Make Life Simple In A Complicated World…Use A #PlainToothbrush #Review



It seems like EVERYTHING these days is so much more complicated and over-done than it needs to be.  Even down to something simple like a toothbrush.  If you need a toothbrush, I wish you the best of luck going into a retail store and finding something simple that suits your needs.  There are crazy colored bristles, different textures and materials, even crazy hand grips that really seem to serve very little purpose. understands the frustration of a consumer who just wants a good old fashioned #PlainToothbrush!


Plain Toothbrush makes their adult toothbrushes in x-tra soft, soft, and hard  so you can get your pearly whites clean just the way you like them.  Simple, standard, and just how they should be.  Simple bumps for a good grip, simple bristles that do the job, and nothing fancy or extra that you don’t need.  They’re available in a variety of colors so you can rock your favorite color during the most important few minutes of your day.


Plain Toothbrush also has children’s sizes available as well so your little one can experience the simplicity that you grew up with.  Things are far too over-done these days and it’s nice being able to keep it simple.

Plain Toothbrush has taken the classic style and brought it into the modern age well with the bright colors they offer making even the most simple things easy to enjoy.  The rectangular heads are just the way you remember they used to be.  Plain Toothbrush adult brushes have 47 tufts.  When you compare the tufts of Plain Toothbrush to other leading brands, those other leading brands just can’t compare.  Whether you’re looking for these simple toothbrushes for cleaning your mouth or around your home, is your one stop shop.


***I received the product plus financial compensation to try the product and share my opinion with you.  All thoughts and opinions are my own honest opinions***


Indulge In Heavenly Protein Packed Ice Cream with Halo Top Creamery #Review


HALO TOP is quite possibly the most freaking amazing ice cream ever sold.  Only the best, all natural ingredients go into every pint of HALO TOP, leaving a product that is AMAZING!  Not only is is low calorie so a girl counting calories like me can enjoy it, it is also packed with protein so I can also use it as a post-workout body fuel and not feel bad.


When HALO TOP offered me 4 pints to review I nearly jumped out of my seat.  I had been wanting to try it after realizing it could fit into my Nutrisystem plan, now the only problem was narrowing down which 4 flavors I wanted to try.


Birthday Cake is one of the higher calorie flavors but SO incredibly worth it.  The soft creamy ice cream tastes just like a birthday cake and even has the tastiest little rainbow sprinkles in there for a little crunch here and there.


The Chocolate flavor was really surprising for a chocoholic like myself.  Usually if something ‘low calorie’ has chocolate flavor, the flavor is greatly compromised.  I’m so happy that HALO TOP managed to keep a full, rich chocolate flavor that will satisfy the most insatiable sweet tooth.


Mint Chip has always been one of my favorite ice cream flavors since I was a little girl.  HALO TOP kept all the flavor while cutting the calories and sugar for a treat that I can enjoy and remember summers gone by.


Last but not least, Vanilla Bean.  The vanilla was very prevalent and was WAY better than some of the fattiest ice creams I’ve had.  I don’t know how HALO TOP managed to keep all of these flavors so amazing without having to compromise taste, but I’m so eternally grateful that they did.

Whether you’re enjoying one serving or the whole pint, you finally have a treat you can enjoy guilt free.  Thank you HALO TOP for the amazing ice cream…keep the flavor selection coming!!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

NYC Summer Must-Haves #Review


In my search for cosmetics that can stand up to summer heat, New York Color was one of my first places to search.  I love the quality of their cosmetics at the affordable prices they offer.


I was one happy girl when I saw my package from NYC.  All of the shadow colors I could possibly need to keep my look fresh and beautiful all summer long.


The NYC Individualeyes eye shadow palettes were a must have for me.  I decided to try it out in Beige Nudes as well as Blue Eye Basics.  The reason that these palettes were so appealing to me is because they come with everything you’ll need to create your look in one convenient palette.  You have a primer, 4 shades of eyeshadow, gel liner, AND a highliter to accent your brow bone and lighten your look.  The colors are paired very well and if you need inspiration on how to blend them there are instructions on the back as to where to place each color.


The Lovatics By Demi eyeshadow palette is made up of 12 colors that you can use to create everything from a light summer day look to a smokey night eye.  Also has suggestions on the back as to where to place what colors if you’re feeling a little lost with so many shades to chose from in one convenient spot.


The HD Color Trio eyeshadow is the perfect on the go accessory.  Three beautiful colors combined to create a simple look with lots of depth.  The Bronzed In Brooklyn trio has beautiful bronzey/coppery tones that go well with just about every skin tone.  The Late Night Latte trio is a little bit lighter in color if the Bronzed In Brooklyn is too dark for you.


What girl doesn’t love a good lipgloss?  The Expert Last Matte Lip Laquer is INSANELY long lasting.  I tried it in Bowery Matte Berry and it rocks!  The Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss does it’s job better than I anticipated.  Fuller, poutier looking lips with one simple step.  The gloss kind of tingles a bit for a quick second but isn’t discomforting and the results are stunning.  What will NYC think of next??


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Don’t Let Summer Make-Up Meltdown Get You Down…Get Rimmell London #Review


I have been on the hunt for great makeup that can beat the summer heat here in Arizona and Rimmell London came to my rescue!  Rimmell London sent me a variety of products to try out and see how well they fare against the scorching desert heat.


THANK YOU RIMMELL LONDON!!  This package absolutely made my day!!


I have recently learned that a key to a lasting look is a good primer.  Rimmell’s Lasting Finish Primer is made to be skin-perfecting, help hide blemish, and even blur the look of pores!  I love how light and airy the Lasting Finish Primer goes on.  It is very lightweight and fulfills all of it’s promises to help create a lasting look.


The Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation is the item that surprised me the most out of everything Rimmell sent me.  The foundation covers really well and spreads very consistently.  A little goes a long way with this foundation so easy does it!  You’ll be left with a natural looking matte finish that will last all day…even in this heat trap I live in.


The Rimmell Match Perfection Foundation can also hold it’s own in the foundation world.  Even coverage, goes on smooth, and matches my skin tone perfectly.  The pore blurring effect helps someone with over-sized pores like me feel more confident in my own skin.  Add the additional benefits of SPF in the foundation and you’ve got a keeper!


No look would be complete without a great eyeliner.  The Exaggerate Smoke n’ Shine eyeliner is crazy good at smooth coverage.  It’s a gel formula in an automatic liner for intense and luminous color with the shine of a gel eyeliner.


Oh. My. Lashes!  This 24HR Supercurler Mascara is totally rocking my socks off!  My lashes need all the TLC they can get and just two quick swipes of the 24HR Supercurler and my lashes can *almost* rival a Kardashian’s.  You’ll get instant 90 degree curve that can last for up to 24 hours even in some of the hottest weather.


The Rimmell Provacalips is just what a girl needs.  Kiss proof lip color that can last up to 16 hours.  You can put on your favorite Provacalips before you leave the house in the morning and trust that it will still be there when you’re headed out for the evening.  No tight or dry lips here, just a moisturized, supple set of lips.


I LOVE the Rimmell Oh My Gloss!  Available in 12 shades so you’re sure to find one that you just can’t live without (or in my case, three that you can’t live without).  The gloss lasts for up to 6 hours so you can have fun enjoying your day without having to reapply your lip gloss multiple times.

I couldn’t believe how well the Rimmell London cosmetics held up to this awful Arizona heat.  I can’t wait to see what else Rimmell has that will rock my world.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Say Hello To Summer Beauty With Sally Hansen #Review


Every woman wants to look her best, especially during the summer.  Whether you’re looking maintain your manicure or keep your body hair at bay, Sally Hansen has got you covered.


Sally Hansen sent me some of my most desired summer items and I couldn’t wait to try them out!  Summer is already in full swing here in Arizona and these items couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


You will find Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel at pretty much every store you walk in to this summer.  There are SO many shades available but there were a few that I just couldn’t live without this summer.


There were 4 shades that I was DYING to try and I think you can see why.  These are some beautiful colors!!  Top left is #679 Digi Teal, top right is #310 Shock Wave, bottom left is #550 Hunger Flames, and bottom right is #659 Rhythm and Blue.

I was really impressed with the long-lasting wear of the Miracle Gel.  I’m a busy mom of 3 and my manicure never stays pretty longer than one or two days.  With the Miracle Gel I found myself on day 11 of wear and my nails still looked like they were just painted!  In the course of 11 days that means I had done dishes about 22 times, washed about 18 loads of laundry, cleaned the house daily, swept, mopped, dusted, fed my pets and livestock and STILL not one knick out of my polish.  The long-lasting wear combined with no need for a UV light has made Miracle Gel my #1 favorite polish and I can’t wait to build my color collection.


The Wax Strip Kit is going to be my new best friend this summer.  The pre-waxed, pre-cut strips are super easy to use and remove the hair effortlessly and without a ton of mess.  I found that these didn’t work extremely well on my legs, but were perfect for smaller areas like bikini area, underarms, and eyebrows.  The Finishing Oil included in the kit does a great job at removing any excess wax left behind, as well as conditioning and moisturizing your skin at the same time.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***



Oak Leaf String Lights…Making Summer Magical #Review



Oak Leaf String Lights are one of the best things I’ve come across this summer.  Simple, beautiful, and you can use them in SO many different ways.  You can put them in beautiful glass jars and create soft outdoor lighting, you can wrap them around posts outside on your patio, or you can even line the inside of a tent and light up the night for a fun camping adventure.


These are some of the coolest little lights I’ve ever seen!  We used safety pins to keep the lights in place and created a fun sleeping experience for our daughter (and our sons, once they saw it they had to go in and join her).  They are battery operated lights, but the battery life is incredibly long lasting.  The Oak Leaf lights can stay lit for 48+ consecutive hours and not dim or die.  Oak Leaf is so confident you’ll love their product and that it will keep on working that they offer a 3 year warranty with their String Lights!  The copper wire makes it easy to shape the string lights into or around any shape you can imagine.  They are easy to get back into the package if you choose to store them in their original box and are so small and portable you can take them just about anywhere.  What a wonderful space saving way to light up your summertime adventures.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

GOOD THiNS…Snacks So Good AND Good For You That You Won’t Believe It #Review



Nabisco is at it again creating some of the tastiest snacks ever.  You all know that I’ve been on a hunt for good, wholesome products this year and GOOD THiNS are at the top of my list of favorite snacks.  GOOD THiNS are a rare gem in the over-saturated snack market.  They start with real ingredients like wheat, potato, and rice and combine some of the tastiest flavors like spinach, garlic, and sweet potato…even chickpeas!  There are currently 8 flavors available, and more coming to the market soon!  With no artificial flavors, colors, cholesterol, partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup, you can feel good about a snack that the whole family will enjoy.


I had already tried and fallen in love with the Rice Veggie Blend flavor so I was ecstatic when GOOD THiNS said they were sending me the whole line to try out!  One thing that’s SO appealing for me is the nutritional content of the GOOD THiNS snacks.  Being on Nutrisystem means some foods are off limits and I’m so glad that these tasty little bites of heaven aren’t on that list!  The Rice One comes in 4 different flavors: Poppy & Sesame Seed, Simply Salt, Veggie Blend, and Sea Salt & Pepper.  Each of them were incredibly delicious and it would be impossible to pick a favorite.  They all pair well with various toppings, my favorite being spreadable cheese.  The Potato One comes in 3 different flavors: Spinach & Garlic, Sweet Potato, and Original.  True to GOOD THiNS fashion, they were all super tasty but the Original is a favorite of the whole family.  I feel like I get to eat bad-for-you potato chips without spoiling my diet!  The Chickpea One is Garlic & Herb flavor and I have to say this one was the most surprising to me.  I’m not really a chickpea fan so was a little bit hesitant to try it.  I’m kicking myself in the booty that I didn’t try that one sooner.  The Chickpea One is probably the most flavorful and the kids want me to keep it in constant stock in the cupboards.

I can’t wait to see what other delicious flavors GOOD THiNS will come up with next!!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***