Keep Your Kids Clean This Summer With Softsoap #Review

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Softsoap is a household brand I’m sure all of us recognize.  This summer Softsoap is helping parents of rowdy kids like me keep the little ones clean.  Every kid has a favorite character from the latest movie, that’s why Softsoap came out with the Disney Frozen line of foaming hand soap for the Frozen fans, as well as a Star Wars line for all the little rebels out there.


I couldn’t wait to show my daughter the Frozen soap…she literally jumped for joy over the Elsa and Anna bottle.  If it’ll get my kids excited about soap…I’m all for it.


My princess is usually in the kitchen making messes and having fun with mom so I keep the Frozen soap in the kitchen for her.  She loves the scent, and I love that she wants to clean her hands on her own and more often.


My boys are little rebels for sure!  They like trying to get away with being dirty little boys, but hey, what boy doesn’t try to do that?  The Star Wars soap has encouraged them to ‘use the force’ to destroy the dirt and leave clean hands and a happy mama.


My boys are big Star Wars fans, and the soap looks great in the bathroom with their light sabre toothbrushes.  My sons (and my husband who is a kid at heart) have all been washing their hands more frequently and I couldn’t be happier.  Who knew something as simple as characters on a bottle would encourage these stinky boys to become cleaner?

Now you can let your little mess-makers be themselves this summer.  Dirt is no problem with Softsoap on your side.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***



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