Spoil The Lucky Lady In Your Life This Valentine’s Day With Sally Hansen Color Therapy #Review


Women don’t always want the same boring chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes we really enjoy gifts that take a little thought, and that don’t die or get eaten.  A quick way to any woman’s heart is a great nail polish, and Sally Hansen has got all of your nail/gift-giving needs covered.


The new Color Therapy line of nail polish offers gorgeous color that cares while you wear.  The argan oil formula fuses intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthy looking nails.  I was really eager to try the Color Therapy line this winter…I typically suffer from flaking, peeling nails during the colder months and this year was no exception.  After just one application (and removal about a week later) there was a visibly noticeable difference in my nails.  The flaking/peeling of my nails had stopped, and even looked like they started to get repaired a bit…how awesome is that?!


The Color Therapy line helped me pull of the perfect Christmas manicure for my husband’s work party!  I used the Color Therapy #470 Cool Cucumber for the base, added a detail nail, a coat of glitter, and my nails were ready to help me rock the party all night long!  I just love that deep green color!


The Color Therapy #450 Reflection Pool and #280 Robes and Rose paired too perfectly together to not create another Christmas themed look.  The colors complimented each other really well while allowing my to express myself and repair my nails all at the same time.


I LOVE darker colors on my nails during the winter and Color Therapy #410 Indiglow absolutely became my favorite of the bunch.  I included a picture without flash so you can see that this is really a color that changes up a bit.  Wear it on all nails, or even just as an accent…there’s no wrong way to wear this beautiful color.


Color Therapy #440 Ja-Cozy is another stunning color!  I absolutely love the richness of this color and the photo captures it really well.  I had to put this color up out of the reach of my 5 year old because she couldn’t stop eyeballing it wherever I set it.


Last but not least is the hot color all of us women will be asking for on Valentine’s Day, Color Therapy #340 Red-iance.  This hot red color looks great on just about any skin tone and on any length of nail.  If you’re looking for a simple way to have stunning nails this Valentine’s Day, Color Therapy is the only way to go.

Help that lucky lady in your life achieve the most awesome manicure around with Sally Hansen Color Therapy.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***



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