Help Your Child Create Memories While Building Literary Skills With Alice Press Sleepover Diary #Review


We all know that back to school time means reuniting with old friends, as well as making new ones.  Sleepovers are juts a natural part of the back to school experience, and the Sleepover Diary is a great gift for children going back to school this year.  Alice Press is on a mission to bring children together and help promote healthy relationships.  The Sleepover Diary is a great way to help children not only create lasting memories, but also helps encourage children to build relationships as well as help build literary skills.  The Sleepover Diary helps children share their daily life with best friends in a traditional way instead of mindless texting that’s forgotten forever.


The Sleepover Diary is available in a hardbound or spiral bound edition so you can choose which one is best for your child.  This awesome little diary lets up to 5 BFFs share their thoughts and special experiences together in writing, all within this amazing Sleepover Diary.  There are lots of little areas to doodle and write notes to your friends as well as sharing all the important details of your day.  Aside from helping build great friendships, the Sleepover Diary is also great at:

• Encouraging proper writing, improving skills
• Encouraging friendship, communication and sharing
• Encouraging community service and environmental awareness
• Opening the world to children to express their feelings and thoughts

I can’t wait to see how my children’s friendships grow and change.  I will keep the Sleepover Diary safe and sound until their older so they have some great memories to look back on.  Make sure you get your copy of the Sleepover Diary before we get back into the full swing of the school year.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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