Let The Good Times Fly With Fuzzy Flyers #Review #HolidayGiftGuide


Fuzzy Flyers are a great way to keep little ones entertained without being hooked to electronics, which can be a hard task these days.  Fuzzy Flyers will provide entertainment with hilarious phrases, challenging games, and social interaction.


Fuzzy Flyers aren’t just cute, they’re quite intelligent.  They have smart reactions to your actions thanks to the intelligent sensors inside these cute little plush pals.  They’ll recognize your movements and respond with silly sayings.  There are 2 different Fuzzy Flyers available, Chirpie and Coco.  My daughter fell in love with Coco right away because of her grandparents dog.  Grandma and Grandpa have a dog named Coco who is a fat little rollie pollie and resembles Coco the Fuzzy Flyer very much.

Coco has 2 different games that you can play depending on what silly mood your little one is in at the moment.  Dance Party is a fun game where you shake, toss, and tap the dog along with the instructions and then pass it off to a friend.  The tempo changes and it’s a fun challenge to keep up.  Bark Attack is the other game you can play with Coco.  My kids have been using the Bark Attack mode to play hot potato and keep him moving.  Once the movement stops Coco will bark continuously until picked up again.  There are a few silly sayings that Coco will say while just playing and having everyday fun.  My daughter loves it when Coco says, “bacon bacon”.  If you shake Coco and keep shaking you’ll hear “ohhh, I’m a dizzy dog!  Ohhh, I’m gonna throw up!” and my kids find it absolutely hilarious.

This holiday season encourage the little one on your shopping list to have fun and get moving with Fuzzy Flyers.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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