Surprise Your Sweetheart With Sweet Treats From IT’SUGAR #Valentine’s Day


Whether you’re shopping around for sweet treats this Valentine’s Day or looking to make your own V-Day a little extra special, IT’SUGAR has a little something for everyone.  Since 2006, IT’SUGAR has been a modern day playground dedicated to satisfying the sweet tooth craving of the world.  There’s a variety of bold merchandise with a fun tongue-and-cheek attitude that you just can’t get enough of.  IT’SUGAR will bring out the kid in every grown up, no matter what their style.


I received a fun couples themed box from IT’SUGAR for Valentine’s Day and I have to say that my husband and I really got a kick out of all the included items.  What a yummy way to have fun!


If you loved candy necklaces as a kid, you’ll love the Candy Bra and Candy G-String even more.  Meet the erotically reinvented candy necklace that adults just can’t get enough of.  You can pick one or the other but they honestly make a pretty cute pair together…I ALMOST didn’t want it to be eaten but then what fun would it be?


If you’ve never seen the “Dick In A Box” skit from Saturday Night Live, seriously, YouTube it.  It’s one of the most hilarious things ever!  My husband and I always joke about that skit so I was super excited to get the spoof candy called Dick In A Box.  The box is full of hard candy that’s a little somethin’ special that’s obviously phallicly shaped for extra humor and fun.


The Chocolate and Strawberry Body Pens are definitely a fun addition for any couple.  My husband I have been married for 10 years and using these fun pens was one of the funnest and funniest things we’ve done together.  The taste is much more pleasant than I had anticipated and highly recommend a set of these for every couple out there.

Whether you’re shopping for couples themed items or just giant boxes of your sweethearts favorite candy, make sure you keep IT’SUGAR in mind this Valentine’s Day for all of your gifting needs.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Pamper Your Sweetheart With Luxe By Mr. Bubble #ValentinesDay


I absolutely LOVED relaxing in a nice warm bubble bath when I was a kid and these vintage-inspired Luxe by Mr. Bubble products have totally taken me down memory lane.  I love how soft and gentle the scents are and how lovely my skin feels after a Luxe by Mr. Bubble bath.


These super cute Bubbletini Bath Bombs totally rocked my socks off!  With the help of just a couple of these super cute bath bombs you will be able to relax and indulge in a soothing, moisturizing bath in no time.  Place 2-3 under the running water, then sit back and relax…let the day drift away and indulge in the sweet scent of these little Bubbletini Bath Bombs.  What’s even better is that when you’re all done with the bath bombs, you can use the shaker to mix up some of your favorite drinks!


Bubble The Day Away is the product that brings me to my childhood in a snap.  Back to the powdered bubble baths that I enjoyed so much, and can again thanks to Luxe by Mr. Bubble.   Nothing says pampering like a long soak in a sweetly scented Bubble The Day Away Bath.


This bubble bath promised big, soft bubbles and that was no joke!  It took very little powder to create this mountain of skin softening bubbles and I thoroughly enjoy every single minute of a Bubble The Day Away bath.

 This Valentine’s Day, pamper your sweetheart with gifts that will help her relax all year long.  Say I love you with Luxe By Mr. Bubble available at Ulta and select Target stores.
***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Spoil Your Pooch This Valentine’s Day With A B & G Martin Luxury Dog Bed


If you’re an animal lover like I am, you consider your pet to be a member of the family.  This Valentine’s Day, I can’t think of a better way to spoil your canine companion than with a B & G Martin luxury dog bed.  These premium plush pet beds are made from the best (and sustainable) materials that are animal-friendly such as faux leather and eco-friendly poly fill.


I received a B & G Martin Microsuede Cognac With Honey Detail bed to try out with my sweet guy, Hermes, and I have to say I was really impressed with the quality of this bed!  Design and luxury meet perfectly in these B & G Martin pet beds!  The craftsmanship is superior, the materials are exquisite, and the finished product is something any pet will appreciate.


You’ll want to keep your pets bed clean and fresh for them, naturally, and B & G Martin has made that just a little bit easier with their B & G Martin Fitted Linens that they also offer.  It’s so much easier to keep fido’s bed clean when you can take of the cover and wash it, which I really appreciate living in a dusty desert.


Hermes took to his new bed immediately…just look at that smile!  A sweet old man like him deserves somewhere comfy to rest his head and the B & G Martin bed is the perfect addition to our home.  I couldn’t imagine a more deserving dog to rest in comfort and style than Hermes!  So far the bed has held its shape really well!  Hermes has been able to enjoy plushy comfort again and again without his bed going flat and hurting his old bones.  The bed size we ordered is the large, which measures 34L x 26W x 4H.  There are other size options so you can pick the one that’s just right for your pooch!


(If you have a cat, be prepared for them to steal the bed when it’s not in use!  Elsa loves when the dogs go out to potty because then she gets to lay in the bed without sharing with the dog 🙂 )


Aside from the top quality products, there is another reason that B & G Martin is close to my heart.  They work hard to benefit dog rescues and the less than fortunate pups that end up there.  Something you might not know by looking at my Hermes is that he’s had a hard life.  We adopted him just a few weeks ago from a defunct ‘rescue’ that was shut down due to unspeakable conditions.  (The above image is Hermes at RUFFF just before we pulled him out of the cage and gave him a forever home.)  At the ripe old age of 10, Hermes found himself at RUFFF due to his owner’s failing health.  He (and over 200 other animals) sat in cages never leaving for up to 12 years for some of them.  My poor Hermes was there for 3 years, exposed to the elements, being drugged during storms to keep him ‘calm’, and never left his little cage.  The reason all of these pets ended up at this ‘rescue’ is because of worldwide overpopulation.  There are so many pets with so few homes looking to adopt and there needs to be an end to the breeding of homeless pets!  With each dog bed purchased, a canine will be spayed or neutered with the proceeds in an effort to reduce overpopulation, eliminating the need for places such as RUFFF.  Each time an accessory, like the fitted linens are sold, a dog will receive vaccines that help prevent diseases like rabies and parvo.  Worldwide, dogs are receiving help with the help of B & G Martin and people like you.

(Let me make one thing clear, NOT ALL RESCUES ARE A RUFFF TYPE RESCUE!  There are SO many wonderful rescues out there that help animals without  putting them through the circumstances Hermes and many other animals endured.  This just happened to be an evil hearted person preying on innocent animals that were born into an overpopulated world.  With the help of B & G Martin, hopefully one day all pets will be spayed and neutered, and  live in happy loving homes.)

This Valentine’s Day, spoil your pooch with a B & G Martin bed of their own.

Read more about B & G Martin

And if you’re interested, just a couple of the hundreds of pieces of news concerning RUFFF:

Sheriff’s Office Shuts Down RUFFF, Fate Of 180 Animals To Be Decided

Sanctuary Watch: RUFFF Finally Closed Down


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


Delightful Wines Selected Just For You, Shipped Direct To Your Door With Winc


In the busy world we live in, subscription boxes have become a booming industry.  If you need/want something on a recurring basis, there’s probably a subscription box for it.  Say hello to Winc, the world’s only personalized wine club.  When you first sign up with Winc, you’ll take a short 5 question quiz so Winc can help pair you with the wines that you’ll enjoy most without the headache of ending up with wine you won’t drink.  Each month Winc will make new recommendations for you based on your palate profile.  You can either choose to go with the Winc recommendations, or make your own selections from the ever-changing assortment of delicious and delectable wines.


I received a FABULOUS selection of wines, and I did choose to go with the Winc recommendations since I’m far from a wine expert.  2 red and 2 whites sounded absolutely perfect to me!


Alma Libre is a 2014 red blend that displays noticeable influences from the distinctly different climates of these Chilean regions.  This wine beautifully blends the green, herbaceous Cabernet Francs characteristic of Colguaga with the lean, bright Carmenres and softly fruity Merlots that come from Casablanca Valley’s cooler temperatures.  The grapes are hand-picked and aged in oak for four months for a smooth, easy drinking beverage.  You’ll love this Chilean firecracker if you like hotter dishes like I do, but stay away from spicier foods when you’ve got a glass of Alma Libre in hand.  It pairs great with lamb or tapas!


One From The Quiver is a delicious red wine that you can’t get enough of.  This tasty bottle of wine is Brian Smith’s (winemaker and Winc Chief Wine Officer) love letter to Argentina.  One From The Quiver is focused on balance, sourcing the best fruit available and picking it at the optimal time.  The end result is a beautiful Malbec that brilliantly showcases Argentina’s most popular varietal as well as it’s most prolific winemaking region, Mendoza.  You’ve got authentic Argentina in a bottle with One From The Quiver.  Sweet spice and sunbaked earth on the nost with cherry on the palate make a perfect pairing for all of your meat dishes.  Enjoy this tasty Malbec with burgers, BBQ, pork or ribs.


This Wonderful Wine White Blend is a thing to be treasured!  This white blend is a must for just about any occasion!  The juicy flavors of lychee candy, banana, and white peach definitely don’t disappoint.  This carefully crafted blend has a medium body and pretty finish that pairs well with salad or shrimp…or heck, just enjoy it without a meal and have a fun get-together with all of your besties.


Last, but certainly not least, I also received this bottle of Passarola Vinho Branco.  Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest nations and the world’s largest exporter of corks.  It’s also home to over 250 indigenous varietals.  Somehow, their wines have flown under the radar until pretty recently.  This Passarola Vinho Branco is bottled proof that Portuguese wines deliver unmatched bang for the buck.  Passarola combines two native grapes that are just bursting with flavorful notes of white peach, grapefruit, and lemon.  This Passarola is absolutely a superstar when paired with a great seafood dish.

This Valentine’s Day, feature some of the delicious wines from Winc, or even surprise a wine-lover with a subscription!  You can’t go wrong with a delicious gift like Winc.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Say “I Love You” With LoveBook


This Valentine’s Day, say “I Love You” with a personalized book for that special someone.  LoveBook is one of the greatest universal gifts, and it’s all completely made by you, and put into a high quality book for the lucky recipient.


LoveBook is the only gift that lets you express all the little reasons why you love someone. Those same little reasons that can easily go overlooked.  I had a blast putting together a book for my husband and I LOVE the way it turned out!


Every single person has a different and unique love story.  The LoveBook Book Building System lets you tell that story by listing all those special reasons why you love someone.  The above images are just a few of the pages from my husband’s book…there ended up being roughly 70 pages!  You get to choose your cover from the many that are available and edit the title.  You even get to make the characters!  I can’t believe how much the stick figures look like my husband and I!  After you pick your cover and create your characters you’re ready to start putting together the pages that will become your LoveBook.

Once you place your order, it’s printed by a professional printing plant and shipped off the the lucky person receiving it.  LoveBook ships all over the world so no matter how far, you can still say a special “I love you”

I can’t think of a better time than Valentine’s Day to give a gift of love, made from the heart, and printed out to last forever.  Give the one you love a LoveBook and let them know all the little reasons why you love them.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***



Treat Baby To Luxury This Valentine’s Day With A Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet


Gunamuna, the makers of the Gunapod, have really hit the nail on the head with thier Luxury Bamboo Duvet.  Gunapods are the only product that Gunamuna makes, putting top quality into each and every piece they make.  The super comfy Gunapods are made from the softest, highest-quality fabrics Gunamuna can find.



The Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet is available in a few different prints so that you can choose the one that’s just right for your little superstar.  It’s soft-fibered rayon fabric made from eco-friendly bamboo so that it is both plentiful and naturally harvested.  The bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic, perfect for protecting baby’s sensitive skin.  Another added bonus of the bamboo fibers?  They breathe better than cotton so baby’s body won’t get overheated!


The Gunapod features the unique all around WONDERZiP system for the easiest changing and temperature control to prevent overheating.  The WONDERZiP opens completely from underarm to underarm, with 4 separate pulls functioning in a multitude of ways as you choose.  The Gunapod fit is generous with a wider and longer body plus more generous armholes for maximum comfort.  The shoulder snaps help get baby into the Gunapod easier and make putting it on and taking it off a snap, literally!  Unzip the Gunapod along the bottom to accommodate a carseat or stroller strap while allowing your baby to stay warm and kick freely.

Gunapod has multiple sizes available so you can keep baby warm no matter how big or small they are:

0-9 months
Height 19″-26″ (48-66 cm)
Weight 6-18 lbs. (2.7-8 kg)

9-18 months
Height  26″-29″ (66-74 cm)
Weight 18-26.5 lbs. (8-12 kg)

18-24 months
Height 29″-32″ (74-81 cm)
Weight 28-35 lbs. (12-16 kg)

24-36 months
Height 32″-36″ (81-91 cm)
Weight 35-38 lbs. (16-18 kg)

This Valentine’s Day, spoil baby with luxury and comfort…spoil them with a Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Pommello Sweats…Athletic Apparel Designed to Maximize Your Sweat to Improve Your Health

Pommello Logo.jpeg

Pommello Sweats are the world’s first athletic apparel designed to maximize your sweat to improve your health.  The secret to Pommello sweats is in their patent pending fabric.  The Pommello fabric is designed with a 100% closed cell structure which has an extremely high rate of heat retention towards the body.  The way Pommello Sweats are designed, they help support your detoxification while getting your sweat on.  You’ll be able to detox while enjoying the benefits of the additional retained body heat: decrease body fatigue and improve muscle performance and mobility.


These crazy comfy Pommello Sweats assist with:

  • A greater volume of blood flow to your heart and muscles which increases your athletic endurance;
  • More efficient distribution of oxygen to your muscles;
  • Faster and increased muscle mass growth;
  • Reduction in muscle atrophy; and
  • Combats aging by increasing your human growth hormone levels.


I was interested in how the Pommello Sleeveless Sport Top was going to fit…I’m a little large chested and sometimes clothes that fit my body, don’t fit my chest.  The fit was great and the support was incredible!  I have been able to put a little more effort into my workout and I love how stretchy the material is.


The Pommello Sweats Capris are also SUPER comfy!  They give support in just the right areas allowing me to maximize my workout, and in the places I need it most!  My workouts have never been this comfortable, or this effective, and I’m totally in love with Pommello Sweat!

For more information, make sure you check out the Pommello Sweats Indiegogo campaign.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***