Give The Gift Of Fun This Easter With Goliath Games


Goliath Games is an international manufacturer and distributor of toys and games that the whole family can enjoy.  Goliath is one of the few remaining family-owned and run businesses in the world of toys and games. Goliath was established in 1980 and ever since has grown tremendously.  (Not to age myself, but I remember creating great memories with my family surrounding a Goliath Games creation.)  In today’s ever-growing technological world, non-tech toys are a favorite of mine!  I like to encourage my three children to use their imaginations, play, have fun, and just enjoy the world around them.  This Easter, what better gift to give than ones that help inspire kids to get moving and disconnect from the digital world?


Jumping Jack is a great gift option for younger kids!  Get kids jumping for joy with the world’s cutest bunny.  This game is super simple to play so even players as young as 4 can play without frustration.  Spin the spinner to see how many carrots you get to pick from Jack’s bunny hill.  One of the carrots will make Jack jump, but it’s a different carrot every time.  If he jumps on your turn, you’ll win if you catch him.  Or, extra rules let every player try to catch him when he jumps.  If no one catches Jack, then the player with the most carrots wins.  This delightful preschool game teaches hand-eye coordination, taking turns and quick reactions.


Spicy Games is a fun collection of games that the whole family can enjoy.  You’ll find four super fun games in one convenient set for endless family fun.  Spicy Games includes:

  • Sugar Cubes – Sweeten your fun with Sugar Cubes, the quick and easy game of words and wit. Sprinkle out the dice and spoon on a little creativity to beat the timer and taste sweet victory.
  • Cheater’s Chili – A  quick and easy bluffing game that will fire up the fun with your friends and family. Can you keep your cool when the heat is on? The object of the game is to collect the highest number of chillies.
  • Coffee Break – Take a break from the daily grind and brew up some fun with Coffee Break, the quick and easy dice game for the whole family. Think fast and stay alert or you’ll get creamed.
  • Salt and Pepper – Sprinkle on some fun with Salt & Pepper, the quick and easy guessing game featuring the dynamic duo of spices: Salt and Pepper. A dash of intuition and a hint of good luck are all it takes to win!

Each of these games is recommended for ages 5 and up, and can be played with 2-4 players.


Phlat Ball V3 is a great way to keep kids active and get them to engage in play.  This unique sports toy transforms from a 9″ flying disc into a 6″ fun ball.  Its time-delay transformation adds a twist to the classic game of catch and easily fits into a backpack or overnight bag.  This has been my kids’ favorite item from Goliath Games so far and they just can’t get enough of it!

Whether you’re looking for classic board games or something with a super fun twist, Goliath Games has got you covered.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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