Encourage Reading With Interactive Hot Dots Storybooks #Review

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Sometimes it can be difficult to get kids to read as often as we’d like them to.  Reading can sometimes feel like a bore to younger children, but Educational Insights has totally changed the way you and your child will read stories.  Hot Dots Jr. Famous Fables Interactive Storybook Set is making reading fun, and even more educational than before!


The Hot Dots Jr. Famous Fables set comes with 4 fantastic storybooks that have great life lessons to be learned in every book.  Ollie the talking owl will help guide you and your child through the correct or incorrect responses and is a huge motivator to kids when they see Ollie’s eyes light up green when your they choose a correct answer.  This set is great for children ages 3-6, and my 4 year old daughter took to these stories and Ollie right away.


The Grasshopper and the Ant is my daughter’s favorite story of them all, she really likes this one!  Throughout the 4 books there are 11 interactive, early learning activities that help build confidence.  These storybooks help support the understanding of numbers and counting; making comparisons; understanding patterns and rhyme; and other early learning skills crucial for school success.  My daughter is starting to get really good at answering the questions without me helping her find the right answer which lets me know that these books are doing their job.  My daughter is being encouraged to read all while having tons of fun.  Ollie has 17 different speech and sound-effect responses which makes my daughter believe Ollie is really real, because he doesn’t say the same thing every time.

With Back To School on every parents mind, I can’t imagine a better time to introduce a Hot Dots set to your child.  If your child is older, and needs something a little more challenging, make sure you check out all of the Hot Dots sets available through Educational Insights.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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