Solve Little Problems With Big Style #Fodeez #Review


Fodeez is a great way to solve little problems with big style.  With their Reusable Adhesive frames and Colorable 4×6 frames you can really get your own personal style across.  These dry erase friendly frames mean the possibilities for expressing yourself are endless.


The Reusable Adhesive Frames came into existence about a decade back.  In 2006 the Fodeez creator upgraded her refrigerator and found that the prime place to display her kids’ photos and artwork, as well as the area she used to keep track of their busy schedules was gone.  Magnets wouldn’t stick, tape would damage the surface, and she found herself on a quest.  That’s how Fodeez Frames came to be and have been a hit ever since.  Simply place the reusable frame on a smooth surface and you can use it again and again, hundreds of times!  The clear frame in the middle ensures that even the most precious of photos or documents will stay safe while the frame stays completely useful.


I don’t know why, but my daughter loves this picture of me when I’m 5, catching my first (and last) fish in a canal in my Aunt Honey’s backyard in South Carolina.  She was so excited that she could color around this picture and customize the frame.  These Colorable 4×6 Frames will make the perfect gift for a kid!  I think my daughter has more fun drawing silly things on mommy’s face, but she also enjoys coloring the frame and wiping it away and making it completely new and different each time.

These Fodeez frames are absolutely genius and I can’t believe I had no idea about them until now.  They’re so useful I’m finding myself wondering how I live without them for so long.  If you’ve got someone particularly difficult to shop for this holiday season (like a tween or teen) I can’t think of any better gift than Fodeez Colorable Frames.  For the sensible adult, the classic frames will be a big hit too!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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