Ulysses Press Has Something For Everyone This Holiday Season #Review


Ulysses Press is one of the fastest-growing small publisher, reinventing the the relationship between reader, author, and publisher.  Ulysses Press offers a wide variety of books for readers that come from all walks of life.  One look at what Ulysses Press has to offer and it’s easy to see why they’re able to stay on top and just keep growing.


I found quite a few books from Ulysses Press that I just couldn’t live without and I was so excited to be able to try out some of my favorites and share them all with you guys!


It’s no secret that I LOVE coloring.  Years back before adult coloring books had hit the market I was using kids books and really missed the challenge that they used to be as a little kid.  When adult coloring books hit the market I was instantly in love, and Ulysses Press has some great adult coloring book options.  The 1990’s Coloring Book is FULL of some of my favorite pop-culture icons from the 90’s.  This nostalgia-inducing book is filled with the most memorable movies, TV shows, tunes, fashions, and hilarious moments in pop culture that made the 90’s totally epic.  Calming Dot to Dot is a great way to challenge your brain while watching the image unfold before you.  These aren’t the connect-the-dot pictures from your childhood, these ones are incredible!  These dot to dot pictures help improve concentration, reduce stress, and allows you to imbrace your inner child by doing the simple, engaging task of completing the detailed designs.  Coloring Dream Mandalas is an imagination inspiring coloring book full of beautiful quotes and images.  The beauty of the dream world combined with the intricate designs provide page after page of coloring bliss.  Coloring Ocean Mandalas is another fun coloring book from Wendy Piersall.  The array of nautical-themed images adds beauty to the already beautiful and stunning underwater world.  Designs ranging from whales to mermaids, and turtles to sea horses, dolphins and even jellyfish…this book brings relaxation, focus, and a higher state of mindfulness.  Daily Zen Doodles is a great way to practice quieting your mind.  Every page in this book contains a prompt that you’ll finish with patterns or doodles…wherever your mind takes you.  The prompts are simple offering absolute doodle freedom.


Ulysses Press has much more to offer than just coloring books!  My sons really like Can Holding In A Fart Kill You?.  This fun book is packed with 150 tantalizing questions you never thought you needed answered…until now.  You’ll be astonished with the sensational revelations and compelling answers.  I grew up taking quizzes in teenage magazines and I am not ashamed to admit that I couldn’t wait to try out 101 Fun Personality Quizzes.  These pop culture themed quizzes that offer a quirky way to better understand your personality.  you’ll learn if you’re more Elle Woods or culture expert Kourtney Jason.  Grab a pen and flip to any page, you’ll start discovering who you are while having a blast.

From crafting to prepping to cooking and even working out, Ulysses Press has a little something for everyone.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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