Week 1 On Nutrisystem…Let’s Get This Party Started! #NSNation #Sponsored

I am BEYOND ready to get started on my Nutrisystem program!  After having 3 kids I found myself very unhappy with the weight that just never seemed to go away.  Before I had kids I would fluctuate between 125 and 130 lbs and considered myself to be a pretty healthy person.

I lost my father when he was only 57 years old and all of his health issues that caused his death were because of his obesity.  When he passed away he was 350 lbs and his heart just couldn’t function any more.  He had been diabetic for years and refused to take care of himself.  He had high blood pressure and ignored his doctor’s recommendations so it only got worse.  Before his death he was at risk of having one of his feet amputated due to the diabetes and he didn’t do anything, again, to help the situation get better…he would call me bragging about the 6 cupcakes he ate for breakfast.  Because of all of these issues my dad’s heart became enlarged (it was double the “average” size) and it couldn’t pump anymore, it just quit.  Although I miss my dad terribly every day, there are times where I feel a little anger towards him.  Why didn’t he take better care of himself?  Why didn’t he see the obesity was causing his slow death and just get healthy?  If he just made a few small changes would he still be here?


THIS is my motivation.  I have three of the most beautiful children in the world and I would hate to inflict the same pain on them because I didn’t do something to improve my health.  I will not let my children lose their mother at an early age and have any sort of anger towards me because I could’ve solved the problem by simply getting healthier.  I WILL be around for a long time to see them grow and flourish into wonderful human beings.

So here I am, starting my Nutrisytem journey.  I am currently 180 lbs and SO ready for this change.  For my first week I am doing the Turbo 10, which is basically an accelerated weight loss program to get you started on the right foot.  The  Turbo 10 program has 7 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as 7 Turbo shakes, and 7 Nutricrush shakes.



The Turbo 10 will also come with the Turbo Takeoff booklet that will be your key to succeeding this first week.  Be sure to read everything!  There is TONS of useful information and great suggestion to help you stay on track.

I can’t wait to check in with all of you next week!  Wish me luck!!!


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