Whistlefritz Spanish for Kids Ultimate Collection #Review



Whistlefritz was born out of a mom’s passion to teach her children Spanish.  I think we can all agree that a second language gives people a great advantage in all different situations in life and what better way to give your kids the early advantage than to teach them to be fluent in a second language?  Motivated by research showing that early childhood was the best time to learn a language, the Whistlefritz creator set out on a mission to assemble high-quality teaching materials for her children.  When she wasn’t able to find what she was looking for, she created a line of engaging, playful, live-action immersion programs for her own children and kids everywhere (just like yours and mine!).


I had the pleasure of receiving the Whistlefritz Spanish for Kids Ultimate Collection to try out with my children and so far we are very thrilled with the program.  There are 5 DVDs and 3 CDs included in the Spanish for Kids Ultimate Collection.  The included DVDs are: Los Animales (Animals), Vamos a Jugar (Let’s Play), Adentro y Afuera (Inside and Out), Las Estaciones (The Seasons), and La Fiesta de Fritzi (Fritzi’s Party).  The included CDs are: A Bailar! Let’s Dance!, Cha, Cha, Cha Spanish Learning Songs, and Sabor!

The principal components of Whistlefritz philosophy are language immersion and fun.  Here’s what makes Whistlefritz programs unique:

  • Language Immersion: Programs teach children a second language using language immersion, the method recommended by early language acquisition experts.
  • Live Native Speakers: Programs feature live, native-speaking adults and children.
  • Natural language: Programs are more than just video flashcards (just using one word out of context).  Native speakers speak in complete sentences, so that children learn the cadence and structure of the language as well as individual words.  Just like children and their native first language.
  • Fun: Programs include award-winning music, live action, animation, and colorful backgrounds.  Programs not only teach children vocabulary, they give children reason to use it-to solve a riddle, to help find Fritzi the mouse, or to figure out the next move in a dance.
  • Multi-Sensory Approach: Research has shown that the more senses involved in the learning process, the better children recall information.  Activities in the series engage all senses in the learning process and appeal to children of different learning styles.


After watching much of the Whistlefritz collection with my kids and listening to some of the music, I have high hopes that this will help get my kids on the road to being fluently bilingual.  The suggested age is 1-7, but I can tell you that my experience is it even works for older children than that.  My daughter is 5 and is captivated by the program, but what surprised me was my sons.  My sons are 11 and 13, and willingly shut off video games to come watch with us because they want to learn Spanish too!  This program has won over 60 awards and it’s easy to see why.  I can’t wait to update this post after we’ve been using the program for a little while longer so stay tuned for an update in the near future!


***This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts or opinions are my own honest and unbiased opinions.  The still video images have been used with the permission of Whistlefritz***