Sneak In Those All Important Veggies With Sneaky Chef #Review


Are you looking for a way to get your kids to eat veggies without the fight?  Sneaky Chef has a great line of products that will help you sneak vegetable in to your family’s diet without them even noticing!  Sneaky Chef sent me some products to try out and I was really eager to see how this went with my kids.  I’ve tried a no-nut butter before and the kids noticed immediately so I was hopeful Sneaky Chef would be different.


My middle son’s favorite sandwich is PB&J.  During the school year he can’t take his favorite lunch due to other children’s nut allergies.  I didn’t let the kids see what I was making for lunch so I could test their reaction.  They absolutely didn’t notice anything was different at all!  That completely shocked me…my kids can pick out something if it’s different from a mile away.  Later that day for snack time I served the kids sliced apples and the chocolate Sneaky Chef to dip their apples in.  My 13 year old is THE PICKIEST kid you’ll ever meet.  I hung around in the kitchen cleaning up some dishes to see what the kids reaction would be.  You know what?  Again, no reaction from the kids other than eating it happily saying “this is good!”.  After a couple minutes my teenager realized we didn’t have any chocolate spread and said “where’d you get this stuff?  It’s really good”.  MIND. BLOWN.  I told him it was for review and asked him what he thought it was made of.  He says “I don’t know, chocolate and hazelnuts?” as he devoured another large bite.  Sneaky Chef for the win!  After snack time I clued the kids in on what they’d actually eaten, AND found delicious.  They were surprised that it tasted so good, and a little mad that I bamboozled them, but later that evening asked for more for dessert!

I can’t wait to send my kids back to school this year with their favorite sandwiches and snacks!  They get to eat what they love without risking allergen exposure to other kids, and I feel great about what I’m sending them to school with to help fuel their day.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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