Holiday Gift Options From Tervis #Review #HolidayGiftGuide


Earlier this year on a shopping trip in a Las Vegas mall, I came across Tervis cups and have been in love ever since.  Tervis is the only cup I’ve ever bought my husband that has held up to his rough torture (he’s a good old fashioned, hard working man).  When I got the chance to try out a couple Tervis cups I was so SOO excited!


If you haven’t tried Tervis cups yet, what in the world are you waiting for?  Tervis drinkware is designed to keep hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder than any other cup out there on the market.  Tervis cups are made in America and guaranteed for life so you can enjoy your beverages day after day.  I have to say the difference in my coffee temperature is amazing.  I used to drink my morning coffee quickly before it cooled down but now I have hours to sip on it leisurely and it has completely changed my coffee drinking experience.


My husband has been a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan for as long as I can remember.  The Tervis Dallas Cowboys All Over Wrap cup was the perfect fit for my husband and I knew he’d love it.  He got a different print Tervis Dallas cup earlier this year and has used it for work every day since.  (Don’t mind the messed up lid in the picture.  This cup didn’t come with a lid so my husband has been using the lid from his other Tervis Dallas cup so he can drink his coffee while at work and not worry about spilling it on himself.)


Isn’t this the most adorable cup you’ve ever seen?  This Tervis Plaid Squirrels cup is just the absolute cutest!  I have used this cup for both hot and iced coffee and it keeps both at the perfect temperature.  I love being able to take my beverages with me wherever I go and not worry about whether or not they’ll stay drinkable.  I got the turquoise lid to match and it goes with the design really well.

If you’re shopping for a great holiday gift this year make sure you check out all that Tervis has to offer.  There are even customizeable options for a truly personal gift.



***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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