Spice Up Your Child’s Lunchbox With Spiced & Infused Popcorn #Review


This year, pack your child’s lunchbox with more than just stale, boring ol’ potato chips.  Enhance their snack wit Spiced & Infused Popcorn.  Spiced & Infused offers unique flavors with real spices that give a punch of flavor.  My kids LOVE popcorn so I couldn’t wait to see what they thought about Spiced & Infused.


I received 4 different flavors to try out with the kiddos: Chipotle Taco, Bombay Seasoning, French Herb, and Asian Barbecue.  Each flavor blend is incredibly flavorful and offers flavors that I haven’t been able find anywhere else.  I tried a bit of each bag along with my children and each flavor, although each very different, was a big hit.  The Chipotle Taco is seasoned with smoke-dried jalapeño pepper, tomato, and pleasantly piquant, good-for-you spices for a robust, smoky taste.  Bombay Seasoning is the original flavor that made the world fall in love with Spiced & Infused.  It is a unique blend of savory, spicy, and tangy spices for an incredible flavor kick.  French Herb is seasoned with 9 light and savory herbs and transport yourself to the sun-drenched French countryside!  Asian Barbecue is Asian-inspired barbecue popcorn with its mix of salty, sweet and smoky flavors made with high quality ingredients like gluten-free soy sauce and REAL, good-for-you spices.

Spiced & Infused popcorn is made from great ingredients, and high in fiber so you’ll feel great about the snacks your packing for your little one this school year.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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