Personalize ‘Back To School’ With The Stationery Studio #Review


This Back To School season, send your children off with personalized school supplies that express their style.  The Stationery Studio is a great place to shop for tons of customized items at unbeatable prices.  From notepads to sticky notes and stampers, The Stationery Studio has everything you could possibly want all in one convenient spot.


I picked out a few items that I thought my kids would really like, and once they arrived my kids were so excited!  They loved seeing their personalized items and each one represents their personalities so well.


My kids went back to school yesterday (yes, it’s early but our school is semi year-round) and this one was a huge hit among my son Kenny’s classmates.  He’s known as being quite silly and talkative so the Yellow Emoji Silly Face Sticky Memo Cube was absolutely perfect for him.


Brayden loved having this personalized item when he went back to school.  He put sticky notes on probably anything that he possibly could, but at least he’s using them 🙂 .  He’s always trying to be Mr. Cool so the Yellow Emoji Sunglasses Sticky Memo Cube fit his personality really well.  He loves it!


Jade is my little girly girl, always writing notes in glittery gel pens to all of us, and pretending to be a police officer and write us tickets (oh, children…haha).  This Paper Rainbow Notepad Set was just about the best thing I could’ve possibly given her.  She has been using her notepads every day and loves that they are personalized just for her, Princess Jade.  There are 7 notepads with 7 rainbow colors that every little girl will love.

Back To School means lots of parties to attend, and invitations to give out.  The Stationery Studio also has lots of customizeable invitation options.  Your party will be fun and stylish, even down to the invitations.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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