Guitar Hero Live Review


If you are a fan of the Guitar Hero installments, welcome to the new Guitar Hero Live!!!  An all new way to play what could possibly be the most fun game ever.


The guitar controller has been completely re-designed for a much more enhanced play experience.  I’m a little old school and once I get used to something, I like it to stay that way and not change.  I was a little intimidated, and initially wondered why well enough wasn’t left alone.  I was SO wrong!  The guitar re-design is genius!  Why wasn’t it this way  before?


The old guitars used to use a 5 colored button layout and oh my goodness the strain my pinky finger would feel kicking it up to anything more challenging than easy.  The new button layout eliminated finger strain is a lot more like playing an actual guitar.  There are 3 buttons on bottom, 3 buttons on top, and you can hold down the top and bottom button for an all new chord.


The visuals on Guitar Hero Live are stunning!  Long gone are the days of the cheap animations.  Real video makes the game play so much more entertaining.  When you’re connected to the internet on your gaming console, you can even play along with the official music videos for the songs!  The library is constantly updating with new music so you can have a great experience no matter what genre of music you prefer.  I love the selection of newer music offered in Guitar Hero Live.  Everything about the re-invention of Guitar Hero via Guitar Hero Live is stellar.  Now it all makes sense why I didn’t see a new GH game for a while…they were putting all of their efforts into making a fun-to-play, seamlessly streaming game and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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