Week 3 on Nutrisystem…It Just Keeps Getting Better! #NSNation #Ad


Week 3 here I come!!  Week 2 went by with a breeze!  The food has been incredibly delicious, and I can’t believe I get to be this full on a diet.  Nutrisystem really is a fool proof system and if you follow the plan, you will succeed without a doubt.


Almost every single thing I had this week was incredibly delicious and very flavorful.  Just the same as last week, I only came across one item I didn’t like, and that was the Turkey Ham And Cheese Omelet.  I have talked to quite a few people that absolutely love them, so it just must’ve been something about my taste buds because the popular opinion on them is really good.  I absolutely can not believe that this is ‘diet’ food!  I was expecting a lot of cardboard tasting food, with barely any flavor but I’m SO pleased that’s not the case.

So, how do I track all of my progress?  Mostly with the NuMi app from Nutrisystem.  It can be a little buggy, but the most recent update has made my NuMi app work much better.  You can track calories, exercise, goals…everything you need to stay on track and be successful.  Speaking of progress, I’m sure you’re all wondering by now how much, if any, progress I had going from such a restrictive turbo week to a full meal plan.  I was told that an average weight loss on the program is 1-2 lbs a week, and I’m pretty on target with that so far.  Week 2 I lost 1.6 lbs for a total loss of 6.6 lbs!  If this is how easy it is, I don’t know why I didn’t try Nutrisystem a LONG time ago.


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