Boardwalk Food Company Brings Friends And Family Closer Together #Review #HolidayGiftGuide


Boardwalk Food Company has made it easy to create tasty treats that can be the highlight of any social gathering, no matter how big or small.  Simply add the beer of your choice to the pre-packaged mixes and you’ve got a super yummy treat!  Built around the principles of fun, family, and friends, Boardwalk Food Company is changing peoples lives by bringing them together.


I got to try out a couple boxes of Boardwalk Food Company mixes and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how incredibly tasty they were.


The Cinnamon Sugar Craft Beer Pretzel Mix was my favorite of the two.  I have a sweet tooth and these were great to satisfy that sweet craving.  Soft, yummy, cinnamon-sugary goodness that you create in your own home.  Although it’s a little more involved to make the pretzels than just mix and bake, the results are totally worth it.  In the picture collage above, the pretzels on the cookie sheet is mid-way through the process.  After making the dough you’ll drop each piece in simmering baking soda and water for 5-10 seconds until it floats, then you’ll bake them.  The end result was absolutely delightful!


The Cornbread Craft Beer Popper Mix was also a nice little treat.  Boardwalk Food Company has simplified the complex process of a great cornbread and made it as easy as mix and bake for perfectly perfect cornbread.  This box mix is pretty versatile, you can make it a few different ways.  You can make little mini-poppers, muffins, or a loaf which is the way that I chose to prepare it.  Slices of fresh cornbread were perfect with our family dinner and was the most eaten item on the table that night.

If you’re worried about using the beer because children will be eating it as well, no worries, the alcohol cooks off and leaves a tasty product the whole family will love.  You can use any beer for best results, but you can use any carbonated beverage you’d like.  I used a beer that I’m sure most people have laying around, Bud Light.  You can’t go wrong no matter how you choose to make your Boardwalk Food Company mixes.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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