Fun Despicable Me 3 Coloring Books And Journals From Insight Editions



Despicable Me 3 is the absolute HOTTEST family movie this summer.  Those silly little Minions are back and better than ever!  My kids have been on the hunt for anything and everything Despicable Me 3, and when we came across some items that Insight Editions had available we knew we just had to get our hands on some.


Whether your kiddos love to color or just enjoy writing down thoughts and daily events, Insight Editions has the best Despicable Me 3 accessories.


Despicable Me has never been so close to your little one’s finger tips!  The world of Despicable Me is yours to color and design with this Despicable Me 3 Deluxe Coloring Book based on the hilarious new film!  With this coloring book, you can join Gru, Lucy, the girls, and the Minions on a colorful journey through the fun and heartwarming world of Despicable Me.  This deluxe coloring book features amusing scenes, mischievous character art, and complex patterns inspired by the new film—all that’s needed is a little color to bring them to life!  One thing that my kids absolutely loved is how there’s a little extra space on most of the images where they can add their own details and make the drawings truly their own.  There are even several full-color pages in the back for inspiration which my youngest loves looking at to make sure she’s getting the colors JUST right.  This book offers hours of creative fun and relaxation for Despicable fans of all ages.


If your little Despicable Me lover loves writing, this Minions Mania Hardcover Ruled Journal is the perfect thing!  Celebrate the adorable heroes of Despicable Me and Minions with this writing journal, bound in debossed leatherette.  With sturdy construction and sewn binding, this journal lies flat, and the 192 ruled, acid-free pages of high-quality heavy stock paper take both pen and pencil nicely to invite a flow of inspiration.  Includes a ribbon placeholder, elastic closure, and 4.5 x 8-inch back pocket, perfect for holding photographs and mementos.  My kiddos can’t wait to take these to school to keep track of homework assignments and show it off to their friends!  From my kindergardener to my high-schooler, these journals were a huge hit!

There’s lots of great creations available from Insight Editions, so make sure you check out everything they have to offer and find just the thing you’ve been looking for.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Summer Fun For The Whole Family From Goliath Games



Goliath Games is an international manufacturer and distributor of toys and games that the whole family can enjoy, especially mine!  Goliath is one of the few remaining family-owned and run businesses in the world of toys and games. Goliath was established in 1980 and ever since has grown tremendously.  (Not to age myself, but I remember creating great memories with my family surrounding a Goliath Games creation.)  In today’s ever-growing technological world, non-tech toys are a favorite of mine especially during the summer where kids seem to become electronic-driven zombies.  I like to encourage my three children to use their imaginations, play, have fun, and just enjoy the world around them.  This summer we found a few new favorites from Goliath that we just couldn’t spend the summer without.


Living in Arizona means that we like to stay cool by hitting the river or lake and enjoy a day of fishing, swimming, and just having fun.  Sometimes fishing can be frustrating for my daughter so we thought the Rocket Fishing Rod was the perfect solution.  The Rocket Fishing Rod is the only kids fishing rod that accurately casts its line up to 30 feet.  Great for kids of all ages, because it replaces standard kids fishing poles and takes the hassle out of fishing.  Just pump, launch and reel in real fish!  Fishing has never been easier for my 5 year old and she’s really loving the whole new fun fishing has taken on.  Sometimes I think she just likes launching it out, haha!  A safety bobber keeps the hook enclosed until it hits the water, so it all but eliminates snarls and snags.  Once the bobber is in the water, the lure/bait compartment opens to drop the lure/bait to the desired depth.

You can’t go fishing without a great bait bucket so we were also really excited to try out the Rocket Fishing Rod Bait Bucket.  You can securely hold your bait in the heavy duty bucket without worry, your bait is safe and secure!  The bait bucket combined with the Rocket Fishing Rod make a duo that you just can’t live without this summer.


Phlat Ball V3 is a great way to keep kids active and get them to engage in play.  This unique sports toy transforms from a 9″ flying disc into a 6″ fun ball.  Its time-delay transformation adds a twist to the classic game of catch and easily fits into a backpack or overnight bag.  We took the Phlat Ball to our 4th Of July celebration and all of the kids just couldn’t get enough of it!



Last, but certainly not least, we also tried out the Zoom Ball and Zoom Ball Hydro.  Whether you’re using the original Zoom Ball or the Zoom Ball Hydro, grab a friend and get ready to zip it to rip it!  Pull the handles to send the Zoom Ball flying over to your partner and get ready for them to send it right on back!  The fast action makes it fun for kids, and the addition of the water balloon element in the Zoom Ball Hydro make for fun that just won’t quit.  You never know when the balloon will pop so it adds a delightful twist of surprise that kids just seem to love.

If you’re looking for a great way to keep your kids entertained this summer WITHOUT electronic devices, check out everything that Goliath Games has to offer.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Summer Fun From Peaceable Kingdom


Peaceable Kingdom is a name I’m sure most of you will recognize by now.  Peaceable Kingdom games both inspire cooperation, and cultivate kindness.  When kids can play well together, they can play well in the world.  I was very impressed with the Peaceable Kingdom games that we tried out last year and I couldn’t wait to partner with them again to help keep my kiddos entertained this summer…I’m sure we all know how hard it can be to keep bored kids entertained!


There are a variety of new games available that my kids and I couldn’t wait to try out.  From adorable playing cards, to board games and even games on-the-go, Peaceable Kingdom’s new items are fun for kids of all ages.


Mermaid Island quickly became my daughter’s favorite board game and she just can’t get enough of it.  Players work together in this fun game to help the mermaids swim to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch gets there.  The tension will build as the witch creeps closer to the island, but with a little teamwork there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished.  Spin, move, and pick up a wand to gain the power to defeat the Sea Witch.



I have never seen such a fun way to improve memory skills in children!  Blue Plate Scramble is a high paced, fast-flipping matching game that helps build memory skills in children of all ages.  There are all kinds of strange combinations of food at the Blue Plate Diner, and players will work together to remember which foods go to which plates without looking.  Make it through breakfast, lunch, and dinner without making the customers mad, and you’ll be a real winner!  If the pace is too fast for little ones, you can eliminate the timer and let them work into completing the plates before the timer runs out.


The Peaceable Kingdom Games To Go quickly became a hit in my household last year with my daughter.  With us being in the car and on-the-go a lot more than usual this summer, I figured it would be perfect to have my sons try some out as well!  There are hours of activity fun to be had so no matter where you are or where you’re going, the kids will be entertained and just enjoying the ride.  Really Ridiculous Games To Go is full of fun games like Story Fill-Ins, Wacky Math, Word Finds, Find It, Mazes etc., while the Spy Games To Go features games like Code Breakers, Optical Illusion Riddles, Top Secret Math, Squiggle Doodle, Mazes, Fingerprint Find It and more.


What little girl doesn’t love unicorns, right?  When my daughter saw these Unicorn Playing Cards, she just HAD to have them.  The classic game of “Go Fish” has become “Go Unicorn” and my daughter just can’t get enough of them.  You’ll get a full deck of 52 brightly colored unicorn cards that will melt little girls hearts all over.

If you’re looking for a great (non-electronic) way to keep your kids entertained this summer, check out everything that Peaceable Kingdom has to offer.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Spark Imagination This Summer With Great Pretenders



Being a mother of three children in an ever evolving technology driven world, I have set out to find ways to keep my kids entertained this summer that DON’T involve electronics.  Too often these days kids are sitting in front of a tv, playing a video game,  using a tablet or playing on a phone.  Playing dress-up and using imagination is a great way to keep kids entertained and keep their imaginations engaged.  Whether your little one is into being a firefighter or police man, pirate, mermaid or princes…Great Pretenders has TONS of adorable costumes and accessories that will help bring their imagination to life.


My little girl absolutely loves dressing up as a princess.  She is your typical girly girl and anything pink, sparkly, or princess related becomes a favorite immediately.  I got this Parisian Pink Hoop Dress for my daughter to try out and just as I thought, it quickly became her new favorite thing and she’s hardly taken it off since.


Doesn’t she look just adorable?  As soon as she put the dress on, she had to wear the heels and tiara…of course!  This new princess dress from Great Pretenders has a crystal organza inset trimmed in silver, puff sleeves and a full hoop skirt for the complete look.  What little girl wouldn’t feel like a princess wearing this beautiful dress?  The tiara is also an adorable Great Pretenders item that my daughter has had and loved for a while now.  The Pink Ribbon Tiara is crafted with rigid wiring which allows for reshaping to fit any little Princess’ head.  This tiara features a ribbon-wrapped foam based, and is further decorated with gems and rosettes, finished off with ribbons which can be left to dangle, or tied into a bow.  Silver beads glimmer in the light adding that little extra bit of sparkle.

Spark a little imagination in your little one this summer with Great Pretenders.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Adorable Kids Character Headband Headphones from CozyPhones


If you’ve got kids who love listening to music, chances are they experience the frustration of ill fitting traditional earbuds and headphones.  Often times earbuds are just too big for little ears and cause pain, and headphones are often big and bulky and don’t even come close to adjusting to use on little heads.  CozyPhones are a great way to allow your little one to listen to their favorite music or just use apps on their devices comfortably.


The soft fleece headband allows for maximum comfort so no matter where your child is going, or what activity they’re participating in, they can use their CozyPhones and make their activity much more enjoyable.  From road tips to sleeping or just enjoying some quiet time like coloring, CozyPhones are a perfect companion for kids of all ages.  My children vary in ages, from 5 to 13, and the CozyPhones were so perfect at adapting to the different size of each of them.


There are a variety of fun characters for your kids to choose from, so no matter what their style is they can find the perfect headphones for them.  The flexible braided cord and super sturdy 3.5mm stereo plug really stand up to the abuse of kids which is perfect for a high energy household like mine.  This summer will be FULL of music and my kids are loving it!  My youngest child absolutely loves listening to music.  She loves listening to her mp3 player and singing out loud and just feeling the music.  She has always been frustrated with earbuds and headphones so she was really excited to see the Unicorn CozyPhones just for her.  She was the first to try them out and couldn’t wait to show brothers their CozyPhones too.  My youngest son and my daughter immediately went into working on their activity books, listening to music and actually getting along for once!

My poor oldest child inherited my families insomnia.  Sometimes, no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t sleep.  He will be starting high school in just a few weeks and his sleep will be key to his success, so these CozyPhones couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  Since my son started using them, he said he’s never been able to sleep so well and is actually excited to be starting high school refreshed and well rested.

Whether you’re giving them as a gift or just surprising someone with a fun surprise, you can’t go wrong with CozyPhones.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


Host An Explosively Good 4th Of July Party With


How do you have the most EPIC 4th of July (or any celebration for that matter) ever?!  Buy your fireworks online with …that’s how!  You’ll save TONS of money, can shop conveniently from home, and be able to put on a great show.  US Fireworks sent me the most amazing shipment EVER and I couldn’t wait to share all the goodies with you all.  This is just my unboxing post…I will do a full review after everything has been lit and the fun has been had so be sure to be on the lookout for that as well!


Don’t all of these look like a total blast?  We can’t wait to celebrate our 4th Of July in the most epic way ever thanks to US Fireworks!  There are a couple items here that we fell in love with last year but LOTS of new items we can’t wait to try out.


Small, crowd favorites are the best way to get your party started right.  There are lots of small novelty items available at US Fireworks that the will quickly become fan favorites.


Dirty Dog is a favorite with my kids so I’m so glad to see these in my shipment!  “This naughty dog is not house broken yet. What a mess!”  The crackling snake is a better mess to clean than a real dog!


These cute little Chicken Laying Egg novelties are sure to be a favorite among any age group.  “This kickin chicken lays a baloon egg right in front of your eyes!”


These ladybugs may be little, but they pack a HUGE amount of fun in their tiny package.  Ladybug sky flyers first entertain on the ground then take flight.  “Each ladybug screams as it spins on the ground. It then flies over 30 feet high”


Crazy Cracklers are another small but fun favorite.  “Small size but a super big performance. These are super long lasting and have a loud crackling and banging effect, and plenty of sparks. They are a Great Value!”


Pyro Cola is a fun new fountain shower firework that fits into your patriotic decor.  Fountain fun in red white and blue…what could be better?


5 Minute Smoke is another new item and proves to be a lot of fun.  With (almost) never-ending smoke the fun is out of this world!


This Lava Lamp firework made me so happy to see in my box of goodies!  I have three lava lamps in my house (hey…I really like them) and this firework with it’s classic color glob effect might just be my favorite mini item.


Mammoth Day Parachute is one that my kids can’t wait to set off.  Last year we had a similar firework where army men shot out in parachutes and they thought it was just the coolest thing ever.


How cute are these Fruit Wedge Fountains?  Fountain fireworks that just scream summer and fun.  These new additions to the US Fireworks site are crazy cute and promise to be crazy fun too.


The Dominator Bucket is a bucket of fun…literally.  From small novelties to sparklers and fountains, this one little bucket has it all.


Ready to kick the fun up a notch and get into some bigger items?  Oh yeah!


Now that things need to be lit more often, these Pro Punks will come in super handy!  Light your fireworks safely like the pros with these convenient little sticks.


The Fire Sabre is a favorite among kids (and adults too!).  “This item looks great and performs great! It is a giant held held fountain that spews colors, sparks in a long lasting display. Order two. After they are done burning, who can resist a sword fight!”


Silly Sticks are silly great fun for everyone.  “Only the smiley face is silly the rest is all business as this is one serious sparkler!”


The Texas Pop Rocket is a bottle rocket that blasts off with fun.  12 bottle rockets for 12 times the fun!


Ring Rocket will make your party guests ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with excitement.  “Forms a perfect ring of fire overhead with each rocket. These ring rockets are always a crowd pleaser!”


I can already tell that the Pro Ox Roman Candles will be a favorite of my sons.  These magnum candles have an extra kick with glittery comets that delight.


The Stampede Candle is another type of roman candle that party guests will love.  The multicolor pearls with comet tails offer a visual effect that becomes a quick crowd pleaser.


Now it’s time to check out some of the larger items that really get the party going.


Happy is a firework that will make you, well, happy!  “36 color shells bursting high in the air. The bright glossy label brings new shelf appeal.”


Another new item I’m happy to see is Nemesis.  16 shots of loud fun?  Yes please!  “This item features purple and white strobe,red, green, and blue peony, and a loud finale.”


Diamond Mine is sure to wow you crowd with 24 shots.  This tiny package can be deceiving, but there’s BIG fun to be had here!  “You will think you stuck diamonds with this item! The whole sky will flash with red, white, green and white strobe shells! And we did not forget the loud finale!”


Hell’s Gate has 15 shots of hellish-ly good fun that your crowd will go wild for.  Enjoy…if you’re daring enough.


Loud Cloud is definitely that…loud!  16 shots that keep the party going.  “Whistles to crackle flower breaks. Perfect for the finale.”


Rodeo is another of the 200 gram fireworks that you’ll be sure to order again and again.  “Spinning tourbillion tails to peonies and crackling flowers.”


The Haunted House is spooky good fun for the whole crowd.  Light the fuse and watch the fun explode from this creepy house.


The Kraken is a pretty powerful little guy for only 200 grams!  “This item features powerful mines the break high above into huge stars burst giving a double layer effect. Gold brocade and ruby red stars are featured. A beautiful effect. Highly recommended by the US Fireworks staff!”


And finally, last but not least, the big daddies.  The 500 gram whoppers that will end your fireworks show with a bang.


Machete will not only entertain but break the ice at any party as well.  “9 shots – You will cut up the competition with this item! Each burst is bigger and louder then the next with multiple colors, loud crackle and brilliant strobe ending in a loud finale!”


The T-Rex gets it’s name for a good reason…it’s monstrous!  “9 shots & 18 total breaks – This item features double breaking shells! A unique new effect with great performance creates twice the impact in the sky. You will see brocade, strobe, crackle and color peony bursts!”


Double Barrel is another 500 gram aerial that aims to please.  These premium breaking shells in the 9 shot formation offer a show that the whole crowd will love.


Pyro Fury comes close to one of the biggest legal fireworks I’ve seen.  “205 shots of extreme excitement. This item features fast zipper shots as well as huge fan shell bursts. This is a true finale in a box!”


The Bad Boy assortment earned it’s spot among these larger fireworks…wowza what an assortment!  “An all aerial assortment with multishot repeaters, and powerful single shots. If your looking for power, Bad Boy is the assortment for you.”


This beefy reloadable beauty is one of my favorites.  The Mad Ox 24 Shot Artillery Shells are high performance and highly pleasing as well.  Shot after shot, you’ll see why I like this one so much.


Finally.  The Pro Ox Finale Rack.  This big daddy will be the finale of all finales.  This big boy offers 6 shots of the largest load legally allowable and it. is. EPIC!


This is just a FRACTION of the selection available…be sure to check out the rest of the selection that US Fireworks offers…the best way to buy fireworks online for savings.

Make Your 4th Of July Party Epic With Oriental Trading



If you’re looking to throw the best 4th Of July party ever, Oriental Trading is your one stop shop for all of your patriotic party needs.  From patriotic tablecloths to party supplies for guests of all ages, Oriental Trading has a little something special for everyone.



I picked out a variety of party supplies that will fit our 4th Of July party perfectly this year.  We’ll have a mix of adult and child party guests, so I got a wide variety of items so that nobody gets left out.


Having a patriotic party scene to throw a great 4th Of July party is a must.  Thanks to Oriental Trading I was able to completely deck out my table and keep everything in the traditional red, white, and blue.  The Stars and Stripes Plastic Tablecloth really helps set the patriotic mood while everything else compliments it so well.  (The tablecloth is actually a lot bigger than pictured here, I have it folded over in half.)  I love the ‘rustic’ look and I was pleasantly surprised to find some rustic patriotic tableware as well.  The Rustic 4th Square Paper Dinner Plates, Rustic 4th Square Dessert Plates, and Rustic 4th Luncheon Napkins all pair so perfectly together!  Throw in the Patriotic Tableware Caddy and Patriotic Paper Straws and you’ve got the cutest 4th of July table ever!


What better way to offer some fun for the kiddos than a patriotic themed pinata?!  I thought the Baseball Pinata would be perfect for our party, it is a classic American icon after all.  I was surprised by how vast the patriotic candy selection is at Oriental Trading!  There were so many great options that I couldn’t help but pick a few.  The kids will have fun bursting this pinata open and finding the patriotic lollipops, USA Flag Tootsie Rolls, Red White And Blue Taffy, Patriotic Bubblegum, and USA Candy Bracelets!


With all of that candy up for grabs, kids will love these Patriotic Goody Bags!  Throw in some Stars & Stripes Folding Hand Fans and Patriotic Glow In The Dark Bracelets and your little party guests will mark this down in their book as the best. party. ever.


If you’re throwing a pool party this 4th Of July (like we are) you HAVE to have one of these Inflatable American Flag Coolers!  Don’t underestimate the size of this thing…it is HUGE!  I’m 5′ 3″ and this inflatable cooler comes up to my hip, so keep in mind the size to make sure you can accommodate it.  Despite the patriotic theme, this is something that we will be using often as residents of Arizona.  On our next river trip we’ll be bringing this cooler and staying hydrated and cool all day long.

Make your 4th Of July Party the most epic party on the block with Oriental Trading.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***