Keep Your Family Healthy With Li’l Critters Gummy Vites #Review


Keeping your family healthy is a number one priority of every parent out there.  There are so many products out there with promises to work or help boost immune systems…I say, why not go with what we KNOW works?  Why not stock your medicine cabinet with Li’l Critter Gummy Vites?  Gummy Vites are a GREAT way to get kids to take their vitamins easily, without a fight, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing their little bodies are protected.  I was sent an assortment of products to try out with my family and I’m so excited we received such great products!


What kid isn’t into Despicable Me right now?  I know we practically have that movie on loop in our household.  Character themed vitamins are a great way to encourage even the pickiest of kids.  These awesome Li’l Critters Despicable Me Gummy Vitamins have no high fructose corn syrup, no synthetic (FD&C) dyes, and NO gluten.  You’ll feel great about what you’re giving your children, and they’ll love the great tasting flavors.  Strawberry-banana and orange flavored vitamins that contain over 10 essential vitamins and minerals to support and maintain healthy growth and development.


Li’l Critters Gummy Vites are the number one children’s gummy vitamin, and after just one use with your children and you’ll see why.  The flavors (cherry, berry, and citrus) are naturally sourced flavors packaged inside a fun gummy bear shape that every kid will love.  Just like everything else Li’l Critters, you can count on essential vitamins and minerals to help your little one grow big and strong.



The Li’l Critters Calcium + D3 are my daughter’s favorite gummy vitamin of them all!  She is a young girl but has already had a broken arm (gotta love kids climbing where they shouldn’t and getting hurt) and I love the extra bone support she’s receiving with these vitamins.  Just one serving provides an excellent source of calcium to help those little bones grow big and strong.  Naturally sourced flavors (black cherry, orange, and strawberry) combined with being gluten free make these an A+ product in my mom book.




Last but not least, us parents need some protection too!  These VitaFusion Multi Vites are a great way for us to stay strong and healthy for our children as well.  MultiVites provides a fusion of essential vitamins, minerals and natural fruit flavors in a delicious gummy. This complete multivitamin is specially formulated for adults and provides a great-tasting and convenient alternative to traditional, hard-to-swallow pills.

My kids went back to school a few weeks ago, and we typically see a few colds work their way through our home in that time frame.  We have all stayed healthy and ready for the next day, and I can only think that Li’l Critters has helped keep us in tip top shape.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***




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