Keep Your Kids Hydrated This School Year With EcoVessel



Back To School for my kiddos is just a few weeks away, and starting school in Arizona in July means fresh, cold water for the kids is an absolute necessity.  This year I’m sending my kids off to school with EcoVessel, which has great products for kids of all ages from kindergarten to high school.


I have three children and each one of them is entering into a new phase of life this year.  My youngest is starting kindergarten, my middle child is starting middle school, and my oldest is going into high school.  Not only does EcoVessel offer a wide variety for one stop shopping, but their products are top of the line and truly deliver on their promise of a superior product.


For my daughter going into kindergarten, I was able to find the cutest little water bottle and she loves it!  The FROST Triple Insulated Stainless Steel with Flip Spout is 13 oz, perfect for little hands and little backpacks.  This water bottle will keeps drinks cold and fresh with it’s superior triple insulation.  The flip spout allows for easy drinking without tilting so it’s easy for little ones to stay hydrated.  This 13 oz bottle is great for kids 4 and up and available in a wide variety of colors/patterns.


For my son going into middle school, the EcoVessel SUMMIT Triple Insulated Stainless Steel With Flip Straw in the 17 oz model is the perfect fit.  The updated shape of this bottle is more compact and easier to take along with you wherever you go.  The addition of interchangeable tops allows to customize your water bottle to fit your personality perfectly.  The SUMMIT bottle features the same great EcoVessel TriMax Triple Insulation for a refreshingly cold drink every time.



If you’ve followed my blog for even a short amount of time, I’m sure you’ll remember that we live in a very rural area.  Although we have a little elementary/middle school combined here, it will be an hour bus ride for my oldest to get to his high school.  That long of a bus ride in our extreme heat means he’s going to need access to a larger amount of cold water for the ride, that’s why the EcoVessel SUMMIT Triple Insulated Stainless Steel With Flip Straw in the 24 oz model is perfect for him.  This bottle has all the same great EcoVessel features I fell in love with in the larger size for the long, hot ride.

Whether you’re looking for a great water bottle or perfect lunch solutions this Back To School season, make sure you check out everything that EcoVessel has to offer.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***