Protect Your Device With intelliARMOR #intelliGLASS #Review

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With our ever-evolving technological world, we need ever-evolving protection for our different devices.  With intelliARMOR intelliGLASS  you can protect your devices with the most advanced protection I’ve ever seen.  What makes intelliGLASS so special?  It is crafted from hardened glass and offers better-than-steel scratch protection.  It has an oil and smudge resistant coating, and has advanced silicone adhesive to leave your screen bubble free and leaves no residue behind.



I wasn’t sure which device to protect with intelliGLASS first, my phone or my tablet.  I decided I would protect my tablet first because it’s also in the hands of my children at times and let’s face it, children can be pretty clumsy or rough.


The intelliGLASS installs very easily, and is easy for anyone to put on with little trouble.  It has a crystal clear appearance leaving my screen crisp, clear, smudge and oil free, and best of all well protected.  After about an hour of my toddler playing a few games the screen still looked great!  If after an hour in the hands of a toddler and the screen was still scratch free with no smudges or oily fingerprints the product has already done it’s job and paid for itself.  Best of all there was no lack of touch screen sensitivity which has been an issue with other screen protectors I’ve tried.  No more frustrated children because the touch screen wasn’t working right.  intelliGLASS leaves your device working as good as if there were no screen protector in place.

The intelliGLASS by intelliARMOR is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your device, so you’ll never have to buy another screen protector again!  Try intelliARMOR’s intelliGLASS for yourself and see why it’s the SMART screen protector.  Save with a 20% off code!  Enter INTELLI20 at checkout 🙂 .


***I received the product plus financial compensation to try the product and share my opinion with you.  All thoughts and opinions are my own honest opinions***


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