Kumon Educational Workbooks #Review


As a parent, we are all concerned about our children’s educational progress.  Whether your child is struggling or just likes to learn, Kumon Publishing makes it easy to help further your child’s education with their Workbooks.


This Back To School season, make sure your child has everything they need to succeed using lots of Kumon Workbooks to supplement their education.  There are a wide variety of workbooks available, so no matter the age or subject, there is a workbook to help your little one out.  This year I am doing preschool curriculum at home and Kumon Workbooks seemed like a great way to keep my little one focused and engaged.


Grow To Know Lowercase Letters has a unique progression of pencil strokes and letter practice.  Kids begin with the easiest letters to master and move into the more difficult ones to help ease frustration.  My daughter is doing really well with this one and loves seeing what letter we will do the next day.


My First Book Of Rhyming Words is for children who are already familiar with the entire alphabet and can read.  This book has simple, easy to rhyme words that are familiar to children and grouped by the vowel and consonant combination of the last two letters.  My daughter can’t read yet, but I’m hoping that soon we will be able to incorporate this workbook into our lessons as well.


My Book Of Number Games 1-70 is a nice balance of connect-the-dot exercises as well as color by number pages.  This book provides children with opportunities to become familiar with the concept of ordinal numbers, and enhances number recognition.  These two abilities are crucial for creating the basis for addition and subtraction skills and beyond.  So far my daughter is doing really well with this book and is able to recall numbers more quickly.


My Book Of Pasting is designed to improve children’s abilities with tools such as scissors and glue.  Gradually, the pictures become more complex and the child is eventually asked to decide freely where the parts should go.  My daughter is able to do some of the more complex ones, but still enjoys the easier ones as well.  I love the combination of learning and skill-building this book offers.


Amazing Mazes is designed to further enhance children’s motor skills and reasoning.  It is a sequel to My First Book Of Mazes and offers a nice challenge to children who have completed that book and are ready to move on to something a little more difficult.  This increased level of difficulty will refine children’s motor skills and further sharpen their reasoning and critical thinking skills.


Pre-K Differentiation strengthens critical thinking through matching, same-versus-different activities, and visual and thematic categorization.  Step-by-step instructions ensure your child will be able to move through this workbook frustration free.  This book helps build critical thinking skills through it’s fun matching exercises.


Pre-K Logic will help introduce your child to logical problem solving.  Your child will learn while having fun making comparisons, completing patterns, determining real versus pretend, and drawing conclusions.


Words For School Level 1 teaches your child to read and write over 50 important vocabulary words in math, science, language arts, and social studies, using an engaging visual approach.  This book is ideal for children who can already recognize and read smaller words, so we are hoping that soon we will be able to incorporate this book into our lessons too.


Last but not least, My Book Of Alphabet Games is another fabulous book available from Kumon.  third book in the alphabet sequence, children learn to link uppercase and lowercase letters while working on strengthening their sense of alphabetical order.  This is done with fun and familiar games used innovatively, like tracing, connect-the-dots, and color-by-letter.  I am hoping in the very near future we can include this book in our lessons as well.

This is just a SMALL selection of the workbooks that Kumon has available.  They have Pre-K workbooks all the way up to 8th grade, so you can help your child succeed and do their best no matter their age.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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