Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips Review


If you don’t know that I have an obsession with nail polish and nail accessories, then you’re probably a new reader.  I love trying out new nail polish, nail strips, gel polish, nail effects, gemstones, you name it!!!  Being a mom of 3, sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit and let nail polish dry.  That’s why I love the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.


The Salon Effects strips are SUPER easy to use.  All you have to do is peel, apply, and shape.  There is no dry time involved with the strips, however, I do add a clear coat of my favorite clear polish to help them last longer.  The Salon Effects strips will last up to 10 days, and look amazing for such minimal effort.  I have tried just about every color and design, but I have a few that are my absolute favorites.


Animal Instinct is a beautiful hot pink with zebra pattern and is so much fun to wear!


Love Letter is my ABSOLUTE favorite!  It’s cute and modern while at the same time giving off a classic vibe.


Sadly, I don’t remember the name of this one, and they don’t make it anymore 😦 .  While it was available, it was one of my top faves.

I love being able to have my nails look great from home, without the dry time of a normal manicure.  This way I can easily get my nails done while my toddler is laying down, which means I can change the look of my manicure much more often 🙂 .


I haven’t tried Laced Up yet, but this will be the one I use next week.  I’m pretty sure it will be the same as all the other Salon Effects strips and look fabulous!

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