couple of days, my daughter was all over our acre+ property exploring and having fun.  The Strider Bike is a great way to encourage your child to stay active while learning new skills at the same time.  There are different accessories you can buy for the bike to upgrade it however you need.  There are larger models available, make sure you check out the Strider Bike website for more information.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Kids Zip Sheets Review


If you have kids, I’m sure you know the struggle of getting kids to stay under their bedding.  My toddler tosses and turns and before I’ve even gone to bed myself she is tangled up in her sheets.  Kids Zip Sheets has been an answered prayer!


Kids Zip Sheets are quite possible one of the most genius things I’ve ever tried.  The fitted sheet and the flat sheet zip together so the flat sheet stays in place no matter how much your child tosses and turns.  As soon as I got mine I tossed them in the wash so I could put them on my daughter’s bed that evening.

KidsZipSheets2 KidsZipSheets3

The sheets held up amazingly well to my tougher-than-most washing machine.  The zippers were still in perfectly working condition and the sheets were so soft I wanted to crawl into my daughter’s bed myself.  There are zippers on both sides of the sheets, so no matter where your child’s bed is positioned it’s still a breeze to get in and out of bed.  Kids Zip Sheets have also been a huge time-saver for me when it comes to making my daughter’s bed.  She has a junior loft bed and I’m usually having to climb up there and tug at the sheets in all different directions.  Now it’s as simple as “zip”!

KidsZipSheets4 KidsZipSheets5

The day we received our Kids Zip Sheets my daughter was actually under the weather.  Even not feeling well, with wild untamed hair, she was still eager to get into her new sheets.  I couldn’t get her out of the bed for a while…she was being her little ham self and pretending to be asleep.

I have a feeling these are going to be a HUGE hit this holiday season!  What better way to keep your kiddos warm while making them feel special and secure?  They’re not just for young kids, my sons who are 10 and 12 are now also asking for their own set of Kids Zip Sheets.  Truly a gift any kid would be happy to find under the tree this year 🙂 .

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***