Get Glowingly Beautiful Skin With All-Natural Skinny Tan



Summer is the time where we’re all looking for a golden complexion, but don’t want to sit in the hot sun and damage our skin to achieve it.  All of the self tanners that I’ve tried in the past (up until now) have absolutely let me down.  The color is always off, and almost always streaky, and they have just not been up to par for me so I’d almost given up.  I recently found Skinny Tan and was hopeful that their products would FINALLY be the ones that worked.


Skinny Tan got it’s start in Autstralia and took off like lightning.  Once it was introduced into the UK market it got even bigger and since then it has been sweeping the globe with it’s one of a kind formula.  Skinny Tan is the FIRST self-tanner that combines all-natural ingredients for a deep, rich tan with skin smoothing agents that help contour and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  If there’s anything better than a self-tanner that actually works and looks great, it’s one that improves your skin while you use it which is something that only Skinny Tan can do.  Firmer looking skin that has a never-orange, never-streaky finish?  Yes please!


The key to a great tan is a little preparation.  Skinny Tan offers a Pre-Tan Primer that will help you create a great base for the color to stick to.  The Pre-Tan Primer removes dry or dead skin cells with the power of crushed walnut shells.  Slough away the old and let the new shine through so the Skinny Tan products can work their magic.  Use the day before you tan for best results.


The 7 Day Tanner is Skinny Tan’s best seller and I couldn’t wait to try it!  This moisture-rich creme glides onto your skin, leaving it dewy and luscious for days after application. This light but effective creme provides a subtle bronze, guaranteed to complement every skin tone and leave you feeling fabulous.  If you want a deeper tone after your first application, simply re-apply…it doesn’t get any easier than that!


The Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner is a great way to slowly build up your color with a delicious smelling body-butter creme.  The lower levels of tanning agents allows you to layer it on each day until you’ve reached the perfect depth of tan for you.  The gradual tanning process looks natural and you can control the final color which is perfect for ladies like me who are quite pale to begin with and don’t want to look ridiculously dark.


Why hello there Skinny Tan Tanning Mousse!  This is another fabulous product that offers you up to TWO WEEKS of tan with just one application.  This whipped tanning foam is guaranteed to deliver your best tan in one single coat.  This mousse is dry to the touch in seconds making it great to use even if you’re pressed for time.  This mousse is good for body and face, featuring aloe vera to moisturize as you apply.


If you’ve ever noticed how celebrities skin glows and looks just plain amazing while they walk red carpet events and wondered how to get your skin to look so good…you’re not alone.  The creators of Skinny Tan noticed this too and the developed After Glow to give your skin the very same look.  Whether you have a tan or not, the After Glow is a great way to give your skin a softer appearance for that “red carpet look”.  Besides just making you look great, the After Glow helps prolong the life of your tan…how great is that?

Make sure you check out all of the products that Skinny Tan offers so you can find the ones that are perfect for you and look your very best this summer.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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