Find the Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List With Parragon #Review #BookBuddies #ParragonHolidays


I tend to go out less often during the winter months…some days are just too cold to stand going out to even check the mail.  If you’re looking for great ways to stay entertained this holiday season, Parragon has some great options!  Whether you’re looking for ways to stay healthy or just have a little fun to pass the time, Parragon has you covered.


I received a selection of Parragon books to help keep me sane while I’m stuck indoors.  No matter what you’re lifestyle is, I’m sure you’ll be able to find delight in these fun items.


At Home For The Holidays: Walking In A Winter Wonderland was my favorite book out of the ones that I received this month.  I LOVE Christmas and this book is the perfect combination of the holidays and adult coloring books.  At Home For The Holidays is a coloring book full of evocative patterns celebrating the warm, twinkling world of the holiday season.  The patterns and designs instantly bring the feeling of the holidays and all of the fond memories that come along with it.  Use your creative skills to bring these holiday scenes to life while de-stressing and relaxing.


You Are Beautiful is another great way to help you unwind and relax during the typically stressful holiday season.  The designs in this book are packed with wonders to reveal on every page.  The designs are delicately detailed and the pages are perforated for easy removal so that you can proudly display your art or give it as a gift to brighten someone’s day this holiday season.


Design and Doodle was pretty much instantly taken over by my 3 children.  There are 384 pages of doodling fun.  You can use colored pencils, markers, gel pens…you name it!  Let your imagination flow and bring these fun patters to life.  Perfect book for artists, doodler, and scribblers everywhere.


Professor Murphy’s Trivia Fun is a great way to keep the whole family entertained.  This is a fast-paced general knowledge game that’s packed with laughter and learning for everyone.  Find out who the brightest spark in your family is with these 600 questions for adults and children as well.


If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you’ll know that I went on a very fruitful weight loss journey this year.  I started my journey January 11, 2016 and lost 55 lbs to reach my goal.  I’ve recently entered the maintenance phase of my weight loss and The Clean-Eating Kitchen is the perfect addition to my cookbook collection!  I have learned to love and consume foods at their most natural and whole state to fuel my body.  This cookbook will help you bring back home-cooked meals like Buckwheat Blinis with Pears and Berries, Fish Burgers (yum!), and Spiced Plum and Blackberry Brulees.  Simple, approachable recipes that will inspire you to eat clean!

Find the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season with Parragon!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***



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