Start Your Day Right This Back To School Season With Banana Wave #Review


When you’re children head back to school this year, help them start their day right with Banana Wave.  Banana Wave is a non-dairy beverage so anyone can enjoy, even with the most sensitive of tummies.  High in potassium and omega 3’s AND packed with 29 vitamins and minerals so you can help fuel your child’s day for success at school.


Banana Wave is derived from an ancient African recipe, made up of five different superfoods including bananas, grains, and seeds.  Even with some of today’s restrictive diets, this can be easily worked in and enjoyed any time.  It is all natural, dairy free, gluten free, AND non-GMO!  No cholesterol, low sodium, and 5 grams of HEALTHY fat means it’s also great for maintaining heart health.

I haven’t had the best of luck with non-dairy beverages that I was cautiously optimistic that this would be good…I like bananas so I figured if this was anything like what it’s made from, it should be delicious.  Banana Wave is out of this world amazing!  I couldn’t wait to have my kids try it.  They are usually pretty picky and I had a hunch this was something they would all enjoy as well.  The kids went bananas for Banana Wave and we’ve had fun figuring out how to use it.  So far we have made some Banana Wave pops (frozen Banana Wave in a popsicle mold) as well as smoothies made with frozen fruit and Banana Wave.  We can’t wait to find more creative ways to get more Banana Wave in our diet and help get our day started right.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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