Week 2 on Nutrisystem…Why Nutrisystem? #NSNation #Sponsored



I survived week 1!!!  Woohoo!!!  I’m sure by this point you’re all wondering…why Nutrisystem?  The answer is simple.  BECAUSE IT WORKS!  I have tried just about every diet you can think of…no carb, low carb, fructose free, gluten free…none of them were very effective for me.  I love how simple Nutrisystem makes everything for you.  It’s as simple as eat the food, and lose weight!  As you go through your Nutrisystem program they teach you how to eat healthier and make better decisions.  It’s not just a diet, it’s a total life changer!

The first week was my Turbo Takeoff week and I’ll admit, it was a little rough.  The first 4 days of my Turbo week I was battling with my PMS urges to eat chocoalte, chips, cookies, candy, and just plain junk.  The shakes were the key to getting me through the first week.  They really help to curb the sweet cravings, and if you blend the shakes up they actually taste like those famous frosty drinks from a popular food chain 😉 .


I’m sure you’re all wondering how edible the food was and I have to say, most everything was pretty awesome.  There was only one meal out of the whole week that I found to be really grossly inedible and that was the Turkey Sausage & Bacon Rigatoni.  GROSS!  Everything else was surprisingly delicious and really filling too.

Now…let’s get to the important part, the results!  I am so pleased to say that on my Turbo Takeoff week I lost 5 lbs!  Did you read that???  FIVE POUNDS!  I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal but I’m confident with Nutrisystem and willpower, I WILL achieve my goal and I’m so happy you all are following my journey.  Stay tuned for next week’s post, I have a feeling this will only keep getting better 🙂 .


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Jackpot Candles Review and Giveaway


Every woman loves candles, and loves jewelry.  Why not give the gift of both in one?  Jackpot Candles makes some AMAZING candles with a hidden piece of jewelry inside.  You can choose between a necklace, earrings, or a ring.  You also have the option of choosing the ring size which is great because you know that you’ll have a new piece of jewelry that fits.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought the Candy Hearts candle would be the perfect candle to try out.  It really does smell like those famous Valentine’s candy hearts we all love.  Jackpot Candles are made with 100% premium natural soy, and are infused with essential oils to make any room in your home smell great.  With a super long burn time of 80-100 hours you can enjoy the candle long after you’ve retrieved your piece of jewelry.


You can see the top of my hidden gem peeking out.  I couldn’t wait for more of the candle to burn to see what was inside!  I chose a ring so I at least knew that much, but there’s something fun about having a little surprise.


I absolutely LOVE the ring that I got in my Candy Hearts candle!  Each piece of jewelry is valued between $15 and $5000, so you never know what you’ll end up with.  After you unwrap your piece of jewelry you’ll find a code where you can go online and appraise the piece you got.  Even if you get the lower end of the jewelry, they’re still beautiful pieces and make the candles SO completely worth it.  The ring I got was valued at $15 but does not look like a cheap ring by any means.

I’m so happy to be able to offer you all a giveaway as well!  Jackpot Candles has been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive a candle with jewelry of their choice.  Giveaway details are below:

One lucky winner will receive their own Jackpot Candle! Giveaway will begin 01/18/16 at midnight EST and will end 01/25/16 midnight EST. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. All giveaway entries will be validated. Winners are randomly selected. Click the link below to enter :

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