Tiger Tie Down Straps…Perfect For Father’s Day!


My husband can be SUPER hard to shop for, so I start shopping for all holidays early, including Father’s Day.  In just a couple short months it will be time for us to spoil those special men in our lives but we all often face the same problem…what do we get him?  My husband is always looking for good tie down straps so when I came across these Tiger Tie Down Straps I knew I had to get them for him.


These Tiger tie down straps come in a convenient 4 pack so you’ll always be able to secure whatever it is you’re hauling.  The extra long 20 foot length is ideal for even the biggest jobs, so you can rest assured your cargo is safe.  With a 1500lb break strength, they’re pretty tough and take just about anything you can throw at them.


  • #1 RATCHET TIE DOWN STRAPS- Tiger tiedowns are manufactured with premium industrial grade material for complete cargo security. EXTRA LONG 20′
  • HEAVY DUTY AND DURABLE- our ratchet tie down offers new state-of-the-art ERGONOMIC molded custom strap handles guaranteeing your handles will not fall off.
  • CARGO CAPACITY-500 pounds load capacity for cargo security with 1500 pounds breaking strength
  • MOLDED RUBBER COATED “S” HOOKS- our rubber molded hooks protect your cargo and equipment from any scratches or pressure damage.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! No questions asked!


This father’s day, spoil that special man in your life with Tiger Tie Downs.


***This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts or opinions are my own honest and unbiased opinions.***

Spoil Dad With The Hammacher Schlemmer High Definition Camera Drone #Review


When you hear the name Hammacher Schlemmer, you should automatically know great things are to follow.  With Father’s Day just around the corner I figured what better time to try out a high-tech toy that any man would love?  It seems like drones are at the top of every man’s list, so I couldn’t wait to try out the High Definition Camer Drone available from Hammacher.


I love the visual appeal this sleek drone offers.  The colors are really attractive, it is designed well, and is lightweight to boot.  The controls are easy to operate so even a novice like myself can have fun.


The drone responds quickly to the remote control commands, and it is A LOT of fun to fly!  You can control forward, backward, up, and down.  You can also make the drone do flips mid-air which are always an attention grabber to even a non-drone-enthusiast.  It can be pretty windy where I live, and I thought it would make it a little bit hard to take the drone up outdoors, but it handles really well and has a lot of power to be able to fight off the wind.


As if everything else great about this drone weren’t enough, I was really impressed with the HD camera equipped on it.  It takes video and pictures at 1280×720 HD which allows for crystal clear images.  This awesome drone is equipped with gyro stabilization so your video is always clear, never shaky.  Matter of fact…two of those three images in the collage above are screenshots from video, and one is a still image.  Can you tell which is which?  I bet you can’t, because the video is just THAT good.

I hoped to be impressed by the High Definition Camera Drone, but I got so much more than I expected.  There is really nothing left to desire and is great for a beginner, or someone experienced.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Get Your Home Sparkling Clean With The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed #Review


I pride myself on keeping a clean home which can be a challenge living in the dusty Arizona desert, AND having pets and children.  Shark has been a brand I know and love for years, so I was really eager to get my hands on the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed to see how well it worked in my busy household.


Right out of the box, you can see that it’s a very visually appealing product, true to Shark fashion.  I couldn’t wait to try out all of the different functions and ways to use one convenient machine.  The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed is 2 vacuums in 1 – upright and powered lift-away! It will never lose suction, has powered motorized brushes in all modes,  features hard floor cleaning with dust-away pro cleaner head, anti-allergen complete seal technology, fingertip controls, advanced swivel steering,  and LED lights on floor nozzle to illuminate work area.  It also comes with convenient onboard tools like the duster, crevice cleaner, and pet multi-tool.


The first function I wanted to try was the traditional vacuum.  Last year I spent a pretty penny on a vacuum that promised to pick up pet hair, so I was really eager to see how good of a job it was doing.  I decided to put my ‘old’ vacuum to the test.  I vacuumed the living room as I normally would, then again with the Shark Rotator.


You can see that it left my carpet really clean!  BUT…here’s what I wasn’t prepared for:


THIS heap of nastiness is what came up off of my living room floor with the Shark Rotator IMMEDIATELY after using my vacuum I spent an arm and a leg on.  That vacuum I bought last year that promised to pick up pet hair obviously was not doing it’s job.  GROSS!!


Next I could not wait to see how well the hardwood floor attachment worked.  I decided to again see how well my house was being cleaned before…I mean…it LOOKED clean, that’s for sure.  I swept my floor as I usually do with my broom and dustpan, then went over it again with the Shark Rotator.


Again, my floor was left looking really clean, and you guessed it, it pulled up a pile of filth that I had no idea was being left behind!


You can see that even after sweeping my floor, the Shark Rotator still managed to find SO MUCH NASTINESS hidden lurking on my floors.  (The penny is for size reference 🙂 )


The hand attachments also come in really handy.  My toddler likes to eat messy sometimes, and the couch gathers so many crumbs.


You can see that those pesky Pop Tart crumbs were nothing for the Shark Rotator, and my couch was left looking so much cleaner, and best of all, CRUMB FREE!

Day after day I keep finding new ways to use the Shark Rotator in my home.  I feel really great knowing that my home is actually clean, and my children have the best living environment that they can have.  The Shark Rotator never ceases to amaze me, and I know you’ll feel the same way as soon as you try one for yourself.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

See How Jabra Changed The Ear Bud Game With The Sport Pulse #Review


The next generation in ear bud technology is here. Jabra has introduced the Sport Pulse ear buds and they are fabulous!


My husband and I have tried many brands and styles of ear bud to no avail. We were never able to find something (no matter what price range) that ended up lasting more than just a week. Between my fitness training and my husbands demanding, hard job we’ve gone through a small fortune in ear buds.  I was really eager to see how well the Jabra Sport Pulse performed, so I let my husband try them out since he would put them through much more abuse than me.


My husband literally moves houses for a living. This involves him being under houses all day long, and if that weren’t enough, we live in Arizona. It’s hot, sweaty, dusty, dirty, and downright miserable. Listening to music while he’s working helps his day pass much smoother but so far nothing has worked for him. Jabra Sport Pulse ear buds are built towards US Military rain, shock, sand, and dust standards so I figured if anything would withstand my hubbys abuse, these would.

His first day using the Jabra Sport Pulse ear buds he came home in a great mood. He was able to listen to his favorite music all day long and was able to leave his phone in the truck so he didn’t have one extra thing in his way. Two weeks later and these things are STILL holding true to their promise to perform.

A really nice feature is also the ability to monitor your heart rate and analyze your physical activity. The Jabra Sport Life app is easy to install and use, making the whole experience very pleasant. You can even plan your workout right from the app!

Jabra really thought of everything when designing the Sport Pulse ear buds and leaves nothing to be desired. Now…I just need to get a pair for myself so I don’t regret letting my husband have them.  (You can also purchase a pair for yourself here.)

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Indulge In Bakery Favorites With IHOP #Review


If you haven’t heard of the Bakery Favorites from IHOP, I have to question whether you live under a rock.  The Bakery Favorites are a HUGE hit, and are being talked about everywhere.  If by some chance you HAVEN’T heard of these delectable treats, here’s a little glimpse of what you’re missing:


Each of these Bakery Favorite items – perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – was inspired by the flavors and nostalgic memories of delicious bakery treats like yummy cupcakes, warm cinnamon rolls, and rich red velvet cake:

  • NEW! Cupcake Pancakes – IHOP restaurants’ signature buttermilk pancakes filled with festive rainbow sprinkles, then topped with cupcake icing, and whipped topping.
  • NEW! Red Velvet Crepe – A delicate, chocolaty crepe filled with IHOP restaurants’ sweet cream cheese, drizzled with cream cheese icing.
  • Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast – Thick slices of Brioche French toast topped with rich cinnamon roll filling and delicious cream cheese icing.

All three of the Bakery Favorites looked incredibly delicious, but the Cupcake Pancakes had my name all over them.  I knew myself and my family needed to go to IHOP and try out some of the deliciousness.


I went slightly off my diet for one meal, and I don’t regret one bite.  The Cupcake Pancakes were everything I hoped they’d be based off the commercials I had seen.  The pancakes were the perfect balance of cupcake and pancake, and I hope they become a regular item on the menu!  I could seriously eat them every single day!

Not only were the pancakes the absolute image of perfection, but the rest of our meal was perfect, service was great, and the restaurant was super clean.  Make sure you visit you’re nearest IHOP and try these out before they’re gone!


***I received a gift card toward the cost of my meal in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

Make Your Tummy Smile With Inspired By Happiness Cakes #Review #Giveaway


If you’re someone who suffers from gluten sensitivity, you know that sometimes indulging in a rich, decadent cake ends with pain and discomfort.  I suffer from Crohn’s disease and sometimes something as simple as a slice of cake will leave me in pain for a couple days, feeling completely miserable.  I was SO happy when I came across Inspired By Happiness cakes!  They are the most amazing tasting GLUTEN FREE cakes you’ll ever taste!  The problem I often find with gluten free foods is that they are bland, taste like cardboard, and not very rich or tasty.  Inspired By Happiness cakes are shockingly good.  My husband who is anti-gluten free ANYTHING was asking me how much of the cake he could eat because it was SO good!


The Cravin’ For Cookies & Cream cake was both of my son’s favorite cake.  This cake is made of melt-in-your-mouth sponge cake, cubes of cookies and silky vanilla cream mousse, smothered with a dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate drizzle.  SO. STINKIN’. GOOD!!!


The Dreamin’ Of Chocolate Cake was my favorite!  It’s so incredibly rich and chocolatey, I didn’t want to share with the kids, HAHA!  This cake was designed for dedicated chocolate lovers (LIKE ME) in mind. With two generous layers of the finest Belgian white chocolate mousse between layers of dark chocolate sponge cake, topped with chocolate ganache.


My daughter fell in love with the Dreamin’ Of Strawberries cake, and it’s pretty easy to understand why.  It’s a deliciously moist shortcake layered with succulent strawberry fruit filling, topped with REAL whipped cream and a white chocolatey drizzle.  This cake (the little bit I got of it) was delicious and tempting.

I can’t even begin to describe to you how amazing it was to enjoy a slice of cake without pain, and without compromising taste and richness.  You absolutely won’t believe that these cakes are gluten free.  But don’t just take my word for it…2 luck winners will each receive a coupon for a FREE Inspired By Happiness cake!  (Be sure to check out where to buy Inspired By Happiness products here before entering the giveaway.  I don’t want you to win a prize you can’t claim if it’s not sold in your area!)


Two lucky winners will each receive a free coupon for a FREE Inspired By Happiness cake!  Giveaway will begin 05/05/16 at midnight EST and will end 05/12/16 midnight EST. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. All giveaway entries will be validated. Winners are randomly selected.  Click the link below to enter:

Enter The Inspired By Happiness Giveaway Here!!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Unbeatable Quality At Incredible Prices With iRULU


You all know how much I love my gadgets!  When I heard about the new iRULU eXpro 10.1″ 8 GB Quad Core Android tablet I couldn’t wait to try it.  My current tablet was a 7″ and I was very eager to increase my screen size.


The tablet came with a case which is much appreciated in my busy, hectic household.  The screen resolution is 1024*600 and even on the startup I could see the graphics were going to be better than what I was used to.


When I have spare time I like to play cheesy mindless games, they help me unwind after a long day and the kids are in bed.  I was really pleased with how quickly a couple of my favorite games downloaded.  They tend to be larger games and downloaded quicker than any other device I’ve used so far.


The iRULU eXpro 10.1″ is android powered, so you have all the same Google functions that you’ve come to know, love, and rely on.  A big app I use all the time being a reviewer is Google Photos so I was SUPER happy to see that function on the tablet as well.


Browsing the web is also done at a very quick speed which I was hoping for once I saw how quickly the games downloaded.  I do a lot of work online and this has helped me out a great deal…it’s much faster than my other tablet and my desktop PC.


Although the camera isn’t the highest megapixel camera out there, it still works well enough to take great photos that you’ll enjoy sharing with friends and family.

All in all it’s a super great tablet at a price that can’t be beat.  Both of my sons have birthdays in July and I’m thinking they will each get one of these iRULU eXpro tablets.  I have let my toddler use the tablet a few times to see what kind of things it could be put through and handle with ease.  She didn’t so much as put a scratch on it so I’m willing to bet her older brothers will love these when they get their own on their birthdays.

Of course, with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around the corner the iRULU eXpro 10.1″ would also make an incredible gift for those occasions as well…that is if you can part with it after seeing how stunning it is in person.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***