Yoga Berries…Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle #Review


If you’ve followed my blog for even a short time, you’re probably already aware of the healthy lifestyle journey I’ve been on.  Since January I have dropped an incredible 50 lbs and learned to live and sustain a much healthier lifestyle than I had even even dreamed I could.  Yoga Berries is the perfect pairing to my newfound healthier lifestyle, and I love that my daughter and I can have matching yoga outfits, how cute is that?!  Now we can match while we strengthen our bodies!


The Yoga Berries Galaxy print is my absolute favorite!  It’s no surprise that women’s sizes were unavailable when I ordered…they’re too adorable to stay in stock for long.


My little one absolutely loved the Galaxy capris, she wears them ALL THE TIME!  They can’t be dirty for more than a couple days before she starts digging through her drawers asking where the ‘planet pants’ are.


The Yoga Berries SoCal design is my favorite design.  I was born in So Cal and spent most of my life there…still miss it every day.  This pattern captures to fun spirit of So Cal perfectly and reminds me of home every time I wear them.



The Yoga Berries delights just keep on coming!  The Yoga Berries Rainbow Peace pattern was another huge hit with my daughter.  She loves the bright, fun colors and loves that she can match mommy when we do yoga together…or just lounge around the house being comfy 🙂 .


Last, but certainly not least, I also received the Yoga Berries Aztec print pants to try out.  I love the way these fit, the way the feel, the way they stretch…pretty much everything!  The pattern is really fun and makes me feel right at home in the Arizona desert.

Each of these Yoga Berries items is made from 4-way stretch spandex for a really comfortable fit.  The moisture wicking properties are nice for when you really work up a sweat…no more uncomfortable workouts!  I can’t wait to see what new patterns Yoga Berries comes up with!

Also available from Valerie Pike, creator of Yoga Berries, are a couple of other GREAT items!


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***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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