Squeezable Back To School Goodness From GoGo squeeZ


Back-To-School can be a time where we struggle to find healthy snacks for our children to take to school.  Whether I’m shopping for my kids, or for a snack donation for my kindergartener’s class, it’s so nice to have a snack like GoGo squeeZ to rely on!  GoGo squeeZ products are crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients to provide wholesome goodness for kids (or adults) of all ages.  With over 20 varieties of fruit and veggieZ on-the-go, GoGo squeeZ is so much more than just Applesauce, they’re Goodness on the Go!


Have you heard the GoGo squeeZ commercial that plays on the radio?  A little girl is offered numerous different snacks (cookies, chips, etc.) in exchange for her GoGo squeeZ and she says to the other children “you know I don’t trade my GoGo squeeZ!”  That’s how my three kiddos are so we were so happy to receive a shipment of goodies from our GoGo squeeZ friends.


GoGo squeeZ Blueberry Yogurtz were a new one for us, but the kids have quickly fallen in love with this unique flavor that makes it easy to take yogurt anywhere.  This yogurt is a real low fat yogurt with blueberries, never anything artificial.  Even though it’s yogurt, it still comes in that loveable iconic squeezable, portable pouch.  GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ can be stored at room temperature until opened which makes it a perfect lunchbox companion for the back-to-school season.


If you have an adventurous eater like I do, these GoGo squeeZ Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist pouches are perfect…but they’re a limited batch so find them while you can!  These pouches of goodness are sweet, delicious fruit flavored pouches with just a tiny sour punch of lemon.  All natural and always full of goodness, this tasty applesauce combination is a healthy snack with a sour twist that kids won’t be able to resist.



GoGo squeeZ Apple Strawberry is a crowd favorite here in our home.  These apple strawberry pouches are jam packed with apples, strawberries and yumminess.  This sweet and healthy snack is perfect for anytime, or anywhere.  All that lip-smacking fruit in a no-fuss, no-mess strawberry applesauce pouch – that’s what’s called goodness on the go.  Whether you’re headed to the beach, sports practices, on the road or sending your little ones off to school, you simply can’t go wrong with GoGo squeeZ Apple Strawberry.


GoGo squeeZ Apple Banana is another favorite with my kiddos, but it’s hard not to be a favorite when two of my kids’ favorite foods are combined into one squeezable, perfect combination of deliciousness and nutritiousness.  Kids will go bananas for this flavor so make sure to keep a few on hand!


Oh my…where has this Apple Pumpkin Spice been all my life?  This was a flavor that was just too good for me not to try, and I will be heading to the store this week to find more boxes of this hidden gem.  Pumpkins, apples and a twist of cinnamon yumminess all squeezed into a portable pouch makes this snack perfect to take on-the-go.  This special Fall blend of tasty goodness is natural as always, but it won’t be around for long so grab them while you can!


Last, but not least, we also got to try out the Pedal Pedal Peach Fruit & Veggiez.  Kids need natural energy to keep going, and Pedal Pedal Peach is the perfect nutritious blend of apples, peaches and sweet potatoes.  The natural energy they’ll gain while nourishing their bodies with wholesome foods just couldn’t get any better.

With so many flavors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a GoGo squeeZ flavor (or two or three) that your little ones just can’t like without this school year.  Check out all of the flavors here.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


Back To School Fashion For Less From KMart



If you have kids, you know that Back To School shopping can be BRUTAL!  As if it weren’t hard enough to find all of the supplies that teachers need without running to a hundred different places, throw in clothes shopping and it’s enough to make any parent throw their hands in the air and walk away.  I have been on the hunt for great clothes for my kids and the selection at KMart was wide enough that we were able to find something for all three kids in one trip…how awesome is that?!


My sons are 12 and 14 and it can be harder to shop for them than my daughter!  Although they are still young, they are HUGE for their age and have been in men’s clothes for quite some time now.  It can definitely be a struggle finding things in men’s sizes that are still ‘cool’ enough that my sons are willing to wear them.  Thank goodness for KMart!  I was only able to find one outfit for each of the boys, but I have to tell you I was surprised I walked out with anything for them at all.


Brayden is starting middle school and wanted something that was still fun and fashionable for his first day.  We were able to find this awesome Marvel Deadpool Men’s Graphic T-Shirt and Basic Editions Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans in medium wash to create an awesome ensemble that Brayden can’t wait to wear to school.  The Deadpool shirt is cut for a roomy fit — in case you also like to over-indulge in chimichangas like Deadpool.  This all-cotton tee offers the benefit of breathable jersey knit which is perfect for hot Arizona days.  The jeans are the only pair your son will need when the day calls for toughness.  Heaven knows, any middle schooler will put some wear and tear on jeans quickly.  Built from cotton denim, these pants offer durability and the straight leg adds roomy comfort.  The medium wash provides crisp, versatile style, while the contrast stitching enhances the authentic look.


An outfit that my teenager loved so much he actually SMILED??  (GASP!!)  Be still my beating heart…thank you KMart!  This Men’s Transformers Decepticon Graphic T-Shirt and Basic Editions Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans in lite wash pair together so well and Kenny is LOVING IT!  The Transformers shirt rocks a cool, modern look.  Decorated with the iconic image of a Decepticon, this short-sleeve tee rocks with retro style.  Featuring a crew neck and a roomy cut, this shirt offers the comfort of cotton-rich jersey knit, another perfect tee for hot Arizona days.  Just like the jeans Brayden got, the lite wash version is every bit just as durable and comfortable as it’s medium wash counterpart.


My sons and my daughter are SO completely different.  Jade loved every single thing she saw at KMart and wanted to fill the whole cart up with it all!  I think her picks are fabulous and they look so good on her.


This is Jade’s favorite outfit of the things that she picked out.  The Basic Editions Kitten Graphic T-Shirt and Route 66 Girls Bootcut Jeans in gray look so good together!  Now Jade can show off her awesome sense of humor in the comfy cotton-rich fit tee.  With a screen-print design of a cute kitten wearing sunglasses and a caption that reads, “#Selfie,” this short-sleeve shirt is sure to inspire laughs and smiles whenever she wears it.  Pair it with these adorable jeans and you’ve got an outfit that’s just too cute!


Sporting the same jeans as above, this Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go Graphic T-Shirt really pops!  Glam takes any girl’s fashion over the top with this glitter-print graphic T-shirt.  The sparkling design reads, “Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go,” lending her casual style some inspiration.  A modern cut keeps this short-sleeve tee fitted, with a longer hem and a hint of flared shape.


This outfit is one of the cutest things I’ve seen all week.  The I’m Really A Mermaid Graphic T-Shirt and Route 66 Girls Skinny Bootcut Jeans pair together just perfectly.  Keep your little one showing off her casual chic style with this tee.  Styled with a glittery “I’m Really a Mermaid” design, this short-sleeve tee combines glam with jersey knit comfort.  The cap sleeves and drop tail hem bring her style up to date with modern shape, as does a cute keyhole cutout in back.  As if the shirt weren’t comfy enough, pairing it with these jeans makes it too comfortable to resist.  Your daughter will always be chic and relaxed when she wears these girls’ skinny bootcut jeans from Route 66.  Created to move with her, these pants offer a stretch design that makes playtime more enjoyable. These jeans offer a slim fit through the hip and thigh, ending in a bootcut opening, and an interior waistband adjusts the fit.

The thing that surprised me most about our trip to KMart (yes, even more so than my boys actually finding clothes they like) was the cost.  Can you believe that I got EVERYTHING on our shopping trip for only $72?!  That’s CRAZY cheap!  Thanks to KMart, our Back To School budget will stretch even farther while the kids look and feel great.  Head down to your local KMart for all of your Back To School shopping needs and see how much you can save!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Back To School With Faber-Castell #Review


Faber-Castell makes really great, high quality items that are perfect for this Back To School Season.  My son is finally allowed to use pens in school (he’s in 8th grade) and he wanted a really nice pen to go back to school with this year.  The Faber-Castell LOOM pen was the perfect pen to send him off to school with.


This fabulous pen features a grip section with fine rings and a subtly curved form.  My son said this helps out a lot when he’s writing for an extended period of time and his hands get sweaty.  The grip help him keeps his pen in place so he can concentrate on what matters most, his work.  This pen is a modern trio consisting of a twist ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and fountain pen.  There a really nice combination of matte and gloss which leaves for a futuristic and elegant visual appeal.  The polished metal barrel really makes the bright white of the  pen pop.  It can fit into anyone’s personality whether your a hipster, a ‘nerd’, or just a classic type of person.  The embossed grooves on the pen allow for comfortable writing posture, and even seems to be helping my son write a little bit neater which I’m sure all of his teachers appreciate.  This pen is refillable so you can keep using this beautiful pen day after day with no worries.

From pens to pencils to art supplies, Faber-Castell has it all for this Back To School season.  Make sure you check out their entire selection so you can find the items that are just right for your children, or heck, even yourself.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


Back To School With Sprint #KidsFirstPhone #BackToSchool #Sprint #Giveaway


Introducing your child to something new can sometimes be a hard decision.  In today’s fast paced tech world kids are wanting a phone more than ever these days, and deciding when to get your child their first phone can be hard.  With ‘Back To School’ just around the corner, this is a topic on most parents (including me) mind.  Sprint is helping make Kid’s First Phone shopping a little bit easier for us moms and dads.


I was blown away by the average age of a child to get their first phone.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, kids will take technology and run with it, and in most cases access to a smartphone is more beneficial than not.  Has the topic of wanting a phone for the first time come up in your family?  The topic of Kid’s First Phone is everywhere, and the decision making process just got so much more simple.

Sprint has compiled one easy resource for us parents, and the tools available are great!  You an see the statistics on internet/smartphone usage, you can take a quiz full of different deciding factors like whether your child has a valid need for having access to a phone, their responsibility level, and even if your child understands appropriate online behavior.  You will be able to browse through some benefits of your child having a phone, and even learn some ways that having a phone may help your child.  At the end of your consideration, should you determine that your child is indeed ready for a phone, Sprint has a wide variety of phones available so you can pick the one that will be just right for your child.

If you’re interested in utilizing this great tool Sprint has put together, be sure to check out Kid’s First Phone here.


Sprint has offered to send one lucky winner back to school in style this year with a giveaway!!  One lucky winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to use on the Sprint network.  Phone WILL NOT come with phone service, you will need to add it to your existing Sprint account or create a new one.  Giveaway will begin 07/19/16 at midnight EST and will end 07/26/16 midnight EST. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. All giveaway entries will be validated. Winners are randomly selected.  Click the link below to enter:

Click Here To Enter The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Giveaway!

Stephany’s Back To School Guide 2016


Welcome to my Back To School Guide 2016!!  Here you will find all of the latest and greatest products that I have found for Back To School.  I will add items often as I find them, so be sure to check back often!




Back To School is a time when many of us parents are considering our kids’ first phones.  Sprint has made it easy with their Kid’s First Phone website to guide us parents through the decision making process.

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Carry and manage all your textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies with a Five Star Expandable Backpack. It has multiple expanding sections that open like luggage to give you extra storage space up to 7″. Plus, you can pull items out easily while it is hanging up.

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The Five Star Hybrid NoteBinder LASTS ALL YEAR. GUARANTEED! Acts like a notebook. Works like a binder. Patented TechLock® ring won’t break or misalign.  Rings open easily to add and remove paper and dividers, like a binder.  Durable plastic covers fold over and to lie flat, like a notebook.  Binder + Notebook + Filler paper all in one!

Available: 1″, 1.5″, 1″ with Customizable Cover

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Shoes are one of the most needed items for Back To School, and some of the hardest things to shop for.  Get Back To School this year in style with Lugz.


Build A Kit has everything your child will need this Back To School season.  Build your own kit, or buy a pre-built kit by grade level.  Receive exactly what your child needs, nothing more, nothing less.

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If you have a toddler who is eager to start learning, the Learning Box Preschool is a great way to fulfill those educational wants and needs.  Supplies for anywhere from 1-24 children means you can use at home, or in your preschool for your students.  This is a must-have for parents of preschoolers this Back To School season.

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This Back To School season, enhance your child’s learning experience with DK Publishing.  DK offers everything from fun to educational, and you’ll be sure to find at least a few that are perfect for your little reader, no matter their age.

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Encourage an early love of reading with Hot Dots.  Created by Educational Insights especially for children to help them grow, learn, and thrive.  There are kits available for just about any age group so you can help your child get the most of out the school year.

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This Back To School season all of us parents want to help our children succeed and do their best.  Kumon Publishing offers Workbooks for children ages pre-k to 8th grade so you can help supplement your child’s education and help them thrive.

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Peaceable Kingdom has lots of great match-up and puzzle games that are perfect for younger children this back-to-school season.  We loved adding these in to our at home preschool curriculum!  Tons of fun ways to help with number recognition, shape recognition, and color recognition.

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The Stationery Studio has everything you’ll need to personalize your student’s Back To School gear.  Notepads, sticky cubes, stampers, and so much more to choose from!  You’ll be able to find fun, trendy, and stylish items for anyone your’re shopping for.

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Faber-Castell has some of the greatest art and writing supplies that you can find this Back To School season.  The LOOM Pen is fabulous, but there are so many other great items!  Check out their selection online here.

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Make learning fun with these adorable wall decals!  Whether you’re looking for the alphabet, numbers, or animals,  you can find these fun educational decals on Amazon.

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From scissors to erasers and so much more, Westcott brand has lots of great items that will come in handy for any student this school year.

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Encouraging a healthy lifestyle this back-to-school season is more important than ever!  Keeping kids off the couch and electronic devices is a huge goal for me, and Yoga Berries is doing a great job helping me achieve that!  Cute, fun activewear that kids will enjoy.

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Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of busy back to school schedules…we forget the most important things that we don’t see…NEW UNDERWEAR!  Fruit Of The Loom has got your whole family covered from toddler to adult in one convenient shopping trip.

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Keep your children healthy this Back To School season with Li’l Critters Gummy Vites.  Li’l Critters offers great taste with complete protection.  Keep your kids happy and healthy so they can enjoy every day and get the most out of their education.

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Sometimes parents need a little Back To School help as well.  Natrol is here to help  get parents back into the swing of school schedules and after school activities.  Transition back into the school routine with the Natrol Melatonin.

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Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butters are the best way to send your child to school with their favorite meal without risking other children being exposed to allergens.  You get to sneak a healthy meal in, and your children think they’re just eating one of their favorites 🙂 .

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Spiced & Infused Popcorn is a great snack for kids to take in their lunchbox.  Spiced & Infused offers all natural, healthy, and unique-flavored snacks by using the benefits of real spices that give a “punch” of flavor.  They believe in health and simplicity so their products are minimally processed.

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BANANA WAVE® bananamilk is a yummy nondairy beverage derived from an ancient African recipe which is made up of five superfoods including bananas, grains and seeds.  Help fuel your child’s day with BANANA WAVE.

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Weekend Fun With Classmates.jpg


We all know that Back To School time means reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.  Sleepovers and friends go hand in hand, and the Sleepover Diary is the perfect Back To School item for kids that like to stay connected with friends.  Available in hardcover and spiral bound editions.

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Rent Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals


Let’s face it, furthering your education has a ridiculous cost these days.  I went to a local community college for 2 years studying early childhood education.  With a debt of $22,000.00…I start to question if it was even worth it.  The largest expense by far was the outrageously priced textbooks.  The most I spent on one single book was $325.00…and it wasn’t even the only required book for the course!  I find myself wishing I had waited a little longer to take college courses, now that an awesome company like Campus Book Rentals is around.


The idea behind Campus Book Rentals is simple, but oh-so-genius.  Instead of paying full price for a book you likely won’t use more than one semester, you can rent the book for as short or as long as you need it.  Savings per book average 40-90% off full retail price.  The rental periods are really flexible, and if you decide you want to keep the book you simply pay the difference and keep the book.  Simple!


When I got done with my textbooks, they looked like an 18-wheeler full of rainbow highlighters hit the book and splattered the pages in neat little lines.  It really helped me to retain the most important information along the way.  Even though the textbooks through Campus Book Rentals are rentals, you can still highlight as little or as much as you need to.  You use it as if it were your book, without paying the full price.

During the past 6 years, Campus Book Rentals has saved students $113,715,753.12!  And that’s just to date, the number climbs every day.  They are truly a company that tries to save students as much as possible so they can put more of their money into furthering their education.  True to company awesomeness, shipping is free both ways, saving you even more!

If you have a good memory, you’ll probably remember that I’ve mentioned Campus Book Rentals before when I posted about the work they do with Operation Smile.  If you don’t know what Operation Smile is, Operation Smile is a nonprofit medical service organization, founded in 1982.  With every single textbook rental, a Campus Book Rentals makes a donation to Operation Smile.  Not only is Campus Book Rentals changing the lives of students, they’re also helping to change the world, one smile at a time.