Fun New Adventures Available From NCircle Entertainment…Perfect For Young Inquiring Minds


NCircle Entertainment is a name I’m sure you’ll recognize if you’ve followed my blog for even a short amount of time.  I am a mother of three and I really appreciate the quality entertainment that NCircle provides.  NCircle is well known for providing quality children’s entertainment that helps build early learning skills.  NCircle’s award winning brands will engage your child in the learning process while keeping them entertained with song, dance, and laughter.  Learning is fun when you have NCircle by your side.  There’s nothing better for little minds than education that entertains and that’s something that all of us parents can appreciate.


There are two new releases to the NCircle lineup this month and I was super excited to check them out with my kids!


The Cat in the Hat is a HUGE favorite of my kids so they were really excited to see The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Space in our package.  After watching this DVD just a couple times my 5 year old is able to recite all of the planets and tell me fun facts about them.  I think she’s going to be the smartest kid in her class when she starts kindergarten this upcoming fall.  I LOVE what NCircle helps me teach my children!

About the movie:

The Cat in the Hat joins Nick and Sally who are exploring the backyard when something extraordinary finds them-a flying robotic dog! The robot lands and does some exploring of his own, gulping up rock samples and photographing the Cat, Nick, Sally, and Fish before blasting off back into space! What was that thing? Where did it come from? Where is it going? The Cat in the Hat fires up his Space-ama-racer and whisks Nick, Sally and Fish off on a cosmic adventure in search of the robot. Together, they survive a dust storm on the surface of Mars, rocket through an asteroid belt, and then narrowly escape being sucked into Jupiter by it’s huge gravitational pull! Ultimately, they hitch a ride on a comet that leads them all safely back to the Space Station, along with plenty of space samples, and stories and even a small souvenir that follows The Cat in the Hat and our crew back to Earth!


Mily is a new face and my daughter couldn’t wait to watch Mily Miss Questions and see what Mily was all about.  Just like my little girl, Mily is curious, full of questions, and can’t wait to explore the world.  Mily helps develop inquiring little minds and is great at teaching kids about different situations.

About the movie:

Join Mily and her friends as they investigate the major themes of life encountered in everyday situations. Mily is a funny, curious and uncertain little 9-year-old girl. Like many children her age, she has a great many questions about life, people, and the world. She’s never lost for words; in fact, life for her is a goody-bag full of questions to be dipped into. Whenever a particular situation raises a question worthy of examination, Mily is immediately on the case! From one episode to the next, through everyday situations and without ever favoring a particular point of view, Mily introduces young viewers to the art of questioning and the development of an inquiring mind.

Make sure you check out all that NCircle Entertainment has to offer!  I’m sure you’ll find a movie (or 2 or 3) that would be perfect for your little one 🙂 .


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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