Treat Baby To Luxury This Valentine’s Day With A Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet


Gunamuna, the makers of the Gunapod, have really hit the nail on the head with thier Luxury Bamboo Duvet.  Gunapods are the only product that Gunamuna makes, putting top quality into each and every piece they make.  The super comfy Gunapods are made from the softest, highest-quality fabrics Gunamuna can find.



The Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet is available in a few different prints so that you can choose the one that’s just right for your little superstar.  It’s soft-fibered rayon fabric made from eco-friendly bamboo so that it is both plentiful and naturally harvested.  The bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic, perfect for protecting baby’s sensitive skin.  Another added bonus of the bamboo fibers?  They breathe better than cotton so baby’s body won’t get overheated!


The Gunapod features the unique all around WONDERZiP system for the easiest changing and temperature control to prevent overheating.  The WONDERZiP opens completely from underarm to underarm, with 4 separate pulls functioning in a multitude of ways as you choose.  The Gunapod fit is generous with a wider and longer body plus more generous armholes for maximum comfort.  The shoulder snaps help get baby into the Gunapod easier and make putting it on and taking it off a snap, literally!  Unzip the Gunapod along the bottom to accommodate a carseat or stroller strap while allowing your baby to stay warm and kick freely.

Gunapod has multiple sizes available so you can keep baby warm no matter how big or small they are:

0-9 months
Height 19″-26″ (48-66 cm)
Weight 6-18 lbs. (2.7-8 kg)

9-18 months
Height  26″-29″ (66-74 cm)
Weight 18-26.5 lbs. (8-12 kg)

18-24 months
Height 29″-32″ (74-81 cm)
Weight 28-35 lbs. (12-16 kg)

24-36 months
Height 32″-36″ (81-91 cm)
Weight 35-38 lbs. (16-18 kg)

This Valentine’s Day, spoil baby with luxury and comfort…spoil them with a Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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