Treat Your Feline To The Best With


It’s no secret that I love my pets, and we LOVE when we get to try out new goodies from  It’s the perfect time of year to spring into new, delicious ways to treat your feline to nothing but the best.


I swear, I think it has gotten to the point that my cats know what the box is!  As soon as I pulled the Fancy Feast variety pack out of the box and started taking pictures, you can see that my cat Cheese couldn’t wait to see what was in there.  She wouldn’t stop rubbing her body on the box trying to be cute so I would open it and let her check it out, haha!


The Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef Feast Variety Classic Pate Canned Cat Food includes 8 cans of each of the following flavors: Tender Beef Feast, Chicken Feast, and Turkey & Giblets Feast.  Over 25 years of experience has perfected the Fancy Feast food, and my cats thoroughly enjoy every last bite of it!  Each can of Fancy Feast is made with high-quality protein sources and ingredients so you can feel good about the treat your feline friend gets to enjoy.


I like to give my cats special treats just like I do my dogs, and these Orijen Cat Treats were a HUGE hit with my cats!  I tried the Original Orijen Cat Treats and both Elsa and Cheese loved them at first sniff.


Orijen’s unique and flavorful Tundra treats feature ranch-raised elk, cage-free quail and steelhead trout, all delivered fresh from Canadian regions in Whole Prey ratios so you can indulge and nourish your cat at the same time.  Made without cooking or preservatives, Orijen’s Biologically Appropriate treats are gently freeze-dried to lock in the life-giving goodness and flavors of fresh and regional ingredients for a reward your cat will truly love.


I have owned cats for many years, and I have to say I never tried training one before.  Elsa loved these treats SOOO much, I figured why not see if she can learn tricks?  That’s right folks, there’s proof in the pictures above.  I actually trained my cat to sit using Orijen Cat Treats…who would’ve thought?? is full of great ways to spoil your pet…what will you try first?


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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