Egg-stra Special Easter Gifts From Tervis




Easter is just around the corner and Tervis has great gift options for all members of the family!  I’m sure you all know by know how much I love my Tervis cups, and my 5 year old daughter has been nagging me for a cup of her own to be just like Mommy.  My daughter fell in love with a couple designs and she just had to have them.  There are TONS of different styles and sizes available so you can pick the one that’s just perfect for you.


What better pick for Easter than a super cute Easter Bunny Tumbler?  This tumbler is the 16 oz size and great at keeping drinks the perfect temperature.  We live in Arizona and it’s already starting to heat up quickly…matter of fact we’ve seen 90 degree temperatures all week and it’s only March!  I find myself going through less milk/juice/bottled water now that my daughter has her new Tervis cups.  Her drinks aren’t getting warm super fast and she’s able to enjoy them for longer, which is saving me money…how awesome is that?


I think every little girl in the country is obsessed with Trolls right now and my daughter is no exception.  This DreamWorks Trolls Tumbler is so cute I almost want one for myself!  This adorable tumbler features Poppy and Branch and they’re here to make your day a great one reminding you to dance, hug, and sing.  This tumbler is also the 16 oz size and is great at keeping drinks at just the right temperature whether they’re hot or cold.



If you’re looking for a great way to surprise someone special this Easter, let Tervis help you pull it off!  These tumblers are perfect for stuffing with candy and popping into an Easter basket.  Who wouldn’t want that?!

Make sure you check out everything Tervis has to offer so you can find the cup that’s just right for that someone special this Easter.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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