Founding Fathers…Premium Coffee With A Purpose

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If you’ve followed my blog for even a short amount of time, it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m a coffee addict.  I’m a mother of three children ages 5-13 (heaven help me) and I live and function on coffee daily.  There’s nothing better than a great tasting cup of coffee to help me get through the day, but what’s even better is when your coffee has a cause.  Founding Fathers produces superior American products that also support our American military families.


Founding Fathers is a product that will leave you satisfied after every single cup.  Founding Fathers starts their coffee with nothing less than exceptional beans that go through numerous test to make sure they make the cut.  There are physical tests as well as multiple sensory evaluations to make sure each flavor profile is matched perfectly on the critical characteristics of aroma, flavor, acidity, body, aftertaste, uniformity, and balance.  Put the best of the best beans through Founding Fathers’ precision roasting technology and equipment and you’ve got quite possibly the best tasting cup of brew out there.


No matter how you prefer to drink your coffee, you’ll be able to enjoy the smooth, rich flavors that Founding Fathers has to offer:

  • 100% Colombian Medium Roast – This coffee has a deliciously rich taste with satisfying, full-bodied character.
  • Donut Shop Medium Roast – This classic coffee blend is rich, smooth and satisfying.
  • French Roast Dark Roast – This intensively rich coffee has a soft smoky flavor with a smooth taste and velvety body.
  • French Vanilla Medium Roast – The sweet and creamy essence of vanilla creates a luxurious coffee experience.
  • Morning Blend Light Roast – Brighten your day with this perfectly balanced, aromatic coffee with an enjoyably smooth finish.
  • Organic – Peruvian Organic, Sunrise Blend Organic, Mountain Java Organic, Donut Shop Organic, Fair Trade Organic Dark Roast and Rainforest Medium Roast.

Each flavor is available in 16, 36, and 80 count brew cups, 12 oz. bags of ground roast, and whole bean.  (Also available in Espresso, Cappuccino and Cocoa single serve brew cups.)

When you drink Founding Fathers, you can feel good about indulging.  Half of the profits from Founding Fathers Coffee will be donated to organizations that support American military families, including the largest veteran’s service organization in the world, The American Legion.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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