Save Time And Money With Dollar Shave Club #Review


In today’s on-the-go world, who wants to be troubled by the little things in life?  Dollar Shave Club has made it easy to not only save time, but save money in the process.  The Dollar Shave Club experience is laid out to be as easy and hassle free for you as it possibly could be.  Your first month with DSC will be just $1.  That’s it, the first month for just $1 INCLUDING a free handle!  After your first month, choose the number of blades you want to use (2, 4, or 6 blades) to custom fit your shaving experience for you.


My husband and I were both really eager to test out the Presidential (6 blade) razor.  The Presidential razor features 6 stainless steel blades, plus a special trimmer edge built in for the professional.  My husband wasn’t willing to try the blade first in fear he’d knick himself, so I went first (what a gentlemen huh?).  I absolutely fell in love with this razor after my first use.  I got a closer shave than ever before and although odd, you can actually HEAR the razor working.  As I was shaving the best way to describe the sound was like velcro being undone, but it’s wasn’t painful and I was left with softer, smoother legs than ever before.  My husband tried out a Presidential blade later that evening and had a similar experience as me and he loved it!


Did you know that Dollar Shave Club is SO much more than just razors?  They have options available for you to shave, clean, style, protect, freshen, and even travel!  I received a variety of shave and clean items to try out as well and of course, they were fabulous!!


Dr. Carver’s by Dollar Shave Club is a wide variety of premium products for a delightful shave from start to finish.  From pre-shave scrub to post-shave cream and even miracle repair serum, this collection has it all.  These products are great for more than just your face!  If your a shaved head kinda guy, these product would also work fabulously!  My teenage son wanted his head shaved, not just buzzed but completely bald…razor bald.  After finally convincing me, my son was regretting his decision.  His never-shaved scalp was quite sensitive and was hurting him a bit when we were done.  I rubbed some of the post-shave cream on his head and he could instantly feel the calming effect provided by the cream.


Wanderer by Dollar Shave Club is a whole line of products to help get you squeaky clean.  These vitamin-rich, sulfate-free cleansers hydrate without stripping natural moisture for a transportive cleansing experience from mind to toe.  Although all of the Wanderer products have been fabulous, the calming body bar has been my absolute favorite item.  Around this time of year I suffer horribly with dry skin, and nothing seems to help.  The calming bar has helped me moisturize my sensitive skin and stop literally ripping it open from scratching so hard.

If you’re looking for a great gift to give this holiday season, remember that you can also gift the club too!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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